Hello Guardians! Since the launch of Season 15, we have been working on updating the content of our site to include the recent changes from the new Season. Sorry for the delay with that. 

Before we get into that though, let’s recap on the quality of life changes that arrived with our initial update for the season, Update 8.1.0, which had some substantial changes as well as new pages added:

Destiny 2 Dashboard: Updates

  • We completely redesigned our Dashboard, improving overall performance and visual appearance
  • Rather than all of the content being on one page, we divided our Dashboard into four pages which are all accessible from the Dashboard’s Quickview menu:

What Does The Destiny 2 Dashboard Offer?


New Pages!

  • Memories: Season of the Splicer
    • An overview of what occurred in Season 14
    • Screenshots and Videos, ranging from Cinematics, PvE Content and Crucible highlights
  • The Moon
    • A One-stop shop for all you need to know about the Moon, including Pit of Heresy tips and tricks!
  • Europa
    • Everything you need to know about Europa, all on one page, including weekly rotation details.
  • Endgame Activities
    • A detailed page on all of the currently accessible endgame activities, ranging from legendary lost sectors to raids. 
    • Still a work-in progress!

Seasonal View

Live Activities

  • Weekly Reset information for the Featured Nightfall, Weekly Singe, and Weekly Rotating Crucible Mode
  • Displays any active bonuses currently happening in Destiny.
  • If a Destiny update is live, it will be listed here.

Seasonal Content

  • Displays any active events currently happening in Destiny, such as Iron Banner.
  • A Countdown for the Season.
  • Season Trailer (via Youtube)
  • Season Calendar (when available)
  • Season Overview
    • Includes Seasonal Images and New Content
  • Video Guides
      • Third-Party video guides for the season to help you get started.
  • Seasonal Challenges
      • A Breakdown of all ten weeks of Seasonal Challenges offered in the Season
  • Past Season Information

Powerful Rewards

Season Power-Caps

  • Goes into detail about the Soft Cap, Hard Cap, and Pinnacle Cap 
  • Braytech Dropbar: A Braytech Frame that can display your Guardian’s Weekly Challenges when  you load your profile
    • Braytech is an app created by Tom Chapman

Powerful & Pinnacle Rewards 

  • Breaks down all of the currently available Pinnacle sources (+2) and (+1), as well as a full list of Powerful Reward sources
  • Explains what Pinnacle vs Powerful is, as well as additional tips and tricks

Vanguard Strikes

Vanguard Strike Playlist

  • Provides general information about the Strike Playlists
  • Element Modifier for the Week
  • Strike Specific Loot Icons and links to Braytech

Nightfall Strikes

  • Provides general information about what Nightfalls are
  • Shows Weekly Available Loot Drops and links to Braytech
  • Shows a full list of Nightfall Specific Loot with links to Braytech
  • Break down of each Nightfall Tier, its possible rewards and Power
  • [NEW] Displays which Nightfalls are currently in rotation.
    • Clicking on the links will pop up a video guide for that Nightfall Strike, either for Master or Grandmaster

World Activities

Featured Destinations

  • Displays Weekly Information on the Dreaming City Curse Cycle, Ascendant Challenge and a video guide from Datto regarding the hidden secrets per weekly curse cycle
  • Displays Weekly Information on the featured Exo Challenge, Eclipsed Zone and Empire Hunt

Free-Roaming Content

  • Explains Patrols and what each Patrol Type is
  • Goes into what Lost Sectors are, and how to complete Legend or Masters
    • Includes a list of exotic items available from that activity, per class
  • Displays each Public Event and how to make it heroic (with a link to our Heroic Public Events page for more info and guides)

Update 8.1.1 - Season 15 Changes

With v8.1.1, we went through our existing content and made adjustments to reflect the newest changes from Season 15. Here are the main pages that were updated:

  • Now has tips and tricks for power-levelling through a new season
  • Season 15 weapons and armour, plus the Seasonal Quest steps and rewards
  • Season 15 new weapon, and subtle details were added about Crucible
  • Completely updated with the Trials Rework from Season 15; added the new weapon from S15
  • Season 15 new weapon, plus updated details on the new reputation gains.
  • Now goes into more detail about Ritual Weapons; added info on how to get the new Ritual Weapon
  • 6 New Perks have been added with links to Featured at the top of the page.
  • Features the anti-champion mods available in Season 15; visual improvements to page.

Until Next Time!

We don’t typically do many of these types of updates anymore. If you have any feedback, sound off in the comments below or reach out to us on our Discord channel! (Link available on the About page)

Happy Gaming ahead, Guardians! Please stay safe.

Shattered Vault Team

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