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Welcome to Destiny! If you are a new Guardian who just escaped the Cosmodrome, or a returning veteran player who has been away for some time, there are guides here to help you get started in the brave new world of Destiny. Here are three guides provided by Bungie, Ric Molina,  and Alex (‘Haruspis’) to help get you started!

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Vanguard Operations

By now, you have ventured throughout the solar system driving back our enemies and have a general understanding of how the mechanics of this massive world work. Here are some guides provided by Shattered Vault that go into more detail on some of the more general mechanics, such as Heroic Public Events, Randomly Rolled Weapons, and Season Preparations

Written guides in this section are provided by us. Video guides are created by their respective creators. 

Vanguard Database


Tower Special Events

Combat: Dungeons

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The Shattered Throne | Destination: The Dreaming City

Dûl Incaru, daughter of Savathûn, has infiltrated the Dreaming City and commands her Taken and Hive armies from Mara Sov’s corrupted throne world (Eleusinia). Go stop her.

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Pit of Heresy | Destination: The Moon

Deep under the Scarlet Keep, face the Hidden Swarm and locate Zulmak, the Instrument of Torment. Destroy this Hive Champion before it can wreak more havoc on the Moon.

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Prophecy | Destination: Realm of the Nine

The Nine call out to Guardians. Enter a realm not bound to causality, fight through simulated Taken, and defeat the Kell Echo that commands them to seek an audience with the Nine.

Combat: Raids

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Last Wish | Destination: The Dreaming City

Venture into the Heart of the Dreaming City and destroy Riven of a Thousand Voices, the last known Ahamkara, before it can escape the city.

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Garden of Salvation | Destination: The Moon

Track the source of an unknown signal through a Vex portal that leads you to the Black Garden. Destroy any Vex that stands in your way.

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Deep Stone Crypt | Destination: Europa

Secure the sacred Deep Stone Crypt from House Salvation and prevent them from using its secrets to unleash an old unstoppable foe.

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Vault of Glass | Destination: Venus

Beneath Venus, Evil Stirs. Enter the Vault and locate Atheon, Times Conflux, and destroy it before it can conquer all of spacetime.

Competitive Activities

Did you throw enough Grenades? 

If you’ve stepped into the Crucible, you probably realize that it’s a completely different environment than what you are used to in the PvE side of things. Most often, you will find yourself in a fast-paced environment against fellow Guardians. 

Some Destiny Community members have created guides and other useful tools to help you calibrate your gameplay to improve your Crucible experience. View our Portal pages or view Community Guides to learn more! 

Coming in Season 14: Additional Third-Party Guides.

Want to step into Lord Shaxx’s Crucible arena but don’t know how to perfect your gameplay to survive the wrath of your fellow Guardians?  Our community has come together with tips and tricks to help you become a stronger PvP player! Guides here will be added over the course of Season 14 and beyond!

The Crucible has a number of different game modes, all with their own specific objectives. Eliminating your opponents is just one part of Crucible Gameplay. Understanding how to contribute to your team is just as important! Remember – the game objective also plays a crucial role in a victory.



Throughout each season, Lord Saladin – one of the last living Iron Lords – visits the Tower to test Guardians in the old ways. Choose your weapons, and enter the Iron Banner to prove yourself, and earn new rewards that are exclusive to the Iron Banner activity, including armour, weapons and shaders! 

In addition, Lord Saladin offers a new quest each season alongside a series of triumphs to obtain by playing in this activity. Valor is typically doubled throughout this week-long event, which helps you level up and earn even more rewards!

Seasonal Quest: Iron-Handed Diplomacy

Seasonal Quest: For the War To Come

  1. Visit Lord Saladin in the Tower to obtain this quest!
  2. Forewarned, Forearmed
    • Capture 10 zones in Iron Banner. (Retroactive)
    • Defeat 30 Guardians. (Retroactive)
    • Eliminate 15 Guardians with Energy Weapon Final Blows.
  3. Clustered Shots
    • Capture 20 zones in Iron Banner. (Retroactive)
    • Complete 6 matches of Iron Banner. (Retroactive)
    • Defeat 15 Guardians with Pulse Rifle Final Blows.
  4. Antipode
    • Capture 30 zones in Iron Banner. (Retroactive)
    • Defeat 100 Guardians. (Retroactive)
    • Eliminate 10 Guardians with Solar or Stasis Final Blows.
  5. The Final Lesson
    • Capture 40 zones in Iron Banner. (Retroactive)
    • Defeat 15 Guardians with Super Final Blows.
    • Eliminate 15 Guardians with Sidearm Final Blows.
  6. Return to Lord Saladin in the Tower.



  • Two New Weapons
  • New Armour “Forerunner” Set

Compete in an endgame competitive activity hosted by former Titan Vanguard, Saint-XIV that occurs every weekend starting at Friday Reset (1 pm EST) lasting until Weekly Reset on Tuesday! Inspired by the legendary Warlock, Osiris, Trials of Osiris is an elimination-styled event that pits fireteam vs fireteam with a goal of acquiring as many wins on a single Passage Ticket as possible. Winning 7 matches without a single loss (going “flawless”) will grant you access to the Lighthouse, a designated PvP social space on a Simulated Mercury. 

To get started, visit Saint-XIV in the Tower Hangar to purchase a Trials Passage that grants you access to the Trials event. Purchase bounties from Saint for additional tokens and rewards. Additional rewards on a rotation are provided at 3 Wins, 5 Wins, and 7 Wins respectively. A Flawless ticket grants a Pinnacle Reward, an Adept Weapon, an Ascendant Shard, and more! 

NOTE: Trials Tokens deprecate at every Weekly Reset. If you have reached 3-Wins, be sure to submit your tokens before then for additional rewards!



Alright, Alright, Alright!

The Drifter invites two teams of four to partake in his Gambit arena, a PvEvP activity that requires Guardians to eliminate enemies, collect and bank motes, summon a boss and defeat it before the opposing team does!

While banking motes, each team has an opportunity to send blockers to the opposing team to prevent them from banking. Furthermore, one Guardian from each team can also invade the other side to eliminate as many opponents as they can for a short time. 

To make things easier, the Drifter has merged the Gambit and Gambit Prime experiences into one single hybrid mode. The team to bank 100 motes and defeat their Primeval will win the match. For every 25 motes banked, a team has the opportunity to send one Guardian over to invade the other side. 

The Drifter offers a seasonal weapon ornament, bounties, and a Triumph Seal for each season. Rank-up packages are also available which provide additional rewards, such as materials and a new shader, for specific Infamy ranks. 


The Destiny Community

One of, if not the most amazing part of the Destiny experience, is the people that you meet and interact with over the years of playing and evolving with the game. As years go on, more and more community members have begun their journey with streamingcontent creation, and artwork! Visit the Community Focus and Artist Alley pages to view just a small portion of our community. Wanting more variety? Visit the Twitch or YouTube Directories to view more! (doing so will redirect you to the respective sites)

Visit the Third-Party Apps page to familiarize yourself with some of the major apps and websites that fellow Guardians have created to enhance your Destiny experience. 

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