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Grandmaster Nightfalls are now available in Destiny 2! We've made some updates to support this. Watch Grandmaster Nightfall videos here. Added a Calendar of GM content courtesy of Kyber.

Weapon Optimization: Weapon Perks

All listed perks now include their enhanced perk as well as some general comments. As always, clicking on weapon icons will open that perk on!

Reminder − Some weapons are leaving the loot pool in Season 18!

PlugOne.1 (High Impact Arc Fusion Rifle)
The Hothead (Arc Rocket Launcher)
Eye of Sol (Medium Impact Sniper Rifle)
The Summoner (600RPM Solar Auto Rifle)
Peacebond (Stasis Adaptive Sidearm)
Archon's Thunder (Solar 360 RPM High-Impact Machine Gun)

Last Updated: 4/20/2022


The Moon (also known as Luna) is Earth’s only natural satellite. Like most of the celestial bodies in the Sol System, the Moon is littered with the ruins of humanity’s Golden Age. 

After the Collapse, the Moon was occupied by the Hive lead by Crota, a Hive Prince and son to Oryx, The Taken King. Up until the rise of newer Guardians in the Age of Light, countless Guardians were slain in their attempt to reclaim the Moon from the Hive. Most notable occupations against the Hive included the Battle of Burning Lake, the Great Disaster, and the failed mission of Eris’ Fireteam

During the Age of Light, Guardians managed to establish control over the Ocean of Storms and eventually destroyed Crota. This caused Oryx, The Taken King, to arrive in Sol to attack the Guardians and the Traveler – which was ultimately thwarted by Guardians during the Taken War.

During the Red War when Guardians lost their light, there had been significantly less Guardian Presence on the Moon, allowing the Hive to re-establish a foothold over the region once reclaimed by Guardians. Following the discovery of a new fortress near the Hellmouth, the Guardians made a return. 

In doing so, they discovered a massive black Pyramid structure beneath the keep, unveiled due to the recent Hive activity. Some of this dark power swept through the Solar System, creating Nightmare phantoms that took on the form of the Guardians’ worst foes. Further complications arose, with a signal being sent from the Pyramid to the Vex Black Garden, causing the Vex to invade the Moon. This was eventually stopped when Guardians infiltrated the portal network with the help of Ikora Rey and the Tower and killed the Undying Mind, the root cause of the attack.

Nowadays, a Hidden Swarm under the control of Xivu Arath, The God of War, has been active and causing disruptive activity on the Moon and beyond. Osiris had attempted to stop this, but his Ghost Sagira was killed in battle, and Osiris was forced to retreat. 

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Ocean of Storms, Luna

Eris Morn's Inventory

Weekly & Daily Bounties

As with most vendors, Eris also offers (after campaign) Weekly and Daily bounties for Guardians to complete, which reward XP gains and materials. Additional Bounties are also offered that reward smaller XP gains. Her two weekly bounties are static each week and reward unique items in addition to the large sum of XP:

  • Slow Wave Disruption: Complete 7 Waves of the Altar of Sorrow event.
    • Rewards: Hymn of Desecration
      Greatly increases the chance of a weapon drop from your next Necropolis or Chamber of Suffering encounter in the Pit of Heresy.

      The effect lasts until the dungeon encounter is completed.

  • Lunar Spelunker: Complete the K1 Crews Quarters, K1 Logistics, and K1 Communion Lost Sectors.

Missions & Quests

As you progress through the Shadowkeep campaign and beyond, Eris Morn will task you with recovering items from her lost Fireteam, recovering lost Ghosts, and additional quests that will earn you sweet previous loot!

Moon: Weekly Bounty
Moon: Daily Bounty
Moon: Additional Bounties
Memory Quests
Moon Missions

The Lectern of Enchantment

After completing most of the Shadowkeep campaign, you gain access to the Lectern of Enchantment and its capabilities. 

Weekly & Daily Bounties

Like Eris, the Lectern offers Weekly and Daily bounties, which can typically be completed in Nightmare Hunts and Lost Sectors. Additional bounties can be obtained and they are specific to Nightmare Hunts. The two Weekly Bounties are static and reward XP and a Phantasmal Core:

  • Nightmare Sojourner: Defeat Nightmares in Lost Sectors across the solar system. Nightmares defeated on the Moon only grant reduced progress.
    • Altars of Sorrow Nightmares also contribute to this bounty! 
    • While the Moon does have reduced progress, by the time you complete the other Weeklies on the Moon, you will complete this one too!
  • Nightmare Hunter: Defeat Nightmares in Nightmare Hunts.

Essence Quests

Using Phantasmal Cores, you can purchase Essence Quests which can be “cleansed” by completing the quest objectives provided. Essences are obtained originally by progressing through the Shadowkeep Campaign. More are provided post-campaign..  


Items found on the Moon

Helium Filaments

A destination material exclusive to The Moon. This material can be found out in the wild, in chests, or as rewards from various sources. 

Phantasmal Fragment

Residual Nightmare energy, used at the Lectern of Enchantment in Sanctuary to purchase items and to create Phantasmal Cores. 

Phantasmal Core

Coalesced Nightmare energy, traded at the Lectern of Enchantment in Sanctuary for Essence Quests. Can be converted back to Fragments if needed.

Essence Quest

Obtained via the Lectern of Enchantment or found out in the wild. Cleanse the Essence by completing the specified objective to earn rewards. 

Hymn of Desecration

A consumable that greatly increases the chance of a weapon drop from your next Necropolis or Chamber of Suffering encounter in the Pit of Heresy.

Firewall Data Fragment

A Quest Objective item that opens the system core vault in the K1 Revelation Lost Sector. Obtained by completing the Lunar Spelunker Weekly Bounty.

Rice Cake

A tasty gift. Used as an offering for Jade Rabbit Statues that can be found across the Ocean of Storms. Use Braytech Maps to locate these statues!

Lost Ghost Trace

A Loc pulse from a Ghost. Present this to Eris to extract its last known location on the Moon. Eris will provide a quest to help retrieve the Lost Ghost.

The Secrets of the Moon

The Tire Game

Located in Sanctuary, The Tire Game, when triggered (costs 5 Helium Filaments), requires you to roll a tire down a hill and try to land it on one of four different craters. Each of these craters carries a different point value, with the larger craters giving the fewest points. This is more of a fun little game and can complete a Shadowkeep Triumph.

Trove Guardians

Each Week, there are secret enemies that spawn in either Archer’s Line, Anchor of Light or the Hellmouth. Trove Guardians are Sword Knights that, when defeated, will provide access to invisible platforms that lead to a secret chest. 

Orbital Cartographer Secret Emblem

Each Week, there are secret enemies that spawn in either Archer’s Line, Anchor of Light or the Hellmouth. Trove Guardians are Sword Knights that, when defeated, will provide access to an invisible platforms that lead to a secret chest. Powerful Spawns 

Rune Sealed Chests

Jade Rabbit Statues

Lost Dead Ghosts

Story-Related Exotic Quests


Deathbringer | Void Rocket Launcher


Xenophage | Solar Machine Gun

Dungeon: The Pit of Heresy

Eris Morn has tasked Guardians to venture deep within the depths of the Scarlet Keep and defeat a Hive Champion known as Zulmak, Instrument of Torment. In this dungeon, there are a series of puzzles in between encounters that you must complete before you can challenge Zulmak:

Note: Dungeons can be challenging. For New Lights, we encourage you to form a fireteam before venturing into the Pit! 

Phase 1: Necropolis
    • At Necropolis, there are large runes located above a series of towers. Those towers display three runes that you must focus on in order to proceed. 
    • Eliminate combatants at a tower’s entrance to see what runes are displayed. Take note of them and locate the towers that have that symbol above them.
    • You will need a Hive Sword acquired from a Hive Sword Knight. This sword has enhanced capabilities that you will have to use against Tower Mini-bosses:
      • Knight Mini-Boss: Use Relic Melee Function (Swing and Kill the Knight)
      • Wizard Mini-Boss: Use Relic Projectile Function (Trigger Button)
      • Shrieker Mini-Boss: Use Relic Block Function and let it shoot you to reflect damage back unto it
    • When all three are destroyed, an exit will open (green pillar of light, usually in the middle). Defeat the enemies there and collect your loot.
    • Proceed further. We recommend that you ignore the series of doors and locate a small hole that you can further trek through.  
Phase 2: Tunnels of Despair
    • Once you reach the tunnels, quickly make your way into small inner tunnels ahead as there are two unkillable ogres rampaging throughout the area. There might be some hive membrane webbing at the access point of these tunnels that can be easily destroyed by a few shots. 
    • Locate three Hive Knights spread throughout the tunnel. These knights will drop energy charges that you can deposit at three locked doors. (located at the end of each large tunnel exit)
    • Once you unlock all three doors, the encounter ends and you can proceed with the next encounter. The Ogres will disappear.
Phase 3: Chamber of Suffering
    • Use a Raid Banner if needs be. This encounter will have a large wall with a Hive Construct protected by six Hive Runes in the back of the room. The goal here is to destroy them by depositing energy charges (similar to the last phase).
    • Note:
      • Leaving the hive construct will cause a debuff that, if it gets too high, will kill you. You can periodically go back to the construct to lose the debuff.
      • If no one is on the construct, it will begin to glow red and eventually kill you. Be sure to have someone on the construct at all times.
      • There will be waves of enemies from all angles and boomer knights from above. Optimize your build.
    • Survive the waves of enemies, deposit the charges dropped from Hive Knights, and unlock all runes to complete this encounter. Collect your loot. 
Phase 4: Harrow
    • Once you’re done getting chopped up by the blades of death, you will reach the next encounter which is a jumping puzzle. The objective is to eliminate three Wizards within the area to unlock the final door.
    • There will be three runes visible after you reach this area (after you jump down from blades of death). They will tell you where you need to go.
      • Note from a Titan: It isn’t really required –  venture around and you will find them. Look to your tracker for enemy movement. Oh, and watch out for traps.
    • Once you defeat all three Wizards and find the exit, claim your rewards and head to the final encounter.
Phase 5: Cradle of Damnation
    • Use a Raid Banner if needs be. Zulmak awaits in the middle of the arena. The objective is to kill Knights to obtain Hive Sword Relics, defeat the Mini-Bosses you encountered in Phase I, collect energy charges and dunk them into the center arena.
    • Doing so will make the arena glow green and Zulmak will be vulnerable for a short time, where you can do as much damage as possible. When the DPS (damage) phase is over, Zulmak will bend down to one knee and charge an attack.
      • Note: This will kill you immediately if you do not leave the center arena. Get out of there!
    • Rinse and repeat until you defeat Zulmak. Once you defeat him, you can claim your rewards!

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