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The Music of Destiny

Music can define an experience. In the World Destiny, Bungie’s Audio Team – led by Michael Salvatori – has created an incredible variety of themes that expand the universe we play in. To purchase/download the music that you hear in Destiny, click on the soundtrack icons below to be redirected over to the Bungie Store!

Official & Unofficial Music

For official music tracks released by Bungie, click on the Bungie icon below to be directed to Bungie’s Youtube channel. For unofficial music tracks from Destiny from helpful Guardians, click on their respective icons. Give them a listen and subscribe – they’ve done hard work finding all the music we listen to in Destiny! 

Bungie's Official Youtube
Promethean, Archival Mind

A Music Project

To define my own experience with Destiny, I edit music to go alongside my journey over the years. Basically, I edit music from other soundtracks and make it compatible, or more so relevant, to the Destiny Universe. The music within Destiny of course remains to be the central source, but I further expand on it – telling my own version of the story.