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Throughout the week, Crucible reputation gains are doubled! Make Shaxx and Saladin proud!
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Last Updated: 03/14/2023

What is Weapon Crafting?

  • Weapon Crafting is a new way of forging weapons in Destiny 2. An introductory quest will be provided to all players to gain access to this new system.
  • This guide will go over how to unlock the system, how to craft and reshape weapons and more!

Introduction: Accessing the Relic

Unlock Deepsight & The Enclave

  • Introduced during Year 8: The Witch Queen, Guardians can uncover a new darkness ability known as Deepsight. Although this new ability’s primary purpose is to enable Guardians to interact with hidden objects, it also provides the capability to unlock memories of weapons.
  • To unlock Deepsight, complete the introductory missions of the Witch Queen campaign. Don’t worry − these missions are free for all players!
  • Once you play through the introductory missions, you will discover a new Pyramid Structure known as the Relic, located on Mars.

What is the Enclave?

The Enclave is a location on Mars that is home to the ancient Weapon Forging relic of Pyramid origin, first discovered by the Vanguard shortly after Mars’ reappearance. The Guardians eventually discover its purpose and how to utilize the technology to create weapons. 

Shaping the Enigma − The Relic Tutorial

Guardians will be given the Enigma Glaive as their first resonant weapon to shape. The in-game tutorial will walk you through how to craft your first weapon, but at first glance, when shaping a weapon, you will need to choose an Intrinsic Bonus, two perks, and two traits.

New Weapon Type: The Glaive
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Shaping a Weapon

Patterns & Deepsight Resonance

  • To shape a weapon, you must first unlock its pattern, which is basically a weapon blueprint. In order to get a pattern, you need it to first drop with Deepsight Resonance active on it, indicated by a red border and a progression bar. Weapons with Deepsight Resonance can unlock patterns that can be used to craft weapons at the Enclave.
  • As of Season 20, once you’ve obtained deepsight, you can either extract the deepsight to progress the pattern and keep the weapon or dismantle the weapon.
  • Most weapons that you can craft require multiple deepsight resonance extractions before the pattern can be unlocked. Depending on the weapon, it can vary from 2 – 5 extractions, meaning that you will need to acquire deepsight resonance (red border) multiple times.
    • To see how many extractions a weapon requires, you can visit the Patterns & Catalysts Tab accessible from the Triumphs Menu.

Effective in Season 20, Deepsight will no longer drop for any weapon that does not have a pattern available to unlock. That means that when you acquire deepsight, it’s important!

How to Shape a Weapon

Before you can shape a weapon, you must first make sure you have enough crafting materials. Once you are ready to shape your weapon, return to the Enclave on Mars and visit the Relic. From the Relic Menu, select “shape.” This will allow you to create your weapon by choosing the applicable traits/perks:

  1. Choose a Frame Intrinsic Bonus. While the intrinsic trait remains the same, the bonus stat (ex: Stability) will become available by levelling up your weapon.
  2. Choose a Barrel Perk. This impacts core stats.
  3. Choose a Magazine Perk. This impacts core stats.
  4. Choose a Weapon Trait
  5. Choose another Weapon Trait.
  6. Optional: Choose a Memento.
  7. Once all components are chosen, press and hold the Shape Button to create your weapon.

NOTE: Not all components are immediately available. You will need to level up your weapon to unlock additional components. You can reshape your weapon later.

Weapon Crafting Materials

Hover or click on the icons to learn more.

Resonant Alloy (Common)
Ascendant Alloy (Exotic)
Enhancement Cores (Legendary)
Legendary Shards
Memento (Legendary)

Memento Consumables

What is a Memento?

  • Mementos are optional rare crafting consumables that grant vanity options to crafted weapons, such as special Shaders and Trackers.
  • Mementos can be acquired by completing specific activities such as Gambit, Trials of Osiris and Grandmaster Nightfalls.
  • You can store only one of these individual Mementos at a time.

How does it work?

  • 1 − You must first obtain one of these consumables by playing specific activities:
    • Gambit Memento − Random drop from winning Gambit matches. 
    • Trials Memento − Obtained by going Flawless and opening the Flawless Chest. 
    • Nightfall Memento − Random drop from completing Grandmaster Nightfalls.
  • 2 − Once obtained, head over to the Relic at the Enclave on Mars
  • 3 − When shaping or reshaping a weapon, there is an optional vanity slot. Select the desired Memento.
  • 4 − Shape or Reshape your weapon.

Vanity Options

  • To unlock vanity options provided by the Memento, you must level up your weapon. At certain ranks, you will unlock vanity options:
    • Level 1 − Unique Tracker unlocked. This will be a third option that reflects the activity (ex: Gambit Memento will show the number of enemies defeated in Gambit)
    • Level 20 − Unique Title Unlocked. This provides a unique weapon title on the weapon stats screen. 
    • Level 30 − Unique Shader Unlocked. This provides your weapon with an exclusive animated shader. 

Click the above image to view an example of a Level 30 weapon forged with a memento.


Weapon Levelling & Enhanced Perks

Levelling Your Weapon

Once you have shaped your Resonant weapon, you can immediately start using it to level it up. Increasing a weapon’s level unlocks higher quality frames and additional perks, including enhanced perks

To level up your weapon:

  • Defeat enemies with the weapon;
  • Complete activities with the weapon equipped.

Enhanced Perks

  • Resonant Weapons are able to be reshaped with enhanced perks that improve the original perk’s capabilities.
  • Enhanced Perks are typically the last set of perks to unlock while levelling up your weapon and have a much higher cost when reshaping the weapon.

Weapon Enhancing

  • Weapon Enhancing allows a weapon to be upgraded with enhanced traits, a level, and a memento socket.
    • This upgrade will consume standard currencies (and Spoils of Conquest, for raid weapons) and will be applied through a new tiered weapon mod.
    • Once enhanced, you will be able to modify limited aspects of the weapon at the crafting Relic.
  • For the initial limited rollout, weapon enhancing will have three tiers:
    • Enhancement Tier 1:
      • Replaces the existing Masterwork. Grants an enhanced intrinsic, weapon level, “first enhanced” timestamp, and memento socket.
      • For raid Adepts only: allows full selection over the barrel and magazine perks (these perks are individually gated by level, same as crafted weapons).
      • The cost of the weapon enhancing tier 1 will vary based on the Masterwork tier that is being replaced.
        • Enhancing a weapon that has a Masterwork tier value of 10 will be much cheaper than enhancing a weapon with a Masterwork tier value of 1.
    • Enhancement Tier 2:
      • Weapon level 11 requirement. Allows enhancing of the left column trait perk.
    • Enhancement Tier 3:
      • Weapon level 17 requirement. Allows enhancing of the right column trait perk.
  • This enhancement feature will be added to new raid Adepts starting in Lightfall, launching after the Master Raid launch (all drops prior to the release of this feature will have a retroactive upgrade).
  • There are technical limitations to this new feature; Bungie will continue to investigate however this functionality may not go beyond the Lightfall Raid Adept Weapons.

Coming in Season 21: Deepsight Activation

  • Deepsight Activation, aka ‘Manual Deepsight,’ allows you to selectively apply Deepsight to a weapon that has a pattern available to unlock.
    • Only weapons that have not previously rolled with Deepsight are valid for Deepsight activation.
    • Deepsight can’t be activated on the same weapon instance multiple times.
  • The ability to manually activate Deepsight will be tightly controlled, and there will be some variation in cost depending on the weapon (ex: a raid weapon will require additional currencies compared to a seasonal weapon).

Coming in Season 22 or 23: Weapon Level Boosting

  • A new weapon mod will be added that will increase the level of a crafted or enhanced weapon for the cost of standard currencies.
    • You won’t need to have the weapon equipped to earn levels.
  • While this will not be initially positioned as the only method for leveling up a weapon, it may be a convenient method for unlocking early perk choices and an outlet for any spare currencies you have stockpiled.

Be sure to continuously attune weapons with Deepsight Resonance and collect Ascendant Alloys when possible! Ascendant Alloys can drop from completing the Campaign Weekly Mission and Wellspring, or by purchasing from Master Rahool.

Reshaping Your Weapon

How to Reshape your Weapon

The Relic provides a way of reshaping your weapon, allowing you to fine-tune your weapon. Once you have unlocked additional perks by levelling up your weapon, go back to the Relic on Mars. From the Relic Menu, select “Reshape.” Follow the same process as to how you shaped your weapon.

NOTE: A Resonant Weapon that you wish to shape/reshape must be unlocked and not equipped.

Dismantling Shaped Weapons

  • It is important to note that materials used for shaping and reshaping Resonant Weapons will NOT be refunded 
  • Be sure to stock up on materials when you can and to spend accordingly!

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