Season 3


The winner of the Season 3 clan competition will win a Destiny Ghost Vinyl + the extremely rare emblem, Carrhae! The reward will be shipped out to your home address once verified that it is still in stock. The exclusive emblem comes with the Ghost Vinyl.

MYSTICROSE276 is the winner!


Current Clan Standings
Mal027 67475
xGenophage 11050
T00N THE G00N 10950
Captainronsolo 12050 – 5th place!
Ghost n Gone 11625 – 6th place!
Kiyannepeppers 11550 – 7th place!
Kelb012 10825
ReFLecXioNs 26350 – 2nd place!
Zensley 15250 – 4th place!
RN Kendra 10550
Mysticrose276 59625 – 1st place! 
Thebutts09 10650
Barker1515 10650
Illuminati God 10775
Sir Weemus 11100
SV Bae 9950 
NumericalChem 18525 – 3rd place! 

*Stats are updated every Sunday or Monday before Weekly Reset. (updated August 27th)

This new system will work as follows:

  • Weekly Heroic Strike Milestone: +100xp/completion
  • Call To Arms Milestone: +100xp/completion
  • Clan XP Milestone: +50xp/completion
  • Nightfall Milestone: +450xp/completion
  • Trials of the Nine: +1350xp/flawless ticket (limited to 1)
  • Raid Milestone: +1350xp/raid milestone (limited to 1)
  • Monthly Bronze Objectives: +125xp/category
  • Monthly Silver Objectives: +250xp/category
  • Monthly Gold Objectives: +500xp/category
  • Top 5 “Good” (Green Highlight) Bonus: +50xp/category
  • Top 5 “Excellent” (Blue Highlight) Bonus: +100xp/category
  • Clan Overall Crucible K/D Bonus: +50xp for every member/month
  • Weekly Activity Bonus (playing at least once per week): +50xp/month
  • Clan Medal Bonuses: +100xp/medal earned