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Vanguard Reputation gains are doubled for the entire week for the Vanguard Ops Playlist and Nightfalls!
Rewards from Nightfalls are doubled for the entire week! ​
Reputation gains for Vanguard Ops, Nightfalls, Gambit & Crucible are doubled for the entire week!
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Due to an issue, Destiny 2 & the Destiny API have been taken offline. Visit @BungieHelp for the latest updates.
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NOVEMBER 28, 2023 - DECEMBER 05, 2023

Welcome, Guardian.

Shattered Vault is a Destiny resource that aims to provide Weekly Reset Information, Essential Guides, and links to popular Third-Party Apps created by fellow Guardians. The site’s goal is to enable players to access relevant information while promoting popular and rising third-party apps, connecting everything to one central source.  

Learn more about what's happening this week and this season in Destiny!

Destiny 2 Dashboard

Site Map

Shattered Vault’s primary app is the Destiny 2 Dashboard, a one-stop-shop for Weekly and Seasonal Information for the current season of Destiny 2. This app is updated weekly alongside Destiny 2’s Weekly Reset, which occurs every Tuesday at 12 pm EST (1pm EST during Daylight Savings).

Looking into the future, this website will continue to serve as a central hub, promoting other third-party apps created by a wide variety of developers from the Destiny community. 

The Shattered Vault website is compatible on all platforms, be it desktop, tablet, or mobile. However, to capture the full experience of what this website has to offer, we recommend viewing the website on Desktop!

Support and Site Updates

  • This site is an ongoing project that will continue to receive updates for the foreseeable future!
  • If you wish to get in contact, request a feature, or report an issue, visit our Support page!
  • If you wish to support the site (cover server costs), you can make a donation via PayPal! 
    • However, we recommend donating to one of the other featured third-party apps first − they deserve it!
      • Visit their website for donation links, or visit our Third-Party Apps page that provides quick access to their preferred donation page!