Solstice Bounties




Solstice bounties will be temporarily replacing Vanguard & Crucible Weekly Clan Bounties for the duration of the event. There are 15 bounties available for this event, all of which will contribute to your clan competitive score. Like regular clan bounties, this event will offer Bronze Bounties (+150xp), Silver Bounties (+300xp), and Gold Bounties (+500xp). The bounties will be available to complete throughout the duration of the event. 

Week: August 7th – 14th

Bounties are now available! Reputation gains will be added to the
Competitive roster at the end of the event.


SoH-1-You're So PrettySoH-1-Sunny ParticipantSoH-1-Its Story Timebounty-bronze-completionistibounty-bronze-flashpointbounty-bronze-stillusefulbounty-bronze-triumphantSoH-2-EmbraceThePastSoH-2-CompletionistIISoH-2-IShirtYouNotSoH-2-AllThemBountiesSoH-2-MakeShaxxProudSoH-3-IAmResplendentSoH-3-EverLastingGrindSoH-3-IDontKnowItsName