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Last Updated: 03/14/2023

What is Buildcrafting?

  • In Destiny 2, players are able to obtain armour with random stats that can improve their Guardians’ capabilities; furthermore, there are mods that can be acquired that provide additional benefits
  • Guardians who take the time to build and craft their armour can improve gameplay and overall performance toward in-game content
  • This page will go over buildcrafting and general customization options available in Lightfall.
  • Use the Quick Menu in this section or the top-left Quickview button to navigate this page.

Buildcrafting in Destiny 2

Quick Information

How does Buildcrafting work in Destiny 2? Is it mandatory?
  • In Destiny 2, every armour piece provides armour stats that reduce the cooldowns of abilities and provides additional advantages for gameplay
  • There are six stat categories:
    • Mobility − walking, strafing, crouch speed and jumping height
    • Resilience − how much damage your Guardan can take
    • Recovery − how quickly your shields regenerate
    • Discipline − how quickly your grenade comes back
    • Intellect − how quickly your super comes back
    • Strength − how quickly your melee charge comes back
  • In addition, there are armour mod slots available on armour pieces that you can slot to provide additional bonuses or advantages to your gameplay
    • NOTE: Legendary & Exotic Armour will contain the most slots compared to lower-grade armour like common or rare
  • While not mandatory, crafting and tailoring your armour build will improve your efficiency during gameplay, especially during endgame content.

How do I obtain Armour mods?
  • As of Destiny 2: Lightfall, Armour Mods are obtained through Guardian Ranks.
  • Once you are Guardian Rank 6, you will unlock most mods for your account.
    • Additional Armour Charge Mods can be unlocked by completing various Guardian Rank Triumphs as you work to unlock Rank 7.
  • Veteran Players who have been playing the game will start the Guardian Ranks system at Rank 6; new players will passively unlock new mods as they rank up!
What are buffs and debuffs?
  • Blueberries.gg explains this in the best way:
    • In Destiny 2, buffs and debuff are temporary effects that can be either placed on your character or on your enemy.
    • Buffs are effects that you can use on yourself to increase your damage output, whereas debuffs can be placed on enemies to make them weaker and thus receive higher damage.
  • Your abilities can provide buffs and debuffs as can armour mods
  • To learn more about buffs and debuffs, as well as best sources, visit the article, ‘Destiny 2 Buffs and Debuffs Guide‘ by Blueberries.gg.
    • Clicking on the link above will redirect you over to Blueberries.gg, a website created by Ric Molina.
What is Artifice Armour?
  • Artifice Armour is a rare type of armour obtained from completing Master versions of dungeons
  • As of Destiny 2: Lightfall, Artifice Armour now have a unique mod slot that grants three additional points to your character’s stats like strength, mobility, intellect, etc., providing additional options for buildcrafting!
How do I generate orbs in Destiny 2?
  • Orbs of Power can be generated in several ways:
    • Defeating enemies with your super
    • Equipping a Siphon Mod (via your Helmet armour) and getting rapid kills with the specified element or weapon
    • Equipping a subclass fragment that generates orbs using your ability (note that each subclass fragment has its own unique requirements)
  • Equipping multiple Siphon Mods will increase the potency of the orbs you generate, which provide additional super energy
  • You can gain additional benefits by socketing mods like AbsolutionInvigoration and Innervation (which can be found on your leg armour)
  • Keep in mind, you cannot pick up the orbs you create via your super − only Siphon Mods and very specific mods.

Understanding Your Armour

Braytech Integration: Armour Screen Example
Braytech Integration
  • In this example, courtesy of Tom Chapman's Braytech website, select and equip mod slots to see what each mod slot does and how they impact the armour piece's stats!
  • This example is showing a chest armour piece with a solar affinity; only chest mods, solar and non-element specific mods will be displayed.
  • We are not affiliated with Braytech. For any inquiries related to this app, please reach out to @BraytechHelp via Twitter!
  • Destiny 2 provides multiple ways of adjusting your armour, ranging from cosmetic upgrades to improving your stats and gameplay
  • Every legendary and exotic armour piece has a stats, mod slots, and an appearance customization screen

Armour Tiers & Masterworking

  • There are armour tiers on every armour piece that you can upgrade
  • Armour Tiers provide mod slot energy, at a maximum of ten.
  • Upgrading your armour costs a variety of materials, such as glimmer, legendary shards, enhancement cores, enhancement prisms and Ascendant Shards.
  • Masterworking an armour piece grants a bonus +2 stat for every stat type (ex: Mobility, Resilience, etc.)
    • NOTE: Exotic Armour costs much more than legendary armour pieces!

Mod Slots & the Mod Customization Screen

  • There are several different mod slots available on armour!
  • Each mod slot has its own group of mods that can be slotted
  • Mods have an energy cost − and each armour piece has a maximum energy amount of 10 (when it’s masterworked), which is divided by what mods you’ve equipped
  • Players can use the Mod Customization Screen to adjust all mods all at once, similar to the Armour Customization Screen for adjusting your Guardian’s appearance!
As of Lightfall, the following changes have been made:
  • Mod energy types have been removed, removing the need of having 4 different armour pieces to slot different mods
  • There is now an additional mod socket to support combat stype mods, and the energy cost of those mods have been reduced
  • Artifact Mods have been translated into unlockable perks, meaning you don't have to worry about socketing them!

Armour Customization

  • Players can adjust their armour appearance by applying shaders (colours) and ornaments
  • Shaders can be acquired from Eververse or a rare drop from dismantling certain weapons.
  • Legendary armour support Universal Ornaments that can be acquired through Armour Synthesis.
    • To learn more about cosmetic customization, click here to visit our Armour Synthesis page!
Armour Synthesis - Synthweave Strap (Hunter)
Armour Synthesis - Synthweave Plate (Titan)
Armour Synthesis - Synthweave Bolt (Warlock)

Armour Mods

App Integration: Destiny 2 Armor Picker by Mijago
IMPORTANT: Before Logging Into the App
  • Bungie.net does not support embedded content; if authentication is required, please login through this link instead, otherwise, the embedded view below will respond with an error.
    • This will open the link in a new tab where you can log into your Bungie Account. 
    • Once authenticated, refresh this page; going forward, or until you reset your browser cache or manually log out of that app, you should remain logged into the app.
  • We are not affiliated with Destiny 2 Armor Picker. For any inquiries related to this app, please reach out to Mijago via Twitter!
  • Prior to Lightfall, Ada-1 would have been your vendor to wait and purchase new mods.
  • As of Destiny 2: Lightfall, most mods will be unlocked by achieving Guardian Rank 6.
    • Note that most players who have already been playing the game will start out at Rank 6 and instantly unlock all general mods.

Armour Charges

  • As of Destiny 2: Lightfall, Mods that once belonged to Charged With Light and Elemental Well subfamilies of mods now fall under a revamped system known as Armour (Armor) Charge and will be moved into armour slot-specific sockets
  • Warmind Cells are no longer available and have been deprecated.
  • As explained by Bungie, the core mechanics of Armour Charge mods are as follows:
    • Socketing an armour mod that uses the Armour Charge system gives you access to the system.
  • As long as you have a Consuming (Yellow) or Passive (Blue) Armour Charge mod equipped, you can begin generating armour charges
  • You can hold between 0 – 3 stacks of Armour Charge by default, which will appear in the Status Effects area on your screen (above your super icon)
    • Players can increase their total armour charge capacity by equipping Charge Up Mods to a max up 6 armour charges.


  • Weapon Surge Mods: Surge Mods, available on leg armour, can increase your overall DPS, which is great for endgame content such as raid, dungeons or Grandmaster Nightfalls.
    • Note that these mods are Passive (blue) mods which cause Armour Charge Decay, removing one stack of armour charge every 10 seconds.
    • You can slow down the decay by equipping ‘Time Dilation’ mods.
  • Kickstart Mods: Available on Arms/Class items, kickstart mods provide ability energy in exchange for armour charge stacks.


  • Font Mods: Improves your armour stats, which also provide improved cooldowns on your abilities.
    • It is recommended to equip ‘Time Dilation’ mods to slow down the decay time caused by these mods.
  • 1 − Acquire armour charge mods via Guardian Ranks.
    • Veteran Players will already achieve Rank 6 at the start of Lightfall and will have most mods unlocked. Additional mods can be unlocked while progressing to Rank 7.
  • 2 − Equip a Consuming (yellow) or Passive (blue) Armour Charge mod on one or more of your armour pieces.
    • 🛑 Players won’t generate armour charges if no armour charge mods are equipped.
  •  3 − Ensure your Guardian has sources of orb generation.
    • Equipping Siphon mods on your helmet, other mods, subclass fragments, or using your super are all common sources of orb generation.
  • 4 − Destroy enemies of humanity, pick up orbs, and buildcraft based on your gameplay style.

Mod Affiliation with Armour Pieces

  • Certain types of mods are only available on certain armour pieces
    • For example, if you’re wanting a target acquisition mod, those mods are only available on helmet armour pieces
  • With the changes in Lightfall, most mods are now merged into general mods based on element or ammo type (ex: Primary, Special, Heavy)
    • The mod icons will show ammo/element as required.
Ammo Finder Mod
  • Grants a chance to find bonus ammo, with an increased chance when defeating combatants with primary weapons.
  • Found on Helmet Armour.
  • Recommended for PvE activities.
Targeting Mod
  • Increases target acquisition for weapons matching the mod element type.
  • Found on Helmet Armour.
  • Recommended for PvP activities.
Reloader Mod
  • Increases reload or nock speed for weapons matching the mod element type.
  • Found on Arm Armour.
Dexterity Mod
  • Increases ready and stow speed for weapons matching the mod element type.
  • Found on Arm Armour.
Reserves Mod
  • Increases the amount of ammo you can carry for weapons matching the mod element type.
  • Found on Chest Armour.
  • Helpful for PvE activities.
Unflinching Aim Mod
  • Reduces flinch from enemy fire for weapons matching the mod element type.
  • Found on Chest Armour.
  • Recommended for PvP activities.
Scavenger Mod
  • Increases the amount of ammo you get from ammo bricks for weapons matching the mod element type.
  • Found on Leg Armour.
  • Helpful but very expensive.
Holster Mod
  • Gradually reloads stowed weapons over time matching the mod element type.
  • Stacking mods increases its effectiveness. 
  • Found on Leg Armour.

Armour Stats

  • When you obtain an armour piece in Destiny 2, every armour piece will come with a random distribution of stats that impact your Guardian
  • Legendary and Exotic Armour can generally roll with a maximum total of 68 stats, distributing randomly between each stat type.
  • Each Armour stat has 10 tiers in which each tier level provides an improved bonus to that stat, capped at tier 10 (which is a maximum of 100 stat)
    • Mobility: Increases your walking, strafing and crouch speed, as well as your jumping height.
      • For Hunters, this stat also reduces their dodge class ability cooldown.
    • Resilience: Increases the amount of damage you can take before dying, increases your overall shield capacity and reduces damage taken by combatants. At tier 10, this stat improves PvE damage reduction by 30%.
      • For Titans, this stat also reduces their barricade class ability cooldown.
    • Recovery: Increases the speed of your health regeneration after taking damage. 
      • For Warlocks, this stat also reduces their rift class ability cooldown.
    • Discipline: Decreases the cooldown time of your grenades. 
    • Intellect: Decreases the cooldown time of your super ability. 
    • Strength: Decreases the cooldown time of your melee ability. 

Acquiring High-Stat Armour

  • Acquiring high-stat armour, which is anything over 60, relies heavily on RNG, and even when you do get a high-stat armour, it’s only beneficial if the stat distribution works with other armour pieces.
  • That being said, there are several sources that have a higher chance or are guaranteed to drop for high-stat armour:
    • Dares of Eternity (Legend): Guaranteed drop. Free to play.
    • The Wellspring (Master): Random but high chance to drop. Requires The Witch Queen.
    • Empire Hunts: Random chance, with better chances on harder difficulties. Requires Beyond Light.
    • Iron Banner: When active, Iron Banner post-match drops and focusing Iron Engrams have a high chance to drop high-stat armour.
    • Trials of Osiris: When active, Weekly Challenges and going Flawless have high chances to drop high-stat armour.
    • Raids and Dungeons: The first completion of the week can reward high-stat armour.
    • Master Raids: Guaranteed drop, weighted toward specific stats. The weighting modifier changes weekly.
    • Seasonal Content: Check out the Upgrade Nodes at each Seasonal Vendor. There is typically an upgrade that rewards high-stat armour drops when completing the corresponding Seasonal activity.
    • Season Pass: At the end of each Season Pass, there are Guaranteed High-Stat armour rewards for the premium pass.
  • There are Armorer Mods available on your Ghost that you can use to force higher-stat distribution toward a specific stat.
    • For example, the Mobility Armorer Mod guarantee an armour piece to have a minimum of 10 Mobility, and are more likely to drop with higher Mobility.

D2 ARMOR PICKER (By ‘Mijago‘)

  • There is currently a third-party website that, when you authenticate your Bungie account, can load all of your armour and displays all possible armour combinations to perfect your stat distribution!
  • Even further than that, you can also fine-tune the data it provides with filter options to tailor to what you want your build to be.
  • This app can also connect with DIM!
  • Editor’s Note: This app helped me configure a triple 100 stat build and multiple other double 100 builds across my characters!

Armour Charge Variations

  • With the new Armour Charge system, there are three colour variations of Armour Charge mods that behave in a specific way:
Armour Charges_Generation
  • Green Armour Charge mods provide enhancements to your Armour Charges, such as providing additional charges or reducing the time decay from decaying mods.
  • These mods can also provide other ways of granting armour charges, such as performing a finisher.
Armour Charges_Consume
  • Yellow Armour Chare Mods provide a benefit at the cost of consume one or more Armour charges
  • For example, the ‘Healthy Finisher’ will consume 1 armour charge to regenerate your health.
Armour Charges_Decay
  • Blue Armour Charge mods provide passive benefits but cause your built-up armour charges to decay after a set duration
    • By default, armour charge stacks will decay once every 10 seconds.
  • You can equip ‘Time Dilation’ to reduce the time decay; equipping several mods will further reduce the time day, with diminishing returns per mod equipped.



  • DIM is a free, open-source app built by community developers upon the same services used by Bungie.net and the Destiny Companion App.
  • Access your entire inventory and vault as you would in the game. 
  • The creators of DIM have confirmed that their in-app Loadout system will work alongside in-game Loadouts!
  • In Destiny 2: Lightfall, a new Loadout system is now available for all players
  • Gain access to Loadout Systems by increasing your Guardian Ranks.
  • Loadouts enable you to:
    • Quickly swap entire sets of gear without numerous trips to the vault or having to open a second screen
    • Decrease the time in between play sessions caused by needing to rebuild a loadout
    • Create ways to label loadouts for quick identification

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