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Endgame Activities

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January 25, 2022 - February 1, 2022

With the Season just launching, some Powerful Reward sources might be missing here. We will update this page as we learn more!

Season Power-Caps

SOFT CAP: 1250

Acquire loot in the wild or participate in activities to level yourself up. This portion of levelling is quick and many sources help boost your overall power levels. Refrain from completing or acquiring any Weekly Challenges during this phase of levelling.

HARD CAP: 1320

Additional Weekly Challenges unlock at this phase of levelling. Once you reach the soft cap, generic reward drops do not help boost your power. Complete Weekly Challenges and acquire Exotic/Prime engrams to continue levelling up.


At this phase, only Pinnacle Rewards help boost your power. These sources are considered end-game level activities and require more focus. Pinnacle sources drop at +1 or +2 depending on the pinnacle source. Pinnacle cap is the max cap of the season.


Pinnacle Rewards [+2]

Complete higher difficulty content to earn Pinnacle rewards. Pinnacle gear will allow you to reach up to 1330 power this season. 

Pinnacle Rewards will grant you high boosts to power as you are leveling through the hard cap. Once you reach 1320 power, focus on completing these activities to boost your power to Pinnacle Cap

Note: Not all higher difficulty content is matchmaking-enabled. For the best experience, we recommending forming a fireteam to tackle these activities!

Endgame Content

Complete the Vault of Glass Raid.

Complete the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon.

Seasonal & Expansion Content

Defeat 4 Champions in the Shattered Realm Mission.

Complete the Presage Story Mission.

Complete the Harbinger Story Mission.

Complete the Upgraded Exo Challenge.

Vanguard Operations

Earn 100,000+ Points in Nightfall Strikes

Competitive Activities

Trials of Osiris: Earn 7 wins throughout a given weekend.

Trials of Osiris: Win 50 Rounds.

Iron Banner: Complete bounties offered by Lord Saladin.

Pinnacle Rewards [+1]

Complete Core Activities to earn [+1] powerful rewards. Pinnacle gear will allow you to reach up to 1330 power this season. 

Core activities go well with bounties, which help boost your artifact power via XP. Be sure to stack bounties while playing these activities. 

Vanguard Operations

Earn 5000 Clan XP. (Requires to be in a clan)

Complete 3 Strikes with the matching weekly element in the Strike Playlist.

Competitive Activities

Crucible: Complete 3 Matches in the Core Playlist.

Gambit: Complete 3 Gambit matches.

Powerful Rewards

Powerful Reward sources are split up into tiers, higher tier levels offering a larger boost in power when you are levelling. Powerful Rewards will enable you to reach 1320 this season.

  • Complete Seasonal Activities and acquire Exotic/Prime engrams for powerful rewards up to [+4] light.
    • Be sure to decrypt your Prime engrams as soon as possible – it may give you a nice boost to power!
  • Complete Base Activities to earn powerful rewards up to [+2] light.
    • Base activities are your primary source of leveling throughout the season. Completing each challenge will provide a good amount of XP to help level your season pass. 

Seasonal & Expansion Content

Complete 5 Wrathborn Hunts

Complete 3 Override Activities.

Complete 6 Battleground Activities.

Open 3 Wayfinder’s Troves in Astral Alignment.

Defeat 100 enemies (assists count) with Stasis anywhere but on Europa.


Complete 8 Wayfinder’s Compass Bounties (via the H.E.L.M).

Complete 8 Vanguard Bounties.

Complete 8 Gambit bounties.

Complete 8 Crucible bounties.

Complete 8 Gunsmith bounties.

Complete 8 Variks bounties.

Random Sources

Find an Exotic Engram.

Find a Prime Engram.

Complete Core Activities (Random Exclusive Loot Drops).

Vanguard Operations

Complete 3 Nightfall Strikes. Higher difficulty earns bonus progress.

Competitive Activities

Trials of Osiris: Acquire loot at 3 and 5 wins on your passage.

Crucible: Win 7 Rounds in the Survival Competitive Playlist.

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