JUNE & JULY 2019

Another season has been underway, and we are getting closer and closer to Year 6 of Destiny! It has definitely been a while since the last entry for Monthly Highlights. Because of time constraints, I have decided that after this season, Monthly Highlights will return as Seasonal Highlights. At the end of each season, I will cover active clan member stats and feature top images over the course of the season. So, pretty much what you’d come to expect in these Monthly Highlights, but now a few months in between. I do plan on resurrecting the Memories page which featured season images and videos. The problem with the original page was that it featured everything on a single page. Not only did it not look appealing from a web design standpoint, but it also caused heavy latency.  That will be fixed when it goes live in September.

There will be an August/September Monthly Highlight which will feature the stat portion of Penumbra. Also, you may have noticed the layout of this post is different than the previous Monthly Highlights. Its the start of the new Seasonal Highlight template that will be used, which is similar in design to the Clan Dashboard.



Clan Dashboard

The Dashboard will be receiving several updates in the coming weeks to prep for Shadowkeep. Some featured activities will either be downgraded to removed altogether to make room for better focus on newer pinnacle activities. The last update moved several core activities into their own separate pages, which was a good start. I plan on making some redesigns and add new features to make the Dashboard more useful. 

Clan Competitive

We’ve had plenty more activity during Season 7, which is great to see! We have 40-some days remains of this season. Plenty of XP to gain. When Shadowkeep launches, I will decide on a reward. Stay tuned on that. For Season 8, I will be re-tuning the XP gains again and simplify it a bit. 

Destiny 2: Penumbra (Edited Soundtrack)

The expected release of my edits for Season 7 should be before August 27th. It’s basically wrapped up at this point! Lots of music from Kenji Kawai for the Menagerie.


Smaller highlights this run. The next update will feature the clan-stat portion, and going forward, Seasonal Highlights will start with Season 8. Cheers!​

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