Bungie: Development Roadmap


Summarized version of the current roadmap for Destiny 2 for the year of 2018.

Read the full version in the link posted above for more information!



    >: Hotfix!
    …will allow all players to access seasonal events (even players who do not own Curse of Osiris)
    >: Faction Rallies Return!

    >: Iron Banner Returns!
    >: Master Work Armour
    …will provide increased damage reduction while using Supers
    …will allow rerolling of armour stats
    >: Raid Reward Rework
    …updating raid rewards; will feature mods with Raid-Specific perks
    …increasing rewards across the board to be more consistent

    >: Crimson Days (Begins Feb 13)
    …certain milestones will provide exclusive rewards
    …players will earn double engrams per level up: one crimson, one illuminated
    …crimson engrams can also drop during the Crimson Day match and milestone per character
    >: Nightfall: Removing the Time Limit Mechanic (!)
    …adding strike scoring and high score tracking
    >: Mods 2.0
    …major rework to reduce reductant mods and to add more unique themes
    >: Exotic Repetition Reduction
    >: Fireteam Members on Destination Map

  • SPRING 2018
    >: Expansion II: TBD
    >: Crucible:
    …Ranking System: Valor and Glory (rank per match completion/wins vs rank per performance)
    …Private Matches Return
    …6v6 Playlist Returns
    …Mayhem Returns (as limited time events)
    >: Weapon, Ability, Exotics balance
    …comprehensive redesigns across the board
    >: Seasonal Reputation
    …specific vendors will provide seasonal ranking; earning rep will unlock unique seasonal rewards
    >: Playlist Repetition Reduction: Will reduce the frequency of repetitive crucible maps and strikes
    >: Multi-Emote: Equip up to 4 unique emotes at a given time
    >: Vault Space: +50 spaces + Exotic Accessory Tab (for exotic ships, sparrows, ghosts)
    >: Heroic Strikes: Adding modifiers

  • FALL 2018 (Small Sample list)
    >: Item Collection/Record System
    >: Weapon Slot/Archetype Improvements
    >: Additional Crucible Playlists
    >: Better Clan Rewards
    >: Masterwork Exotics
    >: Weapon/Gear Improvements
    >: Shaders and dismantling
    >: Solo vs Fireteam Matching (Crucible)

    >: Eververse Rework
    …shifting the balance of new content in favour of activity rewards over Bright Engrams
    …will provide gameplay paths to earn Bright Engrams and all contained rewards (referring to event reward engrams like the Gift In Return engram)
  • >: XP Rates
    …looking into rebalancing the XP economy to make it more rewarding (too slow to level up right now)



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