Destiny 2: Warmind Soundtrack

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So, as with each DLC, I edit music to go along with what’s going on within the Destiny Universe and blend it all together to go with our clan activity. Here is the release for Destiny 2: Warmind.

I decided to go along with Michael Salvatori’s Warmind theme, keeping it as the core overall theme for the DLC, but expanded it with a new theme for the Xol faction of the Hive. In addition, ever since Destiny: Rise of Iron, I have been slowly building up a theme for Rasputin, which is finally heard in this soundtrack.

While the sole focus of this soundtrack is on Warmind, I did add in a few cues that I had edited for the Crimson Days event back in February.

To download, please click on the soundtrack album, which will direct you to OneDrive. You may then download there.

Destiny 2: Warmind (2018)

Warmind DLC

  1. The Bray Legacy
  2. Undeterred Guardians
  3. Fire of the Crimson Days
  4. Covert Tactics
  5. Hive of Xol
  6. Braytech Warsat
  7. Escalation Protocol I
  8. Nokris, Herald of Xol
  9. Will of the Thousands
  10. Escalation Protocol II
  11. An Action Packed Cameo!
  12. Why Does Everyone Escalate?
  13. Hive Conqueror
  14. Returning to the Leviathan
  15. Catching Up On Mercury
  16. Mindlab: Rasputin
  17. Containment Risk

Total Time: 1:15:53

Composers Featured:

Michael Salvatori (Destiny 2), Blake Neely (The Flash, Arrow, LoT, Blindspot, Supergirl), James Newton-Howard (The Tourist), Steve Jablonsky (Transformers 2-3, D-War), Patrick Doyle (Shadow Recruit), Kenji Kawai (Resident Evil), David Arnold (Sherlock Holmes), Trevor Norris (The Vikings), Bear McCreary (DaVinci’s Demons)

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Note: All rights go out to their respective owners. If you like some of the music featured, go ahead and support the composers and get their soundtracks! 

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