Season 2

Curse of Osiris

The winner of the Season 2 clan competition will win the extremely rare emblem, Confluence of Light. The code will be provided to the winner so that it can be applied to their respective Bungie account.


Congratulations! The reward will be delivered shortly. Apply the bungie code to your account via, “redeem codes.”
The winner was announced May 5th.

Top Contestants:

  1. MYSTICROSE276 (+3825)
  2. MAL027 (+3225)
  3. NUMERICALCHEM (+1750)
  4. KELB012 (1250)

Confluence of Light

Current Clan Standings
Mal027 3225
xGenophage 50
T00N THE G00N 50
Captainronsolo 50
Ghost n Gone 50
Kiyannepeppers 50
Kelb012 1250
ReFLecXioNs 50
Zensley 50
RN Kendra 50
Mysticrose276 3825
Thebutts09 50
Barker1515 50
Illuminati God 50
Sir Weemus 50
Sir Payload 50
NumericalChem 1750
*Stats are updated every Monday before Weekly Reset. (Last updated: MAY 5rd @4pm)


May Monthly Bonuses

For the 1st week of may, the new monthly objectives will be available to complete until May 5th. Once Season 3 launches, the bounties and reputation score will reset.

April 29-May 7th (Season 2)

April 29-May 7th (Season 2) - Crucible

How To Earn XP:

Weekly Heroic Strike Milestone: +100xp/completion

Call To Arms Milestone: +100xp/completion

Clan XP Milestone: +50xp/completion

Nightfall Milestone: +450xp/completion

Trials of the Nine *NEW*: +450xp/completion

Raid Milestone: +1250xp/completion

Monthly Bronze Objectives: +125xp/category

Monthly Silver Objectives: +250xp/category

Monthly Gold Objectives: +500xp/category

Top 5 “Good” (Green Highlight) Bonus: +25xp/category

Top 5 “Excellent” (Blue Highlight) Bonus: +50xp/category

Clan Overall Crucible K/D Bonus: +50xp for every member/month

Weekly Activity Bonus (playing at least once per week): +50xp/month

Clan Medal Bonuses: +50xp/medal earned