UPDATED 1/30/2020

v7.2.2.2 | April 6, 2020


  • Bug fixes


Destiny 2 Dashboard

  • Reworked App table layout
    •  Moved to a vertical format
    • Increased table width by 7%
  • Added ‘light.gg’ app
  • Reduced spacing by 5% between App and Notification sections
  • Updated Dashboard banner alert UI to include animated effects
  • Moved the ‘Have you tried Desktop’ banner at the top of the Dashboard
  • Removed Clan Roster section entirely (previous was invisible) to reduce resource load
  • Fixed an issue where the Seraph Bunker section would sometimes default to center aligning on mobile view

v7.2.2.1 | March 31, 2020


  • Added additional in-game header images


Destiny 2 Dashboard

  • Added additional power pursuits to the Powerful Rewards category

v7.2.2 | March 10, 2020


  • Bug fixes
  • Added new header images


Destiny 2 Dashboard

  • Updated Destiny 2 Dashboard with Season 10 content
  • Updated Powerful Rewards category to reflect new season power pursuits
  • Added Seraph Tower Event category

v7.2.1.1 | January 30, 2020


  • Bug fixes
  • Added a footer note to the site


Destiny 2 Dashboard

  • Fixed an issue where some variants of Clan Competitive would still appear on the public view set of the Dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where browser tabs would still read “Clan Dashboard.”
  • Updated TRN and D2 Checklist links (which was accidentally omitted from Update 7.2.1)

v7.2.1 | January 23, 2020


  • Retired multiple pages that were not used or were obsolete 
  • Posted recent Hotfix updates that were omitted from the site by accident


  • Renamed “Our Mission” to “Legacy: The Shattered Vault”
  • Renamed “Clan Dashboard” to “Destiny 2 Dashboard”



  • Updated description of the site and its purpose
  • Removed Shattered Vault link

Legacy: The Shattered Vault

  • New description to explain what the Shattered Vault clan is, and its legacy

Destiny 2 Dashboard

  • Updated URL link
  • Updated Destiny 2 Tracker to link to the new homepage for the TRN Tracker
  • Removed Shattered Vault clan focus to generic descriptions
  • Removed Clan Competitive 
    • Bounties have been retired
    • In February, the old Phoenix Clan Intranet will be retired

v7.2.0 | December 17, 2019


  • General bug fixes
  • Moved Roster under “Welcome”
  • Moved Music To Listen To under “Clan Dashboard”
  • Removed Content activities from Clan Dashboard sub-menu



  • Renamed to “Our Mission”
  • Removed Braytech Roster section

Music To Listen To

  • It is now Password Protected
    • For access, please contact site admin 
    • Known Issue: When inputting the password, it will appear blank. 
  • Fixed an issue where fonts would sometimes revert to system defaults
  • Slight background fixes

Clan Dashboard

  • Simplified Menu
    • Apps and Upcoming Events
    • Older apps will be re-added next update
  • Activities Banner
    • Moved “Escalation Protocol,” “Menagerie” and “Dreaming City” under Seasonal Activities (Legacy)
    • Going forward, only limited time events will be featured here
  • Seasonal Activity
    • Renamed to “Seasonal Activities”
    • Removed Vex Offensive
    • Added “The Sundial”
    • Added “Legacy Activities”
      • This will feature older season activities that are still active in addition to their weekly rotational info
  • Powerful Rewards
    • Readjusted reward information for Season 9
  • Clan Competitive
    • Renamed Scoreboard to “Roster”
    • Readjusted point accrual information 

v7.1.3 | October 22nd, 2019


  • Fixed Overflow when viewing Slider Banners on Desktop and Mobile
  • Updated UI Alert design
  • Updated Scoreboard design
    • Added PvE & PvP Stats that will be updated roughly every month
    • Added Player Roles

v7.1.2.1 | October 12th, 2019


  • Fixed formatting issues when viewing on mobile. 

v7.1.2 | October 12th, 2019


    • General
      • UI updates to Activity Banners
      • General Fixes
    • Quick Tab Menu
      • Consolidated News tab into the Weekly Rituals tab.
        • Weekly Rituals tab is for quick access to Weekly activity info offered through third-party apps; having it set aside made lose value.
    • Powerful Rewards
      • Updated Rewards Table to be in line with Season 8 Weekly Activities
      • Tile Cards have all been refreshed with new graphics. 
    • Clan Competitive
      • Updated Experience Tables to be in line with Season 8 Clan Competitive Scoring.
      • Tile Cards have all been refreshed with new graphics.
      • UI updates to Scoreboard for better visual appearance.
      • Added a Notes section for additional information for the Clan Competitive event.

v7.1.1 | October 12th, 2019


    • General
      • UI updates to Activity Banners
      • General Fixes
    • Quick Tab Menu
      • Consolidated News tab into the Weekly Rituals tab.
        • Weekly Rituals tab is for quick access to Weekly activity info offered through third-party apps; having it set aside made lose value.
    • Powerful Rewards
      • Updated Rewards Table to be in line with Season 8 Weekly Activities
      • Tile Cards have all been refreshed with new graphics. 
    • Clan Competitive
      • Updated Experience Tables to be in line with Season 8 Clan Competitive Scoring.
      • Tile Cards have all been refreshed with new graphics.
      • UI updates to Scoreboard for better visual appearance.
      • Added a Notes section for additional information for the Clan Competitive event.

v7.1.0 | October 1st, 2019


  • Season 8 information has been added to the Clan Dashboard.
  • Added a “Season” section to the main dashboard.
    • This will feature Hawthorne and Clan related information, such as Bounties and Banner Perks.
  • Added a “Seasonal Activity” section to the main dashboard.
    • This will feature the Seasonal Activity offered in the season, if applicable.
      • Season 8’s featured activity is “Vex Offensive.”
  • Updated Vanguard Strikes section.
    • Renamed Pinnacle Weapons to “Ritual Weapons.”
    • Added Nightfall: The Ordeal, and featured information regarding difficulties and rewards will be viewable here.
  • Updated Clan Competitive section.
    • UI fixes.

v7.0.7 | September 19, 2019


  • Added a Crucible section, featuring pinnacle weapon activities.
    • A future update will add tips and useful information, which will be added at the launch of Season 8.
  • Added a section that features Gambit and Reckoning called “Drifter’s Corner.”
    • Features pinnacle weapons earned by playing Gambit.
    • Added a Reckoning tip sheet (not owned).
      • A clan dashboard version will be added in a future update.
  • Updated the Pinnacle Weapon table in the Vanguard Strikes section.

v7.0.6 | September 17, 2019


  • General fixes
  • Fixed an issue where site pages were not using the correct font kits.
  • News & Events has now been migrated into the Clan Dashboard.
    • The original Events page will be deactivated and removed from the sitemap. 
  • Removed Year 3-4 pages that have not been updated since Year 5.
  • Removed News & Events
  • Added Banner Pages as submenu options under Clan Dashboard:
    • Dreaming City
    • The Menagerie
    • Escalation Protocol
    • Memories
    • Seasonal & Limited-Time Events (ex: Iron Banner)
  • Moved Clan Roster to Main Menu, renamed “Roster.”
  • Removed Legacy Site login & Site login.
  • Imagery has been swapped to a Shadowkeep theme.
  • News & Events has now been migrated into the Clan Dashboard.
  • The Escalation Protocol section has been moved to a Banner page.
    • General improvements to this section
  • Updated icons for all sections. 
  • Added Memories app to the Banner page
  • Edit: Updated Clan Competitive section.
    • Added a Scoring table, displaying all possible ways of earning experience points for the SV Clan Challenge.
    • Added a Countdown until Weekly Reset.
    • UX updates. 
  • Updated to Elementor to enable the newest UX.
  • Each Season/DLC will have its own page to prevent heavy website latency.
  • Penumbra will be the first Season to be updated, and more seasons will be updated over the course of time.

v7.0.5.1 | June 30th, 2019


    • Improved Site Performance
    • Added additional cache support

v7.0.5 | June 25th, 2019


    • Fixed Latency issues 
    • Created a “Featured” Banner
      • This will be used to feature major seasonal activities and events (like The Menagerie and Iron Banner)
    • Moved Dreaming City and The Menagerie to the Featured Banner section

v7.0.4 | June 25th, 2019


    • Added a new section: The Menagerie
      • This section includes information on each battle sequence within the Menagerie and will display the featured boss each week
    • UI Updates to Vanguard Strike section
    • Bug fixes

v7.0.3 | June 4th, 2019


    • Fixed “Home” Tab, which was still directing to the old Phoenix Clan server.
    • Removed Joker’s Wild from the Events Sub-Category
    • Added “Penumbra” to the Events Sub-Category, which will direct you to Bungie’s page regarding the new season.
    • Season 7 is live!
    • Background Maintenance

v7.0.2.3 | April 2nd, 2019


    • UI fixes
    • Clan Competitive Updates
    • Background Maintenance
    • Retiring old Phoenix Clan domain
      • When this does occur, the site may see errors or missing/broken links

v7.0.2.2 | March 21st, 2019


    • UI fixes
    • UI fixes
    • Added new section, Official & Unofficial Music, which links several useful Youtube channels. 
    • Optimized all pages using the Elementor layout to be compatible with all Screen Resolutions for Desktop

v7.0.2.1 | March 19th, 2019


    • Minor UI fixes
    • Fixed Latency issues occurring with the new Powerful Rewards section 

v7.0.2 | March 19th, 2019

    • Added a new section: Powerful Rewards. This new area will display all possible challenges and activities that reward powerful loot, and splits it into Two Tiers:
      • High Tier: Activities that reward the best loot, from +3 to +9 Light
      • Low Tier: Activities that reward powerful loot from +1 to +2 Light
    • Added a new section: Vanguard Strikes. This will feature Weekly Strike information, Weekly Elements, Featured Nightfalls and Strike Specific Loot
    • Optimized the Clan Dashboard to be compatible with every screen Resolution, with the exception of Mobile

v7.0.1 | March 13th, 2019


    • Fixed an issue where Flashpoint was not being displayed
    • Reworked the Useful Apps section to be more organized.
    • Added a new section: Allegiance Quest, to celebrate the in-game quest siding you against either the Vanguard or the Drifter. 
      • A Clan Competitive Activity will be added later this week
    • Added a new Seasonal Objective Progress Bar functionality
    • Modified Clan Scoreboard
    • Minor backend fixes

v7.0 | March 5th, 2019


  • Upgraded website to improve and add features
  • Plugins: New widgets and extensions to customize our website even further
  • Installed a new Block Editor for better customization


  • Completely rebuilt the Clan Dashboard through Elementor. 
  • Most Original Featured Content is still present and has been imported in:
    • Live Activities
      • The Dreaming City
      • Escalation Protocol
    • Clan Competitive
      • Monthly Objectives
      • Scoreboard
    • Archive
      • Season 2-5
    • Service Notifications
      • UI has been updated to reflect the new app design
    • Useful Apps tab
      • Slight UI adjustments to reflect the new app design
      • App Icons will be updated in a future update
  • The following have been removed from the Dashboard while they get reworked:
    • News/Updates
    • Guides
    • Clan Competitive Patch Notes
  • Widgets are now active on the Dashboard:
    • A Countdown time can now be used for events
    • Warnings or Sudden Announcements
  • The Memories page has been removed temporarily while it gets reworked 
  • The plan is to properly sort out each Expansion of content – screenshots and videos – in a more controlled fashion
    • The current layout has you scroll in a single column – the next update will fix it
  • Improvements to Page load times
  • Rebuilt the Events page through Elementor
  • Content has been updated to feature Jokers Wild, Destiny’s recent expansion.
  • UI improvements
  • Responsive Speed to web loading has been adjusted slightly
    • Page Dividers have a +1s delay in loading to allow the main content to load
  • Rebuilt the Site Updates page through Elementor
  • UI Improvements
  • A new Activity & Member page has been created as a first step to add community features onto the site
  • They can be accessed by hovering over the “Sign-in” link under the Home menu.
  • Social pages are in Alpha stages and may experience issues

v6.1.0 | February 27th, 2019

  • Clan Dashboard
    • Apps
      • Apps have been redesigned and are now properly live on the Dashboard
    • Misc
      • Minor fixes, improvements and UI additions
  • Menu
    • Added Season 6 content to the site
      • This will be manually added live on March 5 (Launch Day)
      • New Headers and Site Images
    • Badges Page removed
    • “Music To Listen To” page updated
    • Moved “Shattered Vault” page over to the submenu of the “Clan Dashboard”
    • Moved “Epsilon 5” page over to the submenu of “Home”
  • Soundtracks
    • Now renamed “Music To Listen To.”
    • Added a direct link to Bungie Store Soundtracks
    • UI Fixes
  • Shattered Vault
    • Renamed to “Clan Roster”
    • Braytech “Legend” Links have been added
    • Banner updated to reflect current flag logo in-game
  • Badges
    • Renamed Clan Badges page to “Clan Roster,” should an URL file be linked
    • All activity merged with the “Shattered Vault” page
    • All Clan Badge profile pages have been retired
      • All links are still active, however, and can be accessed through the proper URL tag
    • All Gamertags will redirect you over to the corresponding profile on BRAYTECH.
  • Clan Triumphs
    • Clan Triumphs will discontinue in Season 6

v6.03 | December 30th, 2018

  • Clan Dashboard
    • Apps
      • Clan Dashboard and Monthly Highlight information is all obtained through multiple applications. The Dashboard will now begin to include these apps for everyone to access. The first release of apps includes:
        • Braytech (by Tom Chapman): a beautifully designed one stop shop for checklists, triumphs, collections, clan statistics and more!
        • D2 Checklist (by Dave Caslin): a resourceful tool that displays weekly challenges and activities per account – and for the clan
        • DIM (by Rick Casey, and more!): Destiny Item Manager; a helpful tool to help organize and manage your player inventory
        • Lowlidev (by Richard Deveraux): an interactive map tool that displays every location of scannable/collectible objects in game
        • Destiny Tracker (by Tracker Network): a very handy app that provides statistics of about pretty much everything in Destiny 2
        • Bungie (main website): a quick and easy link to our clan page at Bungie.net
      • Note: This portion of the Clan Dashboard is still being worked on and is currently NOT mobile-friendly.
    • Service Updates
      • A new banner at the top of the Dashboard will now provide updates regarding site maintenance/issues and Destiny related issues

v6.02 | December 10th, 2018

  • Clan Dashboard
    • Event Weekly Bounties
      • Events like The Dawning and Iron Banner will feature Weekly Bounties
        • Weekly Bounties will be more difficult than what they have been in the past, but reward more for your efforts
          • Generic Bounties will reward +75xp
          • Heroic Bounties (Gold Tier) will reward +150xp
        • Update (12/25): Weekly bounties values have been adjusted to the following:
          • Generic Bounties: +10xp
          • Gold Tier: +50xp
        • Events will offer 3 generic bounties and 2 gold tier bounties
    • Monthly Objectives
      • Instead of having weekly bounties, Monthly objectives are returning to the fold
      • Objectives that focus on player improvement will be the primary focus
      • Objectives reward based off of the difficulty of the task
        • Most objectives will reward +100xp

v6.01 | December 4th, 2018

  • Menu
    • Forsaken Quick menus removed from Menu
    • Black Armory Drop Down now available, featuring General Information and Clan Triumphs. (Update 12/7: Black Armory menu now features Clan Triumphs and Annual Pass information)
    • Season 4 Clan Triumph Menu option removed
    • Clan Triumphs will have its own dedicated page for all seasons going forward
      • Like the Clan Dashboard, when a season ends, the current season data will be archived into an archive page
  •  Sidebar
    • Reduced number of widgets displayed to keep things simple
  • Clan Dashboard
    • UI Improvements
      • Subject banners have been added to split between Live Activities and Clan Dashboard
    • Monthly Objectives  (moved to Update 6.0.2)
      • Replacing Weekly Bounties; monthly objectives will have set goals to accomplish, and will reward clan competitive points

v6.0.0 | November 27th, 2018

  • Site Design
    • Massive UI Redesign on site, “DYAD 2”
      • Updated Sidebar
        • The Sidebar is now moved to the footer portion of each page
      • Improved Site response time
      • Menu
        • Improved Menu Speed for both web platform and mobile
        • Menu Consolidation (see below)
        • Destiny 2 Patch Notes are now available under the Event Menu option
      • Font Design modified
        • Increased lighting
      • Front Page
        • Rather than it being a scrolling feature of all of the posts in full, the front page is now a hub of posts showing excerpts of the post
        • Updated Featured Site Images
      • Events Page
        • Slight UI improvements
      • Badges Page
        • Updated to be compatible with DYAD 2 update
        • Incomplete Season 4 badges have been removed
      • Shattered Vault Page
        • Slight UI Improvements
        • Removed Season 4 data
      • Clan Dashboard
        • Live activities are now better organized
          • Most information will be fetched from Braytech.org, a site by Tom Chapman.
        • UI improvements
        • Season Clan Competitive data has been refreshed and reset
        • The Clan Competitive table now has links to member badge pages
        • Season 4 data has been archived
    • Note: The site posts and pages were optimized to the original site design, so we will be going through each page and updating them over the course of the following weeks.
    • Removed Ads from Posts and Sidebar for all users
    • Added “Related” section under all posts, showing previous posts
    • Gutenberg, a new version of WordPress, is now active – allowing for more customization
  • Menu
    • Consolidated Menu to the following categories:
      • Welcome!
        • Shattered Vault
        • Epsilon 5
      • Memories
      • Events
        • Featured Event Title
        • Destiny 2 Updates (New!)
      • Clan Dashboard
        • Badges
        • Clan Triumphs
        • Soundtracks
      • Home
        • Sign-in Options
        • Admin Access (Intranet)
        • Site Patch Notes
  • Misc
    • Fixed spelling mistake under “Maintenance” Tag

v5.0.1 | October 28th, 2018

  • Menu
    • Clan Competitive is now renamed “Clan Dashboard.”
      • In addition to Clan Competitive information, Live Activities and Weekly Ritual information will now be able to be accessed through this page

v5.0.0 | September 3, 2018

  • Site Update
    • The web domain for the site has now been expanded into the WordPress Premium which will allow additional features and site support to be enabled
    • Over the course of the next few months, new features will be added to the site
    • Music and Video html availability has been enabled
      • Music & video can now be embedded into posts and pages
  • Sidebar
    • Added a music player widget to the sidebar
      • This will feature music tracks available in the Soundtracks page

v4.1.4.2 | October 28th, 2018

  • Sidebar
    • Removed Calendar Widget
    • Removed Roadmap Widget
    • Temporarily removed Event Widgets
    • Added “Image of the Week” Widget
      • this will display legacy images from previous seasons
    • Added Twitter Widget
      • this will display tweets & retweets from Mal027
    • Added Forsaken Sidebar Portal Links
  • Menu
    • Added “Forsaken” Page to the Event Drop Down
  • Misc
    • As of this update, each site patch will include a flavor text

v4.1.4.1 | August 27, 2018

  • System Messages (BETA)
    • Activated new feature to disable pages during maintenance periods

v4.1.4 | August 25th, 2018

  • Menu
    • Memories
      • This category is no longer in BETA and is fully functional
      • Added options for gif compatibility
    • Clan Competitive
      • General
        • Beginning the archive process for Year 4 to make way for Year 5
      • Badges
        • Added an Archive section for badges on every clan member profile page
        • All completed milestone badges have been consolidated over to the member archive
        • All milestone badges that have not been completed are highlighted and are available to be completed until August 26th. After that, they will be retired and removed from every profile
        • Elite badges have been consolidated over to the member archive, regardless if it has been completed or not
        • Members have until August 26th to complete the Elite Badge criteria. After that, most Elite Badges that have not been completed yet will be removed.
          • Whisper of the Worm Elite Badge will remain available for completion until December’s DLC
  • Site Update
    • Modified Site font colours (increased font brightness)
    • Modified Site Link colours
    • New Site Maintenance Icon that will be displayed under Service Notifications
    • Updated Site Banners with 6 new pictures featuring photos from Warmind and Forsaken; they will be randomized and included in the general rotation
  • Forsaken
    • In preparation for Forsaken, some site pages will be taken offline for maintenance and updates; they will resume on September 4th

v4.1.3 | August 21, 2018

  • Menu
    • Memories BETA
      • New category, storing all expansion/event gallery photos in one easy place
      • Photos from Curse of Osiris, Warmind, GuardianCon, and Solstice of Heroes have been added
    • Events
      • Out of BETA
      • Updated image files
      • Added Patch and Hotfix image files to database
    • Forsaken
      • Updated Portal image files
  • Badges
    • Added 2 new Elite Badge: Whisper of the Worm and All For A Ship?!
    • Added 3 new Seasonal Badges: Solstice Participant, Triumphant, and I Am Resplendent 

v4.1.2.1 | August 12th, 2018

  • Badges
    • Badges Portal has now left BETA and is now currently up to date
    • Profile Badge Cover Photos added to clan members who have Destiny related photos in their Xbox DVR
    • Badges will consolidate into the Archive the week of August 28 to make way for Year 5

v4.1.2 | August 9th, 2018

  • Menu
    • Events BETA
      • New category, consolidating all Expansion & Event pages into one single page
      • This page will now also replace the Roadmap post that has been ongoing since April
      • Going forward, all timeline activities will be added to this page and will act like an overall Activity Portal
        • Events and Expansions are currently available with temporary image designs
        • Upcoming Patches and Hotfixes will be listed in the future
          • This is expected to begin August 28

v4.1.1 | July 31st, 2018

  • Menu
    • General
      • Added “Portals” to new Event and DLC tabs
        • This will allow pieces of information to be better organized in each tab
        • Currently, Solstice of Heroes and Forsaken will utilize this Portal system; new pages will have this feature
      • Added Service Note UI feature
        • This will provide important information should there be an issue relating to the page the viewer is on
    • Solstice of Heroes
      • This event tab is now active, as well as its side-widget
      • Event Portal is now active, connecting the Moments of Triumph: Year 4, Solstice Event Info, Solstice Bounties and Solstice Gallery together
      • Added BETA Solstice bounties to the Solstice Bounties page
        • We will observe how the event plays out, and will make necessary adjustments
    • Clan Competitive
      • Disabled the Vanguard/Crucible Bounty System
        • It will return when Forsaken launches, alongside a new bounty design
      • Added Blank Bounty 2.0 items to view for feedback purposes
  • Site Design/UI
    • Added Solstice Event Header for the duration of the event

v4.1.0 | July 29th, 2018

  • Site Design/UI
    • Updated site TypeFont in various categories
    • Re-worked Mobile version of site to be more user friendly and more adaptable to smaller devices
      • working to correct a bug with the menu when viewing the site via a mobile device
    • Minor fixes with UI design, in preparation for another platform update coming later this August
  • Milestones
    • Badges
      • Elite Badges have been added to each member’s profile, and will be updated to reflect your current progress

v4.0.6.2 | July 27th, 2018

  • Menu
    • Milestones
      • Corrected a few clan members milestone page
      • Corrected the Clan Badges Menu icon to reflect the updated name
      • Moment of Triumph and Collections count will now be visible for each Milestone category

v4.0.6.1 | July 26th, 2018

  • Menu
    • Clan Competitive is now renamed “Clan Dashboard.”
      • In addition to Clan Competitive information, Live Activities and Weekly Ritual information will now be able to be accessed through this page

v4.0.6 | July 20th, 2018

  • Menu
    • Added new Sub-Tab under Clan Competitive: Milestones
      • This is a new category that will track expansion based objectives
        • Each objective will be provide bonus clan competitive experience that will be applied at the end of each season
        • Currently tracked milestones include each Campaign, Lore, Seasonal Events and Crucible/Iron Banner
        • Elite Badges is still a work in progress but will focus on clan-based objectives that will offer bonus competitive experience points
          • Estimated release date will be July 31st
      • This tab will be updated monthly

v4.0.5 | July 20th, 2018

  • Menu
    • Moved “Home” to the end of the menu list
      • Admin Access and Site Patch Notes are now in this sub-list
      • Moved Sign-In to this sub-list
      • Moved “Warmind” to this sub-list
    • Forsaken (Menu)
      • New menu showcasing the upcoming DLC Comet Expansion releasing in September
        • this will serve as a central hub for Forsaken
          • sub-tabs will be available upon release taking over for patch notes post-Warmind
    • Clan Competitive (Menu)
      • Seasonal Progression has now merged with the main menu for Clan Competitive
    • Shattered Vault (Menu)
      • Updated Cover Page Photo
      • Updated Clan Information and stats/links
      • Added a Clan Roster

v4.0.3 | April 12th, 2018

    • New Domain and Typekit
      • New domain added to phoenixclanproductions.com
        • Destiny related content will be directed to shatteredvault.com
      • Shattered Vault Logo and Name added to main website as the shift in focus for the site is now geared toward Destiny 1 and 2
      • New font redesign to fit a more modernized look
    • Banner:
      • New Banner Header
        • Guardian related photos on rotation
    • Site Menu Overview
      • Clan Competitive:
        • New Tab that focuses on new Seasonal Competition Goals and Objectives
        • Currently in Beta and subject to change
      • Sign-In Drop Down
        • Option to access ADMIN ACCESS moved under the Sign-In options
        • Patch notes can now be viewed
        • Clan Competitive and Destiny Related Patch Notes will be added in a future update
    • Soundtracks (Menu Tab)
      • The Soundtracks tab has been updated
        • Each compilation soundtrack has been added
          • To download, simply click on the Soundtrack Artwork, and you will be directed to OneDrive
    • Welcome (Menu Tab)
      • The Welcome tab has been updated
        • New introduction
        • Social Media and Clan Page links added
    • Warmind (Menu Tab)
      • New tab showcasing the new DLC for Destiny 2
        • this will serve as the central hub for Destiny 2 patch notes and new information available throughout the duration of the DLC

    All site modifications will be posted here.