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Gambit Reputation gains are doubled for the entire week! Grab those motes!
Throughout the week, Crucible reputation gains are doubled! Make Shaxx and Saladin proud!
Trials Reputation gains are doubled all weekend! Visit Saint-XIV this weekend to grab a passage and earn some new loot!
Destiny 2 has been taken offline in preparation for the seasonal update.
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Vanguard Reputation gains are doubled for the entire week for the Vanguard Ops Playlist and Nightfalls!
Rewards from Nightfalls are doubled for the entire week! ​
Reputation gains for Vanguard Ops, Nightfalls, Gambit & Crucible are doubled for the entire week!
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Last Updated: 05/22/2023

Topic: Seasonal Events

  • Throughout the course of the year, Destiny 2 will feature a Seasonal Event to celebrate the season or holiday.
  • Typically hosted by everyone’s favourite Space Grandma Eva Levante, each event has its own dedicated activity or objective. The Tower is filled with decorations, loot to earn and bounties to complete. Not to mention, Limited-Time Seasonal Events are Free To Play for all players!
  • Tower leadership also host multiple PvP-related activities that reoccur often throughout a given season. Note that some PvP activities require ownership of Seasonal or DLC Content.
  • View Destiny 2’s main seasonal events below! 

Limited-Time Events

Guardian Games

Spring Event
The Tower invites Guardians to compete against each other to determine which class will stand out on top! 

2020 : TITANS | 2021: HUNTERS
2022: WARLOCKS | 2023: TITANS
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Summer Event
Reflect on another year that has passed by with your friends and clanmates! 

Participate in the EAZ and light the paracausal bonfire while eliminating as many combatants as possible to earn rewards! 
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Festival of the Lost

Fall Event
It's getting spooky!

Collect candy and venture through the Haunted Lost Sectors and defeat all of the Headless Ones that lurk inside to earn all the loot!
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The Dawning

Winter Event
Snow and joyous activities, the Dawning invite Guardians to celebrate the holidays by baking treats with the help of Eva Levante's magical Easy-Bake Oven.

Happy Dawning, Guardians.
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Re-occurring Ritual Events

Iron Banner

PvP Event
Test your mantle, Guardians! The last Iron Lord has come to the Last City to test Guardians in the ways of old! Pay Lord Saladin a visit in the tower, complete his challenges and prove your mettle!

Lord Saladin sets up the Iron Banner tournament twice a season.
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Trials of Osiris

PvP Event
The Trials have returned. Now led by Saint-XIV, Trials of Osiris offers true rewards for the Guardians brave enough to match up against fellow Guardians in a 3v3 Elimination-styled weekend event!

Good luck, Guardians!
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