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Lord Shaxx

During the Dark Age, Shaxx was a Warlord with his own territory. Unlike many Warlords, however, Shaxx worked to protect the civilians within his care, which included cooperating with the Lords of Iron. While he worked with the Iron Lords, Shaxx never officially joined. Lord Saladin also served as Shaxx’s mentor for a time.

Shaxx was one of the key figures of the Battle of Twilight Gap. Shaxx ignored Saladin’s orders to retreat, instead of leading his fireteam on a final push on the Wall; this provided the momentum needed to reclaim the city. Shaxx’s actions during the Battle led his relationship with Saladin to become strained. 

In recent times, Lord Shaxx created the Crucible, an activity designed to train Guardians to become better warriors. He is assisted in his duties by Arcite 99-40, the Crucible Quartermaster. Lord Shaxx also serves as the announcer in the Crucible, with the exception of the monthly Iron Banner tournament, which is hosted by Lord Saladin Forge and Trials of Osiris, which is hosted by Saint-XIV.

Information extracted from Destinypedia and Ishtar Collective

Enter The Crucible

Lord Shaxx created the Crucible to test and enhance the skills of Guardians. It is a Player vs Player environment where you will face other Guardians in an arena. The Crucible has several game modes all with specific objectives and rules. 

Getting Started

For anything Crucible related, you will want to speak with Lord Shaxx in the Tower Courtyard. He offers Daily Bounties for Guardians to complete that provide XP alongside a reward reputation system that provides rewards as you continue to participate in Crucible activities.

When you’re ready to get started, access the Crucible Director node and choose your game mode of preference. All game modes have matchmaking enabled.

Crucible Ranks (formerly Valor)

Guardians can earn Seasonal Crucible Ranks by participating in certain Crucible activities. These ranks make exclusive items available at Lord Shaxx and are account-wide. Players have until the end of the current Season to earn Crucible ranks, after which they will be reset.

Crucible ranks are earned by playing any Crucible activity. More points are earned upon winning a match, but all match completions will positively accumulate rank progression.

When you reach your maximum rank, you an visit Lord Shaxx to reset your rank to start earning additional rewards! You will first need to claim all rewards before resetting can be done.

Glory Ranks

Glory ranks are earned by winning matches in the Competitive Crucible playlist and are lost by losing matches in the Competitive Crucible playlist. Unlike Crucible ranks, Glory ranks will be lost when losing or quitting Competitive matches, and rank losses occur faster when players lose matches consecutively.

Additionally, each week players’ Glory Rank will change depending on the number of games they’ve played, maxing out at three games per week. Players ranked Fabled and below will earn bonus Glory Rank Points each week. For players ranked Mythic and Legend, each match completed will reduce the amount of Glory Rank decay, up to preventing the decay for the week. This means if players are a player in Mythic or Legend they’ll need to hop into the Competitive playlist at least three times a week to maintain their status.

Information regarding Valor and Glory Ranks extracted from


Permanent Game Modes



This is a Free-For-All activity. Six Guardians face each other – no one is there to help you! Keep an eye on your radar at all times!

Score: 25 Points



This is a 6v6 Activity. Eliminate the opposing team while capturing zones. Earn additional points per zone captured.

Objective: 150 Points



This is a 3v3 activity. Each Guardian has one life, but can be revived by their teammates. Wipe out the opposing team. The team to win 5 rounds wins.

Score: 5 Round Victory


Competitive: Survival

This is a 3v3 activity. Round-based mode with a shared pool of lives per team. Wipe out the opposing team. The team with the most won rounds wins.

Score: Most Rounds Won

Rotating Playlist

Each week, a rotating game mode will become available. The current rotation is in the order you see below. All Rotating Game Modes contribute toward Valor Rank



This is a 6v6 activity. You only have one objective: eliminate the opposing team. Work together and kick ass!


Team Scorched

This is a 6v6 activity. Everyone gets a Scorch Cannon. You literally have nothing but a Scorch Cannon… Go forth and blow your enemies up! 



This is a 3v3 activity. Round-based mode. Eliminate the opposing Guardians until the timer rounds out. The best out of 5 rounds wins the match.



This is a 6v6 activityAbility regeneration has been boosted. Get out there and throw some grenades. Or your super? Or anything! It’s MAYHEM!


Momentum: Control

This is a 6v6 activity. Instant Respawns, No Radar, and reduced health. Be quick to the draw, and make your shots count!

Reoccurring Events

Iron Banner

This is a 6v6 activity. Iron Banner is an advanced variant of the Crucible game mode, Control, which tasks Guardians to eliminate fellow Guardians while capturing up to three zones at a time. Having more zones nets you more points per kill, so the objective is to stay in control of multiple zones.  Lord Saladin offers the Iron Banner activity generally once per month and is active for a week.

There is a regular matchmaking option and a freelance mode for solo players.

Trials of Osiris

This is a 3v3 activity. Two fireteams of 3 face each other in an elimination-style match with the objective to achieve a Flawless Run, a seven-game win streak. Going “flawless” will grant passage to the Simulated Lighthouse, a location dedicated to the winners of the event that will reward Pinnacle LootAscendant Materials, and Adept Weapons/Mods. This activity is active every Friday through Tuesday.

You can either enter a solo queue or create a fireteam for this activity!

Icons created by Tom Chapman

Loot Pool

New Origin Trait: One Quiet Moment

Grants increased reload speed when out of combat.

Found on any new Crucible weapon obtained after Season 16.

Crisis Inverted (Omolon Arc 140 RPM Hand Cannon)
Sorrows Verse (Suros Arc 600 RPM Auto Rifle)
Survivor's Epitaph (180RPM Hand Cannon)
The Keening (Adaptive Arc Sidearm)
Frozen Orbit (High-Impact Void Sniper Rifle)
Kill-Tracker Ghost | Purchase from Lord Shaxx


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