SITE UPDATE 7.4.0 - 7.4.1

FEBRUARY 8, 2021

Hello Guardians!

Welcome to the first post regarding major site updates! When large updates take place with new features or pages, expect similar posts! Let’s get into what Updates 7.4.0 and 7.4.1 brought! 


User Sign-on & Player Account

  • Users can now Register and Sign-in to the Shattered Vault site
  • When signing in, users – or ‘players’ will have extra features enabled!
  • Extra features that are currently enabled:
    • Exclusive to Player Account:
      • Twitter Feeds: @DestinyTheGame, @BungieHelp @Banshee44mods
      • Recent Posts (this will be enabled in a future update)
      • Quick Access: Utilizes iFrames for supported apps such as Braytech, D2Checklist, Destiny Tracker, and Other apps will have quick links!
    • Accessible across Shattered Vault:
      • User Menu: A static menu located on the bottom right of the page. Currently only supports basic functions but this will be expanded later this year to be more beneficial!


  • Users can now comment on posts and select pages!
    • Posts include Patch NotesSite Updates, and Next Week in Destiny
    • Currently supported pages are page sections from Guides, such as Weapon Optimization
    • As of Update 7.4.1, you no longer need an account to comment. We also moved to Disquz rather than Facebook or WP Commenting. You can log in with your Shattered Vault account to keep track of your comments, or subscribe to emails/comment replies. 
    • We do have some security measures in place to ensure you are not the Vex!
    • Feel free to contribute to the conversation if you want! If you have any questions, you can comment or send us a message via Twitter, email or our Support page for a technical issue!

Braytech Dropbar

  • Users can now access Braytech right from Shattered Vault! Utilize Braytech, an app created by the amazing Tom Chapman, to view Weekly Info, Checklists, Collections, Triumphs, Character Items, Clan Details and so much more! 
  • We recommend Authenticating your Bungie account with Braytech. 
    • NOTE: In order to authenticate in the Dropbar, you must click on the Authenticate button outside of the app. Doing so inside the app will cause a redirect error. This is due to Bungie rejecting iFrame functionality. 
    • Alternatively, access Braytech in another browser and authenticate that way. Refresh our site when this is done to reflect the sign-in process.



  • Throughout the season, the Memories page has received a facelift with new designs and functionality. Each season or DLC from Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 have been added. 
  • Each page features a screenshot archive from each season/content period – a mix of cinematic, scenery, and random screenshots from our Xbox, PS4, and Steam accounts. 
  • In addition, we now have video clips and a YouTube video featuring all of the cutscenes for each content release. The YouTube videos are from Destiny Community members! Be sure to check them out!
  • There is also a Lost in Time page featuring information and scenery grabs from each retired location that has been sent to the DCV!

Weapon Optimization

  • This one took a while to make. This page features detailed information on Weapon PerksWeapon ModsIntrinsic Traits, and Masterworking!
  • The main highlight is the Weapon Perk page – a collection of every weapon trait currently accessible in Destiny 2, organized by a rating system. You can view this page here. Clicking on each Trait icon will redirect you over to for more information and shows which weapons have the selected perk.
  • Some of these pages have quick access to! View detailed information on weapons, perks, and more! We recommend connecting your Bungie account with for additional functionality! 


  • The website now has access to sub-menus located on the bottom right of the page.
    • This menu type is enabled for Desktop and Tablet only
  • The main menu – the Support Menu – allows for quick support options to contact us. Currently, users can email support or Tweet DM us.
    • Our Web Form will be added to this menu sometime in February.
  • The User Menu is accessible when users are logged in. This menu will add further quick access and eventually more advanced tasks. Stay tuned for more info on that!


  • Another addition to the site is Tooltips
  • Users can hover over certain items and a tooltip will pop-up, providing additional information about the item or button.

  • Our Twitter has been updated and will be more active going forward!
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