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The Drifter

The Drifter is a rogue Light-bearer who hosts the Gambit activity and acts as a vendor for Gambit-related items. Aboard his Derelict ship, he has explored the far reaches of the Solar System and beyond, collecting machines, gadgets, and trinkets along the way.

The Drifter, for the most part, is a mystery to many. He has gone by many names, has travelled across the system and embraces both light and dark. 

In recent times, the Drifter has helped us establish a better connection with the Nine, especially through his complicated relationship with the Emissary of the Nine. During the rise of the Kell of Darkness, the Drifter and Eris Morn assisted Guardians with wielding Stasis, a form of Darkness.

Information extracted from Destinypedia & Ishtar Collective

Gambit: Competitive Cooperative Activity

The Drifter invites two teams of four to partake in his Gambit arena, a matchmade PvEvP activity that requires Guardians to eliminate enemies, collect and bank motes, summon a boss and defeat it before the opposing team does!

Alright, Alright, Alright!

The Drifter is your point of contact for the Gambit activity and is located in the Tower Annex. The Drifter offers a seasonal weapon ornament, bounties, and a Triumph Seal for each season. Rank-up packages are also available which provide additional rewards, such as materials and a new shader, for specific Infamy ranks. 

Gambit in a Nutshell

When the Drifter transmats you to the Gambit arena, hostiles will begin to flood a corner of the arena. Your objective is to clear out each wave, collect and bank the motes that drop from the combatants that you defeat. 

Once your team has banked 100 motes, you will summon a Primeval, a Taken Boss, that you will need to defeat. Defeat your Primeval before the opposing team defeats theirs to win the match.

Taken Wizards called “Primeval Envoys” will spawn periodically. Eliminating them will provide a damage buff for your team. Be sure to clear them out whenever they spawn!


Banking motes will also send blockers to the opposing team’s bank, preventing them from banking further motes until they clear their bank. All blockers are Taken Majors. There are three different types of blockers that you can spawn:

  • Small Blocker (5 motes): Summon a Taken Goblin.
  • Medium Blocker (10 motes): Summon a Taken Phalanx.
  • Large Blocker (Max 15 motes): Summon a Taken Knight.

If two or more blockers are summoned, they will begin to drain the bank. If your bank is being blocked, work as a team to clear them out as quickly as possible, or your team may run the risk of losing a good chunk of motes!


For every 25 motes deposited, a portal to the opposing team will become available. One Guardian can use the portal and invade the other side. The invader’s objective is to eliminate or disrupt the opposing team. Unless defeated, the invader has 15 seconds to do what they can to wreak havoc before being sent back to their side.

Use long-range weaponry, like a Scout or Sniper Rifle! Xenophage and Eyes of Tomorrow also work great, but your opposing Guardians may judge you for using those…


Gambit Ranks (formerly Infamy)

Like Crucible, Gambit has its own Rank-up System. When completing matches, you will earn reputation that contributes toward your rank. Each rank will provide a world-engram. When you rank up to certain tiers, you will unlock rewards that can be claimed at the Drifter. Expect to earn Materials, an Emblem/Shader and Exotics when ranking up each Season.

  • Completing matches will be the main source of gaining reputation. 
  • Winning matches provides a larger amount of reputation.
  • Stay in queue to create an Activity Streak that provides a bonus to reputation gains as you continue to play.
    • Going to the Tower, the H.E.L.M or to orbit will NOT impact your Activity Streak.
    • Going AFK or going to a destination other than Social Spaces, Orbit or Gambit WILL end your Activity Streak.

Once your Gambit Rank is maxed out at Rank 17, you can reset it. This will allow you to gain additional tiered rewards while ranking up again!

Keep an eye out for reputation boosts! A notification will be posted in-game. Our Destiny 2 Dashboard will also provide a banner notification when reputations boosts are in effect!

Loot Pool

Servant Leader (Rapid-Fire Scout Rifle)
Trinary System (Adaptive Solar Fusion Rifle)
Bottom Dollar (High-Impact Void Hand Cannon)
Borrowed Time (750RPM Solar Submachine Gun)
Bad Omens (Void Rocket Launcher) | 2x Infamy Resets (Retroactive)
Furtive Shell | 3x Infamy Resets (Retroactive)
Antediluvian | Random Rare Drop
Drift Apart | Random Rare Drop


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