Bungie: Development Roadmap (Update)



The Timeline

Solstice of Heroes July 31st-August 28th The final event of Year 4 begins. With this event, Guardians will revisit past missions, earn new gear, visit a new social area, and more!
Update 2.0.0 August 28th A Pre-Load is available for Forsaken. In addition, Weapon Slot changes, bulk shader deletion, additional vault spaces and Director/Milestone updates will be modified and added to the game.
Update September 4th Forsaken becomes available to play. This Day 1 patch will be required before playing. This patch will add Gear Collections, Triumphs, Mods 2.0, New Crucible maps & modes, Power influence,  bounties and In-Game Lore.
Black Armory Winter 2018 The first annual pass release will be available, offering new gear, exotics, raid lairs and lore content!
Unannounced Winter Event Winter 2018 An event, something similar to the Dawning, will most likely be released.

As more information is shared, we will continue to update this post!

This Roadmap update page will discontinue when Year 5 begins.

Last updated: July 25th, 2018

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