Let's Prepare!

While not required, preparing for a new season provides an optimal advantage at the beginning of a new season – a head start to the grind. This guide will go over some quick ways to effectively start a new season with a pile of XP, a sufficient amount of materials, and quick knowledge of the upcoming changes that you should expect to see at the launch of the new season.

End of Season 14 Reminder!

When Season 15 begins, Commander Zavala will have a new reputation system, similar in design to the one Lord Shaxx and the Drifter now have. As such, it will be replacing the previous system and with it, Vanguard Tokens will no longer be used. 

Be sure to claim all remaining tokens before the end of Season 14 (August 24) as they will be removed when the new season begins. 


Bounty Preparation

One of the more effective ways to get a head start into a new season is to store completed bounties. Bounties offer a range of XP and can be kept for an indefinite amount of time unless the bounty states otherwise. 

Your Quest Inventory can hold up to 63 items, shared by Quests and Bounties. Keep in mind, the more quests you have on your character, the less amount of bounty space you have. Be sure to finish any quests that are nearly completed so you have more room for future quests and bounties.

Typically, it is best to store Weekly BountiesDaily Tower Bounties from certain Vendors, and Planetary Daily Bounties. Additional bounties can be used if you have room to spare, but they offer less XP. 

  • Weekly Bounties offer 12,000 XP, excluding any XP bonuses. Sources include:
    • The Moon (Eris Morn and the Lectern of Enchantment)
    • The Cosmodrome (Shaw Han)
    • Europa (Variks)
    • Iron Banner (Lord Saladin, Tower Courtyard)
    • Trials of Osiris (Saint-XIV, Tower Hangar)
  • Daily Bounties offer 6000 XP, excluding any XP bonuses. Sources include:
    • Tower (Commander Zavala, Lord Shaxx, Gunsmith, Saint-XIV, and the Drifter)
    • Planetary Vendors (EDZ, Nessus, The Moon, The Cosmodrome, and Europa)
      • Excluding Spider & Petra Venj Daily Bounties, which do not offer XP. 
    • Lectern of Enchantment
    • Note: Seasonal and Event Bounties may not carry over through seasons. 
  • Additional Bounties offer 3000 XP, excluding any XP bonuses. Sources include:
    • Tower (Commander Zavala, Lord Shaxx, Gunsmith, Saint-XIV, and the Drifter)
    • Planetary Bounties (The Moon, Europa)
    • Lectern of Enchantment 
    • Spider Wanted Bounties
    • Hawthorne Challenges


  • There is currently a third-party website that, when you authenticate your Bungie account, can track your stored bounties, glimmer and materials.
  • They also provide a score of what your progress is at. As an extra fun element, you can also see how your clan is ranking if they are also using the app, and check leaderboards!
  • We recommend using this app to track your progress! If you find their website useful, be sure to support them!

Inventory Preparation

Upgrade Materials - Primary Sources

Enhancement Cores
  • Daily Bounties from Gunsmith
  • Rank-Up Rewards from Lord Shaxx and Drifter
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal (Greater drop chance with Higher Tiers)
  • Dismantling Gear (Masterworked will yield more)
  • Season Pass Rewards
  • Finest Matterweave Consumable
  • Lesser Core Harvest Mod via Ghost Shells
  • Visit Spider in the Tangled Shore
Enhancement Prisms
  • Purchasable from Gunsmith
  • Rank up Rewards from Lord Shaxx and Drifter
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal (Greater drop chance with Higher Tiers)
  • Dismantling Masterworked Gear
  • Season Pass Rewards
  • Greater Core Harvest Mod via Ghost Shells
  • Visit Spider in the Tangled Shore (it’s expensive though)
Ascendant Shards
  • Purchasable from Gunsmith
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal (Legend or Higher, greater drop chance with Higher Tiers)
  • Trials of Osiris Flawless Chest
  • Season Pass Rewards
Upgrade Module
  • Purchasable from Gunsmith
  • Rank-Up Rewards from Lord Shaxx and Drifter
  • Season Pass Rewards
  • Modularity Mod via Ghost Shells
  • Concentrated Mattergem Consumable via Eververse Store

Planetary Materials

Planetary Materials are a required resource for purchasing items through the Gunsmith or the Exotic Monument Kiosk near the Tower Vault. It is handy that you have a good amount of planetary materials stocked up at the beginning of each season to ensure you don’t run into a shortage at an inopportune time.

Sources of Planetary Materials:

  • Planetary Vendor Bounties
  • Free Roam Material Farming
  • Planetary Chests
  • Visit Spider in the Tangled Shore
    • The Spider will have a daily rotation of materials for purchase for either Glimmer or Legendary Shards.
    • Destiny Recipes and D2 Checklist both provide information on Spider’s Daily Rotation if you do not wish to visit Spider manually!
  • Season Pass Reward Packages
    • These packages reward 50 of each Planetary Materials currently available!
  • Materialism Mod via Ghost Shells grants a chance of acquiring additional materials in Core Activities.

Use a Resource Detector Mod via your Ghost Shell when farming materials in Free Roam!

Did you know? Zooming in with a Sniper Rifle or Scout Rifle allows you to see additional materials at a greater distance so long as you have a Resource Detector Mod equipped on your Ghost Shell!

Dusklight Shard
Microphasic Datalattice
Baryon Bough | Destination Material
Glacial Starwort
Etheric Spiral
Helium Filaments
Destination Materials Package


Important Notes:

  • When the new season begins, it is very important to wait until you obtain your Seasonal Artifact before you submit your bounties. If you submit your bounties prematurely, XP will not be applied to your artifact Power Level bonus.
  • If you are a Season Pass owner, be sure that you have unlocked your Season Rank 1 Premium Character Package, which offers a Large XP Boost (20%).
  • Be sure to have the Blinding Light mod equipped on your Ghost Shell before claiming bounties.
  • If any of your friends have also been power leveling, submit your bounties as a fireteam while in an activity or social space. Fireteam XP bonuses are applied throughout the Season Pass (up to 8% bonus XP).
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