NOVEMBER 10, 2020 - FEBRUARY 9, 2021

“As the Last City deals with the loss of whole worlds and allies, House Salvation harness the power of Darkness. The Kell of Darkness, known as Eramis, unites the Eliksni and promises revenge on the Guardians and the Traveler. Guardians set out to Europa to face the new Fallen house with the help of Eris Morn, the Drifter, and the infamous Stranger. Meanwhile, Osiris’ ghost Sagira is slain by a Hive Celebrant of Xivu Arath, the Hive God of War. Osiris himself was nearly killed when a new ally comes to the rescue. We later discover that this Guardian ally – Crow – is the resurrected form of Prince Uldren. Spider has known this for quite some time and has Uldren under his control. Since an explosive device was planted in his ghost, Uldren had no choice but to follow Spider’s every command. 

As the House Salvation’s leadership is picked off one by one, Guardians eventually face Eramis and overpower her. The power of the Darkness took hold of Eramis and put her in a full stasis effect, binding her to the surroundings. Following her defeat, the Vanguard worked out an immunity deal with The Awoken for Variks while they work on destroying what remained of House Salvation. The remaining lieutenants of House Salvation were eliminated. A group of Guardians ventured into the Deep Stone Crypt, the famous birthplace of the Exo. This occupation led to the destruction of the Deep Stone Orbital Space Station where Guardians faced the again resurrected Taniks, The Abomination who was outfitted now with mech wear. 

Guardians actively pursued the Hive Celebrant using a Hive Cryptoglyth, a uniquely designed artifact that allowed Guardians to lure and hunt the Wrathborn, a corrupted faction of enemies under the influence of Xivu Arath. Guardians eventually locate and destroy the Hive Celebrant. When informing The Spider of our victory, he allowed the victor to take an item of his or her choosing from his lair. The Guardian chose the Crow. The Spider allows this, despite his angered response. 

During this season, Guardians celebrated The Dawning, hosted by Eva Levante. With the help of Crow, Guardians were able to re-acquire a lost relic from earlier years – the Hawkmoon.” 




"Right on Time"


"Welcome Home, Guardian"

"Defeating Eramis"

"The Guardian's Reward"



"Did you hear something?"

"Drive me"

"Awaken Dead Ghost"

"Eva, are you...are you okay?"


"Misclicks and Runovers"

"Submarine Gun"

"Spawn More Vex, Jackass"

"Doppelganger! 😮"

"Dul Arath said YEET"

"Lets all Groove"

"Where's the Reward?"

"Happy Dawning, Riven"

"Nostalgic Music"




"Bold Moves"

"DIE, DIE, DIE..."

"We Ran Out of Assists"

"Sniper Collateral"

"Stop following me!"

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