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Throughout the week, Crucible reputation gains are doubled! Make Shaxx and Saladin proud!
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Throughout the week, Crucible reputation gains are doubled! Make Shaxx and Saladin proud!
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A new update has arrived for Destiny 2. To learn more, visit the Destiny 2 Dashboard or visit Bungie.net.
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Endgame Activity



Endgame Activity

Enter the Crucible

  • Lord Shaxx created the Crucible to test and enhance the skills of Guardians.
  • It is a Player vs Player environment where you will face other Guardians in an arena.
  • The Crucible has several game modes all with specific objectives and rules. 
Quick Lore − Lord Shaxx

During the Dark Age, Shaxx was a Warlord with his own territory. Unlike many Warlords, however, Shaxx worked to protect the civilians within his care, which included cooperating with the Lords of Iron. While he worked with the Iron Lords, Shaxx never officially joined. Lord Saladin also served as Shaxx’s mentor for a time.

Shaxx was one of the key figures in the Battle of Twilight Gap. Shaxx ignored Saladin’s orders to retreat, instead of leading his fireteam on a final push on the Wall; this provided the momentum needed to reclaim the city. Shaxx’s actions during the Battle strained his relationship with Saladin. 

In recent times, Lord Shaxx created the Crucible, an activity designed to train Guardians to become better warriors. He is assisted in his duties by Arcite 99-40, the Crucible Quartermaster. Lord Shaxx also serves as the announcer in the Crucible, with the exception of the monthly Iron Banner tournament, which is hosted by Lord Saladin Forge and Trials of Osiris, which Saint-XIV hosts.

Information extracted from Destinypedia and Ishtar Collective. To view lore entries from Ishtar Collective, click here.

Getting Started

Updates to Crucible in Season 19

Source: This Week At Bungie – 11/17/2022 > News | Bungie.net

Season 19 Playlist Updates

Starting in Season 19, the Crucible screen will have the following options: 
  • Quickplay 6v6 
      • This is now a playlist with both Clash and Control. 
      • Uses loose skill-based matchmaking (SBMM)
  • Weekly Rotator 6v6/FFA 
      • Rotates weekly between Momentum Control, Mayhem, Team Scorched, Rift, and Rumble. 
      • Use purely connection-based matchmaking (CBMM). 
  • Competitive Division / Freelance 3v3 
      • This is now a playlist, randomly picking Survival, Rift, and Showdown. 
      • These modes showcase a variety of playstyles designed to show how good you really are
      • Uses a new SBMM setting 
  • Crucible Labs 
      • During Season 19, Labs is showcasing 3v3 Rift with asymmetric maps. 
      • Labs now has a stacking +25% reputation booster! 
      • Crucible Labs uses CBMM. 

Limited-Time PvP Events

The Crucible screen will update during limited-time PvP events: 
  • Trials of Osiris 3v3 
      • When Trials is active, it replaces Crucible Labs. 
      • Trials uses ticket-based matchmaking (TBMM) and the Flawless pool.
  • Iron Banner / Freelance 6v6 
      • When Iron Banner is active, it replaces the Quickplay node. 
      • Iron Banner is going to be moving to loose SBMM during Season 19. 

New Matchmaking Techniques

  • Starting in the first week of Season 19, a new Quickplay matchmaking parameter will be tested: Fireteam-Based Matchmaking (FBMM).
    • At a high concept, FBMM means that your fireteam’s makeup should match your opponents.
    • If you join a matchmaking queue as a full team of six, you should generally match against another full fireteam.
    • Depending on how long you wait in matchmaking, it might start a match against fireteam of five plus a solo.
    • If you wait longer, you might start against a fireteam of four plus a duo (or two solos). If you are a smaller fireteam, you might match with a larger fireteam against two fireteams of similar sizes, or against all smaller fireteams. 
  • Expected in January: Dynamic Skill Ranges.
    • At a high level, this feature increases the Skill window that the system looks for when matchmaking if you are in a low-population Skill bracket or during a particularly low population time (e.g., 2:30 AM Pacific, when many are sleeping or just waking up).
    • The intention here is to increase the window enough to give those playing at low population times additional good connections to choose from, without harming the Skill balance significantly.
  • Starting in Season 19 the following changes have been made to Quitter Suspensions: 
    • Lowered the amount of suspension time handed out for serial quitting in the Quickplay playlist. 
    • Added the amount of time remaining to all suspension messages and made the messages trigger when clicking on the node.
    • If you want to know how much time you have left before you can play again, the information is now available.

Additional Changes

  • Starting in Season 19, the following changes will be made:
    • Players will have new Triumphs and a new title to chase − Glorious. 
    • Lord Shaxx will offer the ability for players to focus Crucible weapons and armour. 
      • Note: Shaxx is using a new engram system that lets us use the engram stored directly on the vendor for focusing, rather than needing to pull it into your engram inventory. 
  • For anything Crucible related, you will want to speak with Lord Shaxx in the Tower Courtyard.
  • He offers Daily Bounties for Guardians to complete that provide XP alongside a reward reputation system that provides rewards as you continue to participate in Crucible activities.
  • When you’re ready to get started, access the Crucible Director node and choose your game mode of preference.
    • All game modes except Trials of Osiris have matchmaking enabled.

Crucible Ranks (formerly Valor)

  • Guardians can earn Seasonal Crucible Ranks by participating in certain Crucible activities.
  • These ranks make exclusive items available at Lord Shaxx and are account-wide.
  • Players have until the end of the current Season to earn Crucible ranks, after which they will be reset.
  • Crucible ranks are earned by playing any Crucible activity.
  • More points are earned upon winning a match, but all match completions will positively accumulate rank progression.
  • Play multiple games to gain an activity streak, which will provide additional reputation gains and bonus rewards.

When you reach your maximum rank, you an visit Lord Shaxx to reset your rank to start earning additional rewards! You will first need to claim all rewards before resetting can be done.

Engram Focusing

  • Starting in Season 19, Lord Shaxx will offer the ability for players to focus Crucible weapons and armour.
  • Crucible Engrams will be a virtual currency and live exclusively on the Rank progress bar on Lord Shaxx. 
  • You can focus the Crucible Engram directly into either Crucible armour or Crucible weapons.
    • Crucible gear focusing cost for Season 19:
        • 1 Crucible Engram 
        • 10,000 Glimmer 
        • 50 Legendary Shards  
  • Brand new Crucible weapons are only available as drops during their introductory Season and are then available for focusing the following Season. 

Engram Focusing is optional! You can still earn Crucible Loot by completing Crucible matches.


Game Modes

What is Quickplay?

  • Considered a Casual playlist
  • 6v6 activities with Loose SBMM (Skill-Based Matchmaking), which focuses on matching players against players of similar skill within a wider margin while focusing on connection.
  • Contains two game modes that will be randomly selected per match: Clash & Control
  • Contributes toward Crucible Rank.
  • Contributes toward the Pinnacle Weekly Challenge to complete three matches.

Game Modes


This is a 6v6 Activity. Eliminate the opposing team while capturing zones. Earn additional points per zone captured.


This is a 6v6 activity. You only have one objective: eliminate the opposing team. Work together and kick ass!

What is the Rotator Playlist?

  • Considered a Casual playlist
  • 6v6 and Free-for-all activities with CBMM (Connection-Based Matchmaking), which focuses exclusively on finding the best connections possible.
  • Rotates weekly between a variety of activities. 
  • Contributes toward Crucible Rank.
  • Contributes toward the Pinnacle Weekly Challenge to complete three matches.

Game Modes


Momentum: Control

This is a 6v6 activity. Instant Respawns, No Radar, and reduced health. Be quick to the draw, and make your shots count!


This is a 6v6 activityAbility regeneration has been boosted. Get out there and throw some grenades. Or your super? Or anything! It’s MAYHEM!

Team Scorched

This is a 6v6 activity. Everyone gets a Scorch Cannon. You literally have nothing but a Scorch Cannon… Go forth and blow your enemies up! 


This is a 6v6 activity. Goal is to collect energy that spawns at a random location on the map and detonate it in the opposing teams ‘Rift.’


This is a Free-For-All activity. Six Guardians face each other – no one is there to help you! Keep an eye on your radar at all times!

What Reoccurring Events are featured in Destiny 2's PvP?

  • Occasionally, PvP events will occur throughout the season.
  • These limited-time events will replace core game modes when they are active:
    • Trials of Osiris 3v3 
        • When Trials is active, it replaces Crucible Labs. 
        • Trials of Osiris uses Ticket-Based matchmaking (TBMM) and the Flawless pool.
    • Iron Banner / Freelance 6v6 
        • When Iron Banner is active, it replaces the Quickplay node. 
        • Iron Banner is going to be moving to Loose SBMM during Season 19.
  • Contributes toward Crucible Rank.
  • Each event has it’s own pinnacle rewards and loot pools.

Game Modes

Iron Banner

This is a 6v6 activity. Iron Banner is a competitive PvP event that will typically occur twice a season. Held by Valus Forge (Lord Saladin), complete daily challenges and dive into the Iron Banner, which takes traditional game modes and adjusts them in a new and fun way. Earn exclusive loot from the event, including Armour, Weapons, Shaders, Emblems and other vanity items such as Ships and Ghosts! Click the icon above to learn more.

There is a regular matchmaking option and a freelance mode for solo players.

Trials of Osiris

This is a 3v3 activity. Two fireteams of 3 face each other in an elimination-style match with the objective to achieve a Flawless Run, a seven-game win streak. Going “flawless” will grant passage to the Simulated Lighthouse, a location dedicated to the winners of the event that will reward Pinnacle LootAscendant Materials, and Adept Weapons/Mods. This activity is active every Friday through Tuesday. Click the icon above to learn more.

You can either enter a solo queue or create a fireteam for this activity!

What is Competitive Division?

  • Starting in Season 19, players can enter the Competitive Division Playlist, a freelance 3v3 playlist that will randomly pick one of three game modes: Survival, Rift or Showdown.
  • Uses a custom SBMM (Skill-Based Matchmaking) setting to match against opponents of related skill.
  • Competitive Division uses a ladder-based system with seven divisions, each with three sub-divisions

Learn More!

Placement Series
  • At the start of the Season, you will begin a “placement series” during which you will not gain any Division Rating for the first seven games.
  • After the seventh game, you complete the placement series and are placed into a division based on Skill: 
    • For Season 19, the highest you can be placed is in Gold III; in future Seasons, you will be placed closer to your previous Competitive Division. 
Division Rating
  • As you continue to compete in the Competitive Division, your Division Rating is adjusted based on four major factors: 
    • Match outcome: Whether you win or lose. 
    • Division inflation/deflation: How far above or below your division is compared to your Skill. 
    • Match performance: How well you performed on a match-to-match basis. 
    • Player-to-lobby Skill delta: How your Skill compares to everyone else in the match. 
  • As you earn and lose Division Rating: 
    • If you gain enough Rating to move up between subdivisions (ex., from Gold II to Gold I), you automatically enter the next subdivision.
      • NOTE: Same goes for moving down subdivisions!
    • If you gain enough Rating to move up a division (ex., from Gold I to Platinum III), you enter a promotion series, where you must win two out of three games to be promoted to the next division. 
    • Similarly, if you lose enough Rating to move down a division (ex., from Gold III to Silver 1), you enter a relegation series, where you must win two out of three games to remain in your current division. 
  • Upon reaching Gold or higher, your Division Rating is subject to decay on a weekly basis; i.e., you will lose your Division Rating if you haven’t played enough matches recently. 
Competitive Division Rewards
  • Competitive Division has several rewards that players can earn, starting in Season 19:
    • Reputation Bonuses
      • Your current division gives you a multiplier on all Crucible ranks (reputation) earned in Destiny, letting you earn more Crucible engrams, resets, and extra perks on weapons much faster. 
          • Copper and Bronze – 1.0x 
          • Silver – 1.1x 
          • Gold – 1.2x 
          • Platinum – 1.3x 
          • Adept – 1.4x 
          • Ascendant – 1.5x 
    • Reprised Weapon − Rose
      • Play Competitive Division at least once per week to earn Rose, a hybrid 140 RPM Hand Cannon.
        • You can earn one roll per week per character.
  • Sometime after Destiny 2: Lightfall launches, further cosmetic rewards will become available to earn in Competitive Division.
    • We will update this as we learn more!

What is Crucible Labs?

  • Crucible Labs allows Bungie to test experimental or in-development game modes by allowing players to experience and test new game modes first-hand
  • Considered a Casual Playlist.
  • Labs have a stacking +25% Reputation Booster!
  • Crucible Labs uses CBMM (Connection-Based Matchmaking), which means matchmaking is based solely on connection.

NOTE: When Trials of Osiris is active, Crucible Labs will not be available.

Icons created by Tom Chapman

Crucible Seal

  • Starting in Season 19, players can earn new Triumphs and a new title to chase.
  • Players will be required to play a variety of Crucible Game Modes, including the new Competitive Division.
  • Each Season, players will be able to gild the new seal as well! 

Glorious (Crucible)

Loot Pool

Learn more!

Origin Trait: One Quiet Moment

Grants increased reload speed when out of combat.

Found on any new Crucible weapon obtained after Season 16.

Rose (Kinetic 140 RPM Hybrid Hand Cannon) (Acquire from Competitive Division once per week)
Blowout (Suros Arc Adaptive Rocket Launcher)
Out of Bounds (Omolon Arc 900 RPM Submachine Gun)
Riptide (Stasis Rapid-Fire Fusion Rifle)
Crisis Inverted (Omolon Arc 140 RPM Hand Cannon)
Sorrows Verse (Suros Arc 600 RPM Auto Rifle)
Survivor's Epitaph (180RPM Hand Cannon)
The Keening (Adaptive Arc Sidearm)
Frozen Orbit (High-Impact Void Sniper Rifle)
Kill-Tracker Ghost | Purchase from Lord Shaxx

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