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Warmind continues your Guardian’s journey with all-new story missions and adventures set in a new destination, Mars. Rasputin has mysteriously vanished, and Ana Bray has returned to The Last City, warning of a dark uprising on Mars. Discover the conspiracy behind his disappearance, prevent the rise of a corrupted Warmind and uncover the truth behind the Collapse.

Updated MAY 15, 2018

For a localized list of known issues, see the Destiny 2 Known Issues Help Article.
To report issues or ask for assistance, please make a thread in #Help.

• Spire of Stars Guided Game: We are aware of an issue in which the tooltip for the Spire of Stars Guided Game is incorrectly showing as Power Level 330 required. The correct required Power Level is 370. The tooltip is scheduled to be fixed in an upcoming release. – Added 5/18/2018

• Mars Flashpoint Milestone: We are aware of reports that the Flashpoint: Mars Milestone may not be available for some characters and are currently investigating. – Added 5/18/2018

• Mars Flashpoint Rewards: We are investigating an issue where bonus Flashpoint bosses in Mars Public Events do not drop additional tokens when defeated.

• Heroic Strikes and Vanguard Boons: We are investigating an issue where players do not earn progress toward their weekly Heroic Strikes Milestone or Quests pursuits when completing Heroic Strikes while either a Boon of the Vanguard or Gleaming Boon of the Vanguard is active. To work around this issue, players should save their boons until after they have completed these objectives.

•  Spire Star: The Spire Star Emblem from completing the Spire of Stars Raid Lair currently tracks Prestige Spire of Stars Raid Lair completions, which players cannot earn progression toward.

•  West of Sunfall 7 and  A Cold Sweat: We are investigating an issue which is impacting the recoil of the West of Sunfall 7 and A Cold Sweat Precision Hand Cannons.

• Joining Allies: We are investigating reports from players who get stuck in an endless “Joining Allies” loop when playing in Strikes. Players encountering this issue should report to the #Help forum and include any video footage they have of this issue.

• Vanguard and Crucible Boons: We are investigating issues causing Boons to no longer appear at Commander Zavala and Lord Shaxx in the Tower.

• Data Fragments: We are investigating reports from players describing being unable to progress beyond 44/45 Data Fragments on Mars. In the meantime, players who believe they are affected should double-back to ensure they have not overlooked fragments on Mars.

• Clan XP Milestone Rewards: We have identified an issue where players are not receiving Powerful Engrams when completing the Clan XP Milestone. Players are instead rewarded with Legendary Engrams, granting rewards under 340 Power. We are looking to address this with a future update.

• Crucible Fireteam Matchmaking: Due to issues discovered at launch, Crucible Fireteam Matchmaking changes introduced in Update 1.2.0 were temporarily disabled. As we continue to investigate issues impacting Crucible Fireteam Matchmaking, a portion of this feature has been enabled. This will slightly improve the matchmaking experience for solo players vs. pre-made Fireteams in Crucible playlists. We will provide updates on the status of this feature when we have more information available.

 Robes of Sekris: We are investigating an issue that is preventing the lower portions of the Robes of Sekris from displaying properly in game.

 Salute Emote: We are investigating an issue that may be preventing the Salute Emote from being accessible in the Emote Collection of players that own the license for this emote.

Season 2 Faction Ornaments: We are aware of an issue in which the progress for unlocked Season 2 Faction Rallies Ornaments are not displaying properly. We are targeting a fix for this issue in a future update.

Emissary Spire Quest: We are monitoring player reports of an issue impacting some players where the Emissary does not grant a reward package upon winning games in Trials of the Nine. Please post in #Help if you experience this issue.

Eater of Worlds Challenge:  We are investigating reports that the Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Challenge “By the Light” may not be incrementing as expected.

Extra Ammo Perks: We are investigating an issue in which weapons with perks that provide extra ammo may get into a state in which they have an ammo inventory that is not divisible by the  by the burst fire’s projected amount. In this state, the weapon will round down it’s available ammo to correct the discrepancy.

 Echo Mesa Emblem Variant: We are investigating an issue in which equipping the “Echo Mesa’ emblem variant called “Taken Resurgence” removes the option to equip a different variant. Players must unequip the Echo Mesa Emblem to re-access the variant options.

 Knight’s Peace Shell: We are aware of an issue in which the Knight’s Peace Ghost Shell from Trials of the Nine is not taking shaders properly. We are targeting a fix for this issue in an upcoming release.

Exotic Armor Tooltips: We are aware of an issue in which the perk text on Warmind Exotic Armor tooltips appears in a different color than on similar gear pieces. This does NOT mean that players to need to unlock these perks to be able to access them. We are investigating a fix for this issue.

Traditional Chinese UI: We are investigating an issue in which players are experiencing very long UI load times when player Destiny 2 using Traditional Chinese.

Masterwork Weapon Stats: We are investigating an issue in which a weapon that already has a stat at or near the maximum for that stat may not receive the full Masterwork increase for that stat in the UI or in gameplay.

Mercury Flashpoint: We are investigating an issue in which the Daily Milestone may occasionally not be available when Mercury is the Flashpoint destination.

Masterwork Swords: We are monitoring reports of an issue in which Masterwork Swords do not have the Rework Weapon option available. If you encounter this issue, please report it in the #Help forums.


Update (June 5th, 2018)


  • Fixed an issue where Nightfall Unique Rewards were not available
Bungie.net and Destiny Companion App
  • Fixed an issue where players could fully un-equip weapons from weapon slots using the Bungie.net API
  • Fixed an issue where players with Nvidia-powered laptops would launch into a permanent black screen and were unable to progress to gameplay


Update 1.2.1 (May 29th, 2018)
Faction Rallies
  • Information concerning Faction Rallies will be made available on 5/31 in the “This Week at Bungie” blog article.

Exotic Armor
  • Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves
    • While you are critically wounded, swapping to a Sidearm increases its damage (2x in PvE, 1.33x in PvP).
  • The Dragon’s Shadow
    • Dodge reloads all weapons simultaneously.
    • Dodging now also grants +5 mobility for the duration of Wraithmetal Mail, in addition to its previous benefits.
    • Added a UI indicator for the Wraithmetal Mail buff.
  • Lion Rampant
    • Hipfiring no longer interrupts Lift. Increased hipfire accuracy while airborne.
  • Synthoceps
    • Now grants a flat melee damage bonus for 8 seconds when you are surrounded by three or more enemies (3x in PvE, 2x in PvP).
    • This buff also increases Super damage while active (+50%).
  • Lunafaction Boots
    • Now allows your Rift to continuously reload weapons while you or allies stand in it.
    • Empowering Rift grants a boost to weapon range and aim assist.
  • Sunbracers
    • Solar melee kills now grant unlimited Solar grenade energy for a short duration.
  • Legendary
    • Shining Sphere
      • Replaced Pulse Monitor perk with Quickdraw.
  • Exotic
    • Skyburner’s Oath
      • Fixed an issue that caused this weapon’s sound effects to play too quietly while you are aiming down sights.
    • SUROS Regime
      • Fixed an issue where players could not reload while ADS.
  • Trench Barrel
    • Fixed a bug that allowed this perk to activate after making melee attacks on friendly targets.
Exotic Masterworks
  • MIDA Multi-Tool
    • The Masterwork catalyst can now be obtained by the most determined competitors in the Crucible.

  • Crucible Labs
    • Crucible Labs will allow Guardians to play experimental Crucible content.
      • Crucible Labs will become available at a later date. Stay tuned to @Bungie on Twitter for announcements.
    • The Crucible Labs playlist will be active periodically for feedback.
  • General
    • Fixed an issue where players would lose Rank Points for leaving a match too soon after the match ends.
    • Fixed a memory issue that was causing PC players running at low texture quality to frequently hit BEET or KALE errors while loading into 6v6 Iron Banner.
    • Fixed the space flights of 3+ minutes players experienced while loading into 6v6 Iron Banner that were caused when they hit BEET and KALE errors.
Public Events
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from triggering the Heroic “Warsat Down” public event when Shriekers would close too quickly.
  • Removed “Exodus Crash” from Heroic Strike Matchmaking.
  • Fixed an issue where players could join in-progress and become stuck behind a door in the strike “Exodus Crash.”
  • Fixed an issue where Heroic strike milestones and quests was not progressing due to Vanguard Boons.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck joining allies repeatedly in the strike “Lake of Shadows.”
  • Added a score modifier display on the item detail screen for Nightfall Challenge Cards.
  • Heroic strikes will now award Escalation Protocol Key Fragments.
  • Heroic strikes now have a chance (~25%) to award powerful engrams of up to 360 Power.
  • Fixed an issue where launching a one-use Super just as you catch the “Spire of Stars” relic would not consume Super energy.
  • Changed the “Spire of Stars” relic’s time-out splash damage to allow damage to targets.
  • The raid vendor will now have a unique performance after you have completed “Spire of Stars.”
  • Fixed an issue where Calus’s shield had greater health than intended.
  • Updated the Guided Game tooltip to correctly reflect the required Power level to launch.
  • Robes of Sekris (Warlock raid chest armor) will now display hanging cloth correctly.
  • The cost of “Spire of Stars” rewards from Benedict 99-40 has been increased to 50 tokens.
  • Benedict 99-40’s reputation engram will no longer grant weapons.
Warmind Campaign
  • Fixed an issue where some enemies were granting higher-than-intended XP from the mission “Pilgrimage.”

Prismatic Matrix
  • Fixed an issue where players would see a permanent waypoint over Tess when they had a Prismatic Facet in their character inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where the Prismatic Matrix icon did not have an indicator when new items were available.
  • Fixed an issue where the Prismatic Matrix icon was not highlighted when players had a Prismatic Facet in their character inventory.


  • The Clan XP Milestone now properly grants powerful rewards when it is turned in.
  • A few players would receive a Clan Banner very frequently. This should be fixed, and now players can discard any Clan Banners at the Postmaster.



  • Resolved an issue where some players who owned the “Salute” emote were unable to equip it.
  • The “Awaken the Warmind” emote no longer displays after the emote has been interrupted.
  • Flavortext now appears on the emote preview.

Update (May 15th, 2018)
  • Emblems introduced in Season 3 are now visible within the Emblem Collection for all players
  • Fixed an issue where some players could not equip the Shadow Dance emote
  • Fixed an issue where the Gunsmith was not selling Legendary Modifications to players who did not own Expansion 2
  • Fixed an issue where the Heroic Strike Playlist would sometimes launch players into Vanguard Strikes
  • Players can no longer summon Sparrows on Meltdown
  • Fixed an issue where Iron Banner ornaments were receiving progress from alternate Crucible playlists
  • The Contender’s Shell perk “Seeker of Brilliance” now properly grants Season 3 Prototype Engrams (Was incorrectly granting Season 2 Illuminated engrams)
  • Fixed an issue where Rat King was incorrectly granting ammo to alternate weapons
Destiny Companion API
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to interact with their Characters or Inventory on Bungie.net, the Destiny Companion App, or 3rd party apps
  • Fixed an issue causing frame rate issues on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro

Update 1.2.0 (May 8th, 2018)
  • Warmind is now available
  • Season 3 has begun

Player Character
  • Players who own Warmind may now reach level 30 and Power level 385

  • Multi-emote is now available, and players can now configure all four emote options with player-selected emotes
  • Emotes are now stored on the Multi-Emote page of the character inventory
  • The emote collection has been removed from the Vault, as emotes are now stored on the character

  • Additional grenade charges granted by some Subclass trees or Exotic Perks now charge at the same rate as the primary grenade (was considerably slower)
Exotic Weapons – General
  • Implemented Exotic Masterwork weapons
Exotic Kinetic Weapons
  • Sweet Business
    • Increased the ammo gained when players pick up Kinetic ammo
    • Increased ammo inventory
  • Vigilance Wing
    • Recovery is set to maximum while the Last Stand perk is active
  • The Jade Rabbit
    • +20 stability
  • Rat King
    • Enhanced the total stat benefits of running with a pack
    • Benefits are front-loaded; there are now larger damage benefits when two people equip the Exotic, with slight damage increases for each additional player
    • The Rat Pack perk can now activate and stack while Rat King is stowed
    • Added HUD notification text for when the Rat Pack perk is active
    • Increased ammo inventory
    • Added full auto
  • Crimson
    • Refined damage, rate of fire, and recovery time between bursts
    • Increased ammo inventory
  • Sturm and Drang
    • Sturm
      • Increased base stability stat
      • Overcharged rounds from Drang now deal 80% bonus damage
      • Added HUD status notification and visual feedback for when the magazine is overcharged
    • Drang
      • Kills with Drang reload Sturm and add one overcharged round even if Sturm’s mag is not full
      • Increased magazine size
      • Now has the Rampage perk
Exotic Energy Weapons
  • Hard Light
    • Can now be manually reloaded to change the damage type
    • Hits after its rounds bounce now deal double damage
  • Graviton Lance
    • Now fires two-round bursts
    • Increased stability
    • Reduced recoil on its final round in a burst
    • Cosmology explosion deals more damage
    • Cosmology explosion now spawns secondary Void projectiles
    • Enemies eliminated float up and back, detonating closer to their death location
    • Improved aim assist
  • Skyburner’s Oath
    • +10 aim assist
    • +30 increased handling
    • Now has the Explosive Payload perk
    • Hip fire now lobs slower-moving projectiles with tracking
  • Riskrunner
    • Now deals more damage while Arc Conductor is active
    • Enhanced Arc damage resistance to 50% while Arc Conductor is active and Riskrunner is in the player’s hands
    • Arc damage resistance is now enabled against Guardians in the Crucible
    • Arc Conductor can be activated while the weapon is stowed
    • Added Arc FX to the player while Arc Conductor is active
  • Sunshot
    • Increased damage and radius of kill explosion
  • Coldheart
    • Damage now ramps up faster
    • Reduced incoming flinch
    • Increased precision modifier to 1.4x (was 1.05x)
  • Prometheus Lens
    • Increased magazine size to 100 rounds
    • Deals more area damage and less beam damage
    • Increased precision modifier to 1.4x (was 1.05x)
  • Fighting Lion
    • Deals more blast damage and less direct hit damage
    • Increased ammo inventory
    • Increased spawn ammo
    • Kills with this weapon guarantee Energy ammo drops
Exotic Power Weapons
  • Tractor Cannon
    • Weapon damage now suppresses targets
    • Weapon damage now makes targets more susceptible to Void damage (+50%) for 10 seconds
  • D.A.R.C.I.
    • Reduced flinch
    • Reduced zoom on scope
    • Increased precision damage to locked-on targets (up to 4x)
    • Increased aim assist
  • Borealis
    • Reduced flinch
    • After breaking the shield of an enemy (a combatant or a Guardian using a Super) with the matching elemental damage type, it deals double damage for the remainder of the magazine
  • The Prospector
    • Grenades now stick to surfaces
    • Grenades now cause burn damage over time
  • Wardcliff Coil
    • Fixed an issue where players would receive unintended amounts of power ammo when changing from Wardcliff Coil to alternate power weapons
Weapon Perks
  • Pulse Monitor
    • Now reloads 35% of the magazine (up from 17.5%)
    • Now can activate while the weapon is not equipped
  • Precision Frame
    • Fixed an issue that was causing inconsistent recoil reduction on precision-category weapons
    • The pattern is now more consistent as the weapon kicks
Legendary Weapons
  • Precision Hand Cannons
    • Adjusted the ADS firing animation
  • Linear Fusion Rifles
    • Increased precision damage modifier to 2.0x (was 1.5x)
  • Lightweight Grenade Launchers
    • Adjusted breach-load Grenade Launchers so that they can fire sooner out of a reload, and fire sooner out of a sprint cancel
  • Sniper Rifles
    • Reduced overall flinch value for all sniper rifles
    • Tuned sniper scope cameras and reticles to behave consistently for flinch, recoil and sway across all sniper rifles
      • Developer note: We can now update individual sniper rifles as needed, which was prevented before due to this issue

  • Changes to outgoing player damage scaling vs. higher-level combatants
    • Higher-level combatants take longer to kill if you’re below their level
    • Increased the outgoing and incoming damage scaling, from capping at a 40 Power level delta to a 50 Power level delta
    • Over-level combatants continue to increase in difficulty up to 50 Power levels above the player
    • When enemies are 50 Power levels or higher above a player, they will be immune to damage
    • Over-level, immune combatants will display a “??” icon in their nameplate
    • Updated the damage dealt to combatant Energy shields from the following weapon damage types:
    • 3x damage dealt from Energy weapons of a matching damage type
    • 2x damage dealt from Energy weapons of a nonmatching damage type
    • No bonus damage from Kinetic weapons
  • Heroic strikes now feature rotating modifiers:
    • At any given time, the following will be active on the Heroic strikes playlist:
    • 1x Elemental Burn (weekly rotation)
    • 1x Advantage (daily rotation)
    • 1x Disadvantage (daily rotation)
    • In addition to the above, the baseline difficulty of Heroic strikes is boosted to be closer to Nightfall difficulty
  • Legendary Nightfall Strike Challenge Card
    • Can be obtained from Xûr (at no cost) by replacing your Rare Challenge Card
    • The Legendary tier adds additional slots for new Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Fixed an issue in which scoring did not add points for killing the bosses in the Nightfall strikes “A Garden World” and “Savathûn’s Song”
  • Fixed an issue where the Nightfall score summary was only displaying kills since last death
  • Now displays the score for entire activity completion
  • Fixed an issue in which the Unbroken Challenge completed for all fireteam members even if the clear criteria had not been met
  • Fixed an issue where strike scoring granted points for players in public bubbles, Lost Sectors, or other unintended areas
  • Weekly lockouts for raid rewards are now class-based
  • Players running multiple instances of the same class will receive rewards only the first time they run the raid in a week
  • Seasonal Ranks are now available for the Vanguard, Crucible, Trials of the Nine, and Iron Banner
  • Increased Vault size from 200 items to 300 items
  • Fixed an issue with collections where event emblems would not show up unless players owned Curse of Osiris
  • Fixed an issue where Cayde-6 refused to offer all three Treasure Maps for Mercury

Items and Economy
  • Milestones now award a more balanced distribution of Exotics between weapons and armor, but overall they award Exotics less often than before
  • Fixed an issue where powerful engrams could not draw from Exotics released at Destiny 2 launch
  • Fixed an issue where the first powerful engram opened after each sign-in was guaranteed to produce an Exotic
  • Fixed an issue with slow load times for Uncommon gear
  • Mods and shaders can now be dismantled from the Item Details screen
  • Items can now be dismantled from the Postmaster and the Vault
  • Season 2 Exotic Ghost Shells that use destination perks now have a chance to have Hellas Basin destination perks when initially awarded
Character Inventory
  • Created a  “Pursuits” category in the character inventory to contain pursuit tracking items, such as those associated with Exotic quests
    • Items in the Pursuits category are specific to each character and not shared across the account
  • Players now may receive one Bright Engram per character (account limit of three) from Tess for the seasonal milestone
  • Increased the number of items available for purchase via Bright Dust from 14 to 18
  • Additional slots will feature shaders and transmat effects
  • Fixed an issue where players could purchase bundles or engrams when their inventory and Postmaster were full
  • Fixed an issue where items rewarded from Eververse Gleaming Boons would not display the correct icon within the Postmaster screen
  • Added the Prismatic Matrix to Eververse
    • At launch, 10 Eververse items from Season 3 are featured each week that the Prismatic Matrix is available
    • An account’s first well-rested level-up each week grants one Prismatic Facet, allowing one free use of the Prismatic Matrix
    • Players may hold up to three Prismatic Facets at a time
    • Additional activations may be purchased for 200 Silver each
    • This item inventory is based on a knockout list and will not drop duplicates
    • Items earned via Bright Engrams, Bright Dust, or previous Matrix activations will contribute to the knockout list

  • A new set of clan perks is available for you to earn in Season 3
  • A new Clan Banner Staff has been rewarded to those who hit clan rank 6 in Season 2
Clan Engrams 
  • Trials of the Nine and raid clan engrams no longer grant Trials of the Nine or raid weapons
    • These now grant Crucible and Vanguard rewards
  • Clan Engrams no longer grant rewards above the player’s level when reaching 340 Power
    • The Nightfall and Crucible clan engrams will grant rewards up to 340 Power
Guided Games
  • A new set of Guided Games tickets has been granted to all players
  • Players can earn a Leviathan Guide emblem that tracks the number of raid encounters and raids they complete as a Guide
  • The emblem rewards an aura for 14 days when completing a raid as a Guide
  • Once a week while the aura is active, guiding a raid to completion grants a Bright Engram

  • Private Matches are now available to all players
  • Players must own Curse of Osiris or Warmind to play maps from those respective releases in Private Matches
  • Added a Crucible ranking system (see details here)
  • Added a fireteam matchmaking system (see details here)
  • Curse of Osiris and Warmind maps are now available to all players in matchmade Crucible playlists
  • New Warmind maps: Meltdown and Solitude
  • Added spawn points to Altar of Flame, the Dead Cliffs, and Endless Vale
  • Added kill volumes to the Burnout to prevent players from escaping the intended playable space
  • Fixed a cinematic camera point on the Dead Cliffs for 6v6
Game Modes
  • Added “Doubles” to the Weekly Rotating playlist

  • Added and revised in-game audio options that can be accessed through the Settings menu in Destiny 2: (Help Article)
    • SFX Volume
    • Dialogue/Cinematics Volume
    • Music Volume
    • Chat Volume

  • Key Mapping
    • Secondary key mappings can be assigned through the Settings menu in Destiny 2.
    • Key Mappings are now stored per-account by default.  There is a setting in the Settings menu to store Key Mappings per-machine instead.
  • Text Chat
    • Incoming Text Chat messages are now visible by default.  There is a mappable key (defaults to ‘L’) to toggle Text Chat to a minimized state.
    • Incoming Text Chat messages now play an audio cue while text chat is in the minimized state.  This can be disabled in the Settings menu.

  • Fixed an issue where the cursor sometimes failed to appear on destination maps


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