Destiny 2: Shadowkeep (Armour Customization Preview)


Quick Notes:


  • Number stats
  • Intellect, Discipline, and Strength
  • Improved Details when viewing Resilience, Mobility, Recovery, Intellect, Discipline, and Strength
  • LT when viewing armour will show details stats on what your overall perks do
  • Random perks removed for Armour 2.0. Instead, with armour, you will be able to insert an energy mod and two armour mods.
    • Upgrade your armour via Glimmer, Legendary Shards and Enhancement cores to improve stats
    • Upgrading your armour allows stronger mods to be applied
  • All armour dropping in Shadowkeep will drop as Armour 2.0 (all Year 1-2 gear)
  • Mods are now account-wide unlocks and do not disappear upon use (once you earn it, its there forever)
    • Retuned Ammo Finders – now specific to weapons | ammo finders will have new visual cues to represent that its working
    • Some mods stack (example: major resist)
    • Old mods won’t deprecate or disappear; you can convert to new mods
  • All exotics upgraded to Armour 2.0. You can reacquire a 2.0 version via collections as a fixed roll.
  • New Appearance section
    • a separate category that can be accessed
    • Shaders, Universal Ornaments and Glows (dependant on armour)


  • Multiple sources to acquire Enhancement Cores, Prisms Ascendant Shards and other materials
  • Mods will need to be acquired before use.  You can earn them from:
    • Gunsmith (rotation)
    • Gunsmith Packages (RNG)
    • World Engrams (RNG)


  • Void Subclasses have all been improved


  • Sparrow & Ghost now visible in Inspection Screen
  • Glimmer cap is now 250000
  • Light Level View removed when quickly glancing other Guardians and replaced with Class view
  • New Materials: Enhancement Prism and Ascendant Shards

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