Weapon Perk Guide

With Random rolls back into the mix, some might be wondering: what roll should I have for my weapons? Now, of course, this is always dependent on your playstyle, and what activity you are playing. However, we will provide a small guide on what Magazine and Trait perks are currently available, and what perks typically go well together over others.

Understanding Your Weapon

Weapon Perks

Understanding Weapon Perks

Magazine & Batteries

Most weapons will have 2-3 randomly rolled Magazine perks to choose from. These perks will focus primarily on your weapon’s default stats. The following stats may be affected:

  • Stability (how much recoil your weapon will have)
  • Range (how far out your weapon can fire)
  • Reload Speed (how quickly you can reload your weapon)
  • Magazine (ammo per clip)
  • Impact/Damage (how much damage your weapon outputs)
  • Blast Radius (how large of an area of effect your weapons projectile has)
  • Velocity (how quickly your weapon’s projectiles launch at a target)

Base Magazine Perks

Magazine - 1 - Base Perks

Grenade Launcher Specific Magazine Perks

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Magazine - 2 - Grenade Launcher Perks

Rocket Launcher Specific Magazine Perks

Magazine - 3 - Rocket Launcher Perks

Fusion Rifle Specific Magazine Perks

Magazine - 4 - Fusion Rifle Perks

Sword Specific Magazine Perks

Magazine - 5 - Sword Perks

Bow Specific Magazine Perks

Magazine - 6 - Bow Perks


Most weapons will have 2 randomly rolled Trait perks available on the weapon. Traits will add additional bonuses to your weapon. Bonuses vary on the following:

  • Stability & Accuracy (recoil control, target acquisition/aim assist)
  • Ammunition (ammo, ammo reserves, extra ammo)
  • Quickness (weapon readiness, handling, reload speed)
  • Damage (bonus damage)

Stability & Accuracy

Perks that will allow you to have better control of your weapon. Stability perks are excellent to have, especially if the base stability stat for the weapon is low.

Traits - 1 - Stability Perks


Perks that offer additional ammo or auto-reloading capabilities. Great to have on low ammo inventory weapons.

Traits - 2 - Ammo Perks


Perks that assist with weapon readiness, reload or rate of fire. Great to have on weapons that have a base stat with low handling/reload.

Traits - 3 - Quickness Perks


Perks that affect damage output on weapons. Excellent to have on weapons that you use to eliminate waves of enemies. Additional DPS is important in many scenarios and activities!

Traits - 4 - Damage Perks

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