MAY 23, 2023

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“With the darkness at humanity’s doorstep, the Guardians went to war with the Black Fleet above Earth. Though even the Traveler used its power against the Black Fleet, they were no match. As the Witness disabled the Traveler, it looked into the great machine and found the location of The Veil, an ancient and powerful object, and ordered his disciple, Calus, to locate it. Osiris and eventually the Guardian both followed, which led them to a hidden city on Neptune called Neomuna.

The Guardians met the Neptunion defenders − Rohan and Nimbus, known as the Cloudstriders and discovered a powerful dark force known as Strand. Guardians and the Cloudstriders worked together to defend the city from the Shadow Legion and the Vex, which the city had been at war with for some time. It was explained that the citizens of Neomuna live in the CloudArk, a virtual domain. During the war efforts, the Guardians infiltrated Calus’ flagship, the Typhon Imperator in an attempt to locate and destroy the Radial Mast, an artifact of primordial Light that can create an uplink between the Veil and the Traveler, allowing the Witness to create what it calls the “Final Shape.” 

Initial attempts were not successful as the Shadow Legion continued to mount strong defences. Osiris believed that the Guardians can use Strand to their advantage, taking time to unlock this new ability and fully harness it. Osiris and Rohan soon discovered that the Shadow Legion were taking the Radial Mast directly to the vault containing the Veil. Feeling confident that the Guardian has mastered Strand, Osiris sent the Guardian to go after Calus’ forces to the vault, where Rohan attempts to delay the Radial Mast from being activated. When the Guardian is then unable to use Strand further after eliminating the Shadow Legion forces,  Rohan ultimately sacrifices himself to destroy the device.

After further honing Strand, the Guardian made their way to the vault containing the Veil, where Caiatl assisted the Guardian by bringing her forces to the fight. The Guardian and Calus both made it to the Vault containing the Veil and battled it out one last time. Nearing Victory, the Guardian’s Ghost then became possessed by the Witness; the Witness then used the primordial Light from Ghost to commune with the Veil and create the uplink. With the Veil’s power, the Witness opened a portal on the Traveler’s surface that allowed it to go inside the Traveler to an unknown location, leaving the Traveler itself in a dormant state.

The Guardians continued to work with Nimbus to confront the remainder of the Shadow Legion and continued to fight off the Vex forces in the region. It was discovered that the citizens of Neomuna were being haunted by Nezarec, a former Disciple of the Witness who led the attack on Earth alongside Savathûn and the Witness during the Collapse, believed to be dead and whose relics were gathered by the Guardian during Season of Plunder. A fireteam of Guardians decided to help the Neomuni put an end to Nezarec’s reign of terror by eliminating the former Disciple for good from his prison in the Witness’s Pyramid mothership, the Essence, that was attacked and terraformed by the Traveler’s beam of Light (“Root of Nightmares” raid). 


Shortly after Emperor Calus’s defeat and in the midst of the Guardian’s continued efforts to assist the Cloud Striders and Neomuni in driving back the Shadow Legion and the Vex on Neptune, the Guardian received a message from Mara Sov, who requested them to return to Earth to assist the Vanguard and their allies in the war effort against the Witness and its forces. Throughout the season, Guardians worked with Mara, Devrim Kay, Mithrax, Crow, and Amanda Holliday and assisted with rescue efforts of more human and Eliksni civilians from the Shadow Legion Pyramid outposts in the EDZ, the Cosmodrome, and an Orbital Prison. During one of the rescue missions, Amanda sacrificed herself to assure that Mithrax and the prisoners could escape. A memorial was later held for Amanda at the Farm. Eventually, Crow contacted the Guardian and advised them of the plan to enact retribution on the Shadow Legion by destroying their flagship in Earth’s atmosphere.

Amidst the ongoing operation, the Guardian investigated Vex code fragments scattered throughout the EDZ, which led them to a friendly Vex Harpy and an entrance to the Vex network deep within a cave. It was discovered that Asher Mir, last seen during the Season of Arrivals, was alive and was the one providing them guidance in the Vex mission.

This season, Guardians were introduced to Neomuna, gained Strand, and found an increase in difficulty across all general activities. In addition to the havoc in the system, Guardians partook in various Iron Banner matches and participated in the annual Guardian Games event.”

Some general information noted above has been extracted from external sources.


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