Public Events: Quick Tips


Throughout the course of our weekly public event grinding, we have come to find some quick little glitches, or “cheeses” that have helped make the public events easier to complete, especially when solo. Here are a few:

Injection Rig

As you know, once you kill the Psion, the vents open up and the surrounding area burns you. If you stand at the very edge of the burning area, you can actually still do damage to the vents and not take burn damage.

Fallen Walker/Arsenal

One thing that was great in Destiny 1 with the Walkers was how much damage the walker would take if you destroyed it’s mini-missile pod. You could instantly destroy the walker in the Taniks strike if you had a scorch or arc cannon with a matching burn if you hit that missile pod with said cannon.

Destroying the missile pod in D2 also does extra damage. While it’s not quite as effective during the public events, it can help take it’s health down a bit should the timer be almost up.

Crossroads (Mercury)

During the heroic version, the Gate Lord has a shield. Usually it takes 2 rounds of acquiring the orbs and dunking them into the structure above the Gate Lord. However, if you and a teammate were to slam dunk 2 orbs at the same time, it will count as 2 dunks, effectively destroying the 2nd shield as soon as it activates.

Taken Blight

Several Guardians have mentioned this event as many Guardians still do not know how to trigger this event to Heroic. To trigger this event, the primary objective is to destroy the giant blight. To do so, one must step in and out of the small blights to receive a 4 second buff called “Blight Receding.” This will allow you to damage said large blight. Doing enough damage will cause it to become heroic and the Blightmaker (super twitchy taken captain that must have had one too many redbulls) will spawn.

Now, some players do like to wait until the third blight, as each phase the large blight becomes weaker. Now, if you have Wardiff Coil, a decent super ability like hammers, or a fast firing weapon (hawthornes shotgun, perfect paradox), you can easily destroy the blight in the first phase. It’s up to you.

Due note though, that destroying the small blights is simply an inconvenience to Guardians attempting to make it heroic. What actually causes the second phase to occur is eliminating general taken enemies. So if you are trying to get the heroic triggered during phase 1, try not to kill the annoying af taken enemies that are around you, if possible.

Note: Gif links created by /u/Mblim771_Kyle from Reddit.



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