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Endgame Activities

Grandmaster Nightfalls are now available in Destiny 2! We've made some updates to support this. Watch Grandmaster Nightfall videos here. Added a Calendar of GM content courtesy of Kyber.

Weapon Optimization: Weapon Perks

All listed perks now include their enhanced perk as well as some general comments. As always, clicking on weapon icons will open that perk on!

Reminder − Some weapons are leaving the loot pool in Season 18!

PlugOne.1 (High Impact Arc Fusion Rifle)
The Hothead (Arc Rocket Launcher)
Eye of Sol (Medium Impact Sniper Rifle)
The Summoner (600RPM Solar Auto Rifle)
Peacebond (Stasis Adaptive Sidearm)
Archon's Thunder (Solar 360 RPM High-Impact Machine Gun)


Last Updated: 8/8/2022

Let's Prepare!

  • While not required, preparing for a new season provides an optimal advantage at the beginning of a new season − a head start to the grind.
  • This guide will go over some quick ways to effectively start a new season with a pile of XP, a sufficient amount of materials, and quick knowledge of the upcoming changes that you should expect to see at the launch of the new season.

Season 18 has arrived!

Welcome to Season of Plunder, Guardians! Use this quick menu to help you optimize your grind!

Bounty Preparation

  • One of the more effective ways to get a head start into a new season is to store completed bounties. Bounties offer a range of XP and can be kept for an indefinite amount of time unless the bounty states otherwise. 
  • Your Quest Inventory can hold up to 63 items, shared by Quests and Bounties. Keep in mind, the more quests you have on your character, the less amount of bounty space you have.
    • Be sure to finish any quests that are nearly completed so you have more room for future quests and bounties.
  • Typically, it is best to store Weekly BountiesDaily Tower Bounties from certain Vendors, and Planetary Daily Bounties. Additional bounties can be used if you have room to spare, but they offer less XP. 

Don’t forget − the inventory limit is 63.  Keep at least one space free for any new quests that may arrive at the launch of the new Season.

Types of Bounties

Weekly Bounties (12,000 XP)
  • Weekly Bounties offer 12,000 XP, excluding any XP bonuses. Sources include:
    • The Moon (Eris Morn and the Lectern of Enchantment)
      • Both Eris and the Lectern have 2 Weekly Bounties offered every week
      • Tip: Slow-Wave Disruption and Nightmare Sojourner can both be completed during the Altars of Sorrow event in Sorrow’s Harbour. Load up on bounties and have at it!
    • The Cosmodrome (Shaw Han)
    • Europa (Variks)
    • Xur’s Treasure Hoard (Starhorse)
      • Starhorse and Xur Bounties are staying! 
      • You can only hold one Starhorse Bounty at a time
        • Save this for last. You can still play some Dares and store some Paraverse Haul Boxes (which can provide some decent loot and materials)
Daily Bounties (6000 XP)
  • Daily Bounties offer 6000 XP, excluding any XP bonuses. Sources include:
    • Tower (Commander Zavala, Lord Shaxx, Gunsmith, Saint-XIV, and the Drifter)
    • Planetary Vendors (EDZ, Nessus, The Moon, The Cosmodrome, Savathun’s Throne World, The Dreaming City and Europa)
    • Seasonal Vendors
    • Lectern of Enchantment
    • Xur’s Treasure Hoard (Xur)
      • Starhorse and Xur Bounties are staying! Daily Bounties typically require generic completion and eliminations using certain weapon types and elements. Easy to complete in a single run!
    • Note: Seasonal and Event Bounties typically do not carry over through seasons. 
Additional Bounties (3000 XP)
  • Additional Bounties offer 3000 XP, excluding any XP bonuses. Sources include:
    • Tower (Commander Zavala, Lord Shaxx, Gunsmith, Saint-XIV, and the Drifter)
    • Planetary Vendors (The Moon, Europa, Savathun’s Throne World)
    • Seasonal Vendors
    • Lectern of Enchantment 
    • Hawthorne Challenges
    • Xur’s Treasure Hoard (Xur)


  • There is currently a third-party website that, when you authenticate your Bungie account, can track your stored bounties, glimmer and materials.
  • They also provide a score of what your progress is at. As an extra fun element, you can also see how your clan is ranking if they are also using the app, and check leaderboards!
  • We recommend using this app to track your progress! If you find their website useful, be sure to support them!

Inventory Preparation

Upgrade Materials - Primary Sources

Enhancement Cores
  • Daily Bounties from Gunsmith
  • Rank-Up Rewards from Lord Shaxx and Drifter
  • Nightfall Strikes (Greater drop chance with Higher Tiers)
  • Dismantling Gear (Masterworked will yield more)
  • Season Pass Rewards
  • Finest Matterweave Consumable
  • Lesser Core Harvest Mod via Ghost Shells
  • Visit Master Rahool in the Tower Courtyard
Enhancement Prisms
  • Purchasable from Gunsmith
  • Rank up Rewards from Lord Shaxx and Drifter
  • Nightfall Strikes (Greater drop chance with Higher Tiers)
  • Dismantling Masterworked Gear
  • Season Pass Rewards
  • Greater Core Harvest Mod via Ghost Shells
  • Visit Master Rahool in the Tower Courtyard (it can be expensive, however)
Ascendant Shards
  • Purchasable from Gunsmith
  • Nightfall Strikes (Legend or Higher, greater drop chance with Higher Tiers)
  • Trials of Osiris Flawless Chest
  • Season Pass Rewards
Upgrade Module
  • Purchasable from Gunsmith
  • Rank-Up Rewards from Lord Shaxx and Drifter
  • Season Pass Rewards
  • Modularity Mod via Ghost Shells
  • Concentrated Mattergem Consumable via Eververse Store
Ascendant Alloy
  • Purchasable from Master Rahool (once per week)
  • Rank-Up Rewards from Gunsmith
  • Possible Reward from Witch Queen Weekly Missions (requires Campaign completion)
  • Possible Reward from Seasonal Activities
  • Possible Reward from the Wellspring activity (requires Campaign completion)

Planetary Materials

  • Planetary Materials are a required resource for purchasing items through the Gunsmith or the Exotic Monument Kiosk near the Tower Vault.
  • You can exchange Planetary Materials for Glimmer and other items via the Tower Cryptarch (Master Rahool).
  • It is handy that you have a good amount of planetary materials stocked up at the beginning of each season to ensure you don’t run into a shortage at an inopportune time.
Sources of Planetary Materials
  • Planetary Vendor Bounties:
    • NOTE: Daily Bounties only
  • Free Roam Material Farming
    • Tip: Your Ghost has Material Seeking Mods!
  • Planetary Chests
    • Tip: Your Ghost has Chest Seeking Mods!
  • Visit Master Rahool in the Tower Courtyard!
    • Rahool will have a daily rotation of materials for purchase for either Glimmer or Legendary Shards.
    • Destiny Recipes and D2 Checklist both provide information on the Daily Rotation if you do not wish to visit the Tower manually!
  • Season Pass Reward Packages
    • These packages reward 50 of each Planetary Materials currently available!
  • Materialism Mod via Ghost Shells grants a chance of acquiring additional materials in Core Activities.

Use a Resource Detector Mod via your Ghost Shell when farming materials in Free Roam!

Did you know? Zooming in with a Sniper Rifle or Scout Rifle allows you to see additional materials at a greater distance so long as you have a Resource Detector Mod equipped on your Ghost Shell!

Dusklight Shard
Microphasic Datalattice
Helium Filaments
Baryon Bough | Destination Material
Glacial Starwort
Destination Materials Package


Into the New Season - Let the Grind Begin!

Important Information BEFORE you Submit Stored Bounties!

  • When the new season begins, it is very important to wait until you obtain your Seasonal Artifact before you submit your bounties. If you submit your bounties prematurely, XP will not be applied to your artifact Power Level bonus.
  • Be sure to have your highest XP Boosting Mod equipped on your Ghost Shell before claiming bounties.
    • If any of your friends have also been power levelling, submit your bounties as a fireteam while in an activity or social space. Fireteam XP bonuses are applied throughout the Season Pass (up to 8% bonus XP).

What To Focus On

  • After you’ve submitted your stored bounties, you can get to work on new bounties offered at launch (or whenever you hop on). If you’re playing at launch, some bounties may not be available if they are a duplicate for the day. In any event, there are plenty of vendors you can visit (see list above).
  • Obviously, Weekly and Daily bounties will be what you want to complete first, followed by Repeatable Bounties. Seasonal Challenges offer a large amount of XP as well, so be sure to keep an eye on those objectives and complete them when you can! 

It is important to note that Guardians can passively level through their Season Pass via Seasonal Challenges and general bounty grind/gameplay over the course of the season! Power leveling is only recommended if you wish to get a head start on your power bonus, or if you just wish to unlock all those rewards early! This is a personal preference!

Bounty Stacking

Bounty Stacking is purchasing a large number of bounties that have generic objectives and can be completed in a single activity. This is the easiest and most efficient way of leveling through your Season Pass as you would be completing bounties at a much quicker rate.

The Devil’s Lair Strike, Cosmodrome 

Bounties that can be purchased from vendors and completed in this strike:

  • Seasonal Daily Bounties
    • Some Seasonal Daily bounties have general weapon/ability objectives 
    • NOTE: Repeatable Seasonal Bounties focus on the Seasonal Activity only. Don’t pick those up for this.
  • Gunsmith Daily Bounties + Repeatable
    • Weapon-specific. Note that Repeatables require you to not die. If you do, the objective resets.
  • Cosmodrome Daily Bounties + Repeatable
    • The easiest to complete with generic New Light objectives. Most can be completed anywhere on the Cosmodrome.

Once you pick up your bounties, you can head into the Devil’s Lair strike on the Cosmodrome. Depending on who is with you, you can complete an average of 15-20 bounties in a single strike as most bounties listed above have similar objectives (although you may have to swap weapons/elements/subclasses out periodically). 

Thanks − For the Tip

Again, we do want to note that Bungie has made it so you can get to SR100 by passive gameplay and by completing Seasonal Challenges over the course of the Season. But, if you want to get ahead, the bounty grind is the way to go.

Quick Tips:

  • If you have alternate characters, be sure to complete the Weekly and Dailies before just focusing on Repeatable Bounties.
  • Bounty Stack when possible. This is the most time-efficient way of gaining levels fast.
  • Running low on glimmer? Visit Rahool in the Tower Courtyard. You can also purchase materials there too if you can spare the shards. 
    • Running low on materials?
      • Equip a Glimmer Mod on your ghost (keep your XP levelling on though) to increase your Glimmer Gains.
      • Focus on Planetary Daily Bounties across your characters. The Planetary Vendor bounties provide some decent material bonuses.
  • Cosmodrome and The Moon bounties (especially repeatable bounties) are the easiest to complete and are easy to re-acquire from the respective vendor.
    • Visit Skywatch and the Altar of Sorrow for a good amount of enemies to deal with. 
  • Bounty grinding can be tedious. Putting on a nice music playlist of your favourite tunes can help – and Guardian? Don’t forget to take breaks.
    • Editor’s Note: I’m from the days where doing loops around locations for material farming for hours on end in Destiny 1 was a normal thing to do. Music helps. 😂

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