MAY 11, 2021 - AUGUST 24, 2021

“The Vex had plunged the Last City into an endless night, threatening the safety once found beneath the watchful presence of the Traveler. Ikora revealed the identity of an unlikely ally that would be able to stop the Vex Attack. Working with Mithrax, the Guardians began to harness Splicer tech, which is capable of breaching into Vex technology and thwarted the attacks. In what was called an Override, the Guardians assaulted newly formed Vex Constructs on Europa, the Moon and on the Tangled Shore, entered the network and destabilized each sector by defeating the Vex Mind within. Further ahead, Guardians began to expunge additional Vex Network locations.

With the protection of the Vanguard, Mithrax and the House of Light took refuge within the Last City, utilizing the old Botza Ruins as their camp. Some in the city, including the Future War Cult leader, Lakshmi-2, did not take this newfound alliance well. Lakshmi warned that she used the FWC Vex Engine to predict the future and foresaw a destroyed Last City, with Mithrax and the Fallen at the center of it. A series of propaganda broadcasts were distributed throughout the city that could be heard even by the Empress and her Fleet. Lakshmi’s propaganda caused unrest in the City, even causing some to attack the Fallen camp in a mix of fear and anger. Guardians continued to protect their new allies. Lakshmi-2 made further attempts to weaken the Vanguard’s power and trust with the City, and even attempted to rally with other faction leaders and well-known figures – such as Lord Saladin and Saint-XIV to create a coup to overthrow the Vanguard. Although he listened to what she had to say, Saint-XIV took into consideration the words of Mithrax and how the Fallen viewed him. 

It was later discovered that Savathûn was the mastermind of the Endless Night, with Quria, The Dreaming Mind being the root cause of the attack.  Guardians located and eventually destroyed Quria, ending the Endless Night. Despite this, Lakshmi’s distrust of the Fallen and her evergrowing concern from her vision of the future, Lakshmi made one final attempt to eliminate the House of Light by opening a Vex Portal over the Botza Ruins. What Lakshmi didn’t foresee in her vision was the Vex’s response to her presence in Botza Ruins – the Vex killed her. Guardians and allies came to the rescue of the House of Light, stopping the assault and had destroyed the portal. 

In the aftermath of the Battle at Botza Ruins, the Tower had a small memorial for all those lives lost. Ikora disbanded the remaining factions and warned that they must stay vigilant. Throughout the chaos, Osiris went missing. 

Throughout the season, Guardians also partook in various activities, including a new Aspect Quest provided by The Stranger, tackled the legendary Vault of Glass on Venus, and made Lord Saladin happy by venturing back into the Iron Banner. Eva Levante hosted the Solstice of Heroes event, with both the City and The Fallen celebrating this year. 






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