AUGUST 24, 2022 - DECEMBER 6, 2022

“Following Emperor Calus’s defeat in the Lunar Pyramid, the Guardian is contacted by the Drifter, who asks the Guardian to go to Europa to assist him in bringing in a “shipment” to the Last City, which the Fallen of House Salvation hijacked. The Guardian lands in Riis-Reborn on Europa fights through House Salvation forces and finds the shipment containing the Spider, whom the Drifter was attempting to smuggle into the Eliksni Quarter in the Last City. The Guardian eventually makes their way through Riis-Reborn and locates Spider’s Ketch. However, they discover that the Stasis prison containing Eramis, Kell of Darkness, had been shattered open; Drifter surmises that the Witness had set her free. The Guardian, Spider and the Drifter return to the Eliksni Quarter in the Last City, where they meet up with Mithrax, Kell of Light, and his daughter Eido, the Scribe of House Light. Mithrax suggests having the Vanguard intervene, but Drifter advises that both Zavala and Ikora are already preoccupied with preparing for the Witness’s return. The Guardian, the Drifter, Mithrax, Eido and Spider ultimately decide to team up and take down Eramis and her Fallen pirate crews themselves. Spider allows the Guardian to pilot his Ketch while also allowing them to keep the Skeleton Key they have obtained while on Europa to aid them in the battles to come.

Over the course of a couple of months, Guardians used the recently installed Star Chart in the H.E.L.M.  to command Spider’s Ketch, locate hidden stashes, and improve the obtained Captain’s Atlas in an effort to disrupt Eramis’ crew. Relics of Nezarac, powerful connections to the dark infused with the flesh of the old disciple to the Witness, were located during this time and Eido was tasked with studying the origins and purpose of these relics. It was soon discovered that these relics were linked to Mithrax’s dark past, something about which Eramis informed Eido about. This caused a rift in the overall relationship between Mithrax and Eido. 

Nearing the end, Eido discovered the final relic and went after it on her own. Concerned for his daughter’s safety and Eramis’s influence on her, Mithrax asks the Guardian to go after Eido, who had gone off on her own to the last remaining pirate hideout to find the eighth and final relic of Nezarec. The Guardian arrives in the pirate hideout, finding it occupied by the Lucent Hive. After the Guardian defeats Hiak’ar and Hoardseeker, they break down the door where Eido is trapped behind, and they find her with the relic as well as Eramis fending off the remaining Lucent Hive. Mithrax arrives soon after he and Eramis engage in a pirate sword duel as Eido pleads for both of them to stop. Mithrax decides to spare Eramis and she escapes. The Guardian then returns to the Eliksni Quarter and speaks with the Drifter, who congratulates the Guardian on their efforts in securing the final relic of Nezarec, stopping whatever plan the Witness had with the relics.

During the season, Guardians embraced the attunement of their Arc subclass, jolting everything left, right and center. King’s Fall made a reprise and Guardians once again entered the Dreadnaught to kill the King again. Eva spookified the Tower during the Festival of the Lost. Telesto decided to wreak havoc, taking over the official communication of Bungie and had caused the weapon to behave unexpectedly. A community event was held to help rebuild the Eliksni Quarters − which the Destiny community completed in just over 25 hours. Shortly after, Mithrax made use of the Relics of Nezarac, transforming the relics into a powerful infusion to help Osiris recover.”


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