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Last Updated: 01/03/2023


  • House Salvation, led by Eramis, began to harness Darkness Powers known as Stasis when a Pyramid re-emerged from the ice on Europa.
  • Working with Eris Morn, the Drifter and the Exo Stranger, Guardians have been retaking control of the Rathmore Chaos region of Europa while facing off against the Eliksni and Vex within the region.
Quick Lore − Europa

Europa is one of the Galilean moons in orbit of the planet Jupiter. Vex influence is known to be present on the icy moon. It is also the location of the Deep Stone Crypt and the resting point of a Pyramid that entered the Solar System during the Golden Age. 

Guided by messages from the K1 Anomaly, Clovis Bray I discovered an artifact or entity on Europa which he called “Clarity Control”, which granted him the ability to combine its power and Radiolaria to create an ingredient vital to the Exo project that he dubbed “alkahest.” In doing this, the Deep Stone Crypt was constructed to facilitate the production of an alkahest, processing Vex from the blue hypergiant 2082 Volantis. Following a series of mishaps involving Elisabeth Bray’s objections to the project, Clovis sealed his consciousness within the Crypt for eternity.

Nearly three years after the conclusion of the Red War and after the long journey of the main fleet back to the system, the Europan Pyramid re-emerged from the ice and out into the open surface, where it was quickly re-discovered. Later, Eris Morn and the Drifter, who were contacted by the Exo Stranger, were seen headed towards Europa to find the very ship. Guardians since then have been retaking the lost region of Rathmore Chaos against the Fallen House Salvation, working with allies new and old and harnessing new Darkness Powers known as Stasis. 

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Variks' Inventory

  • Meet with Variks in Charon’s Crossing to acquire Europa specific BountiesEmpire Hunt Quests, and Weapon Quests.
  • Items offered by Variks will be unlocked through progressing the Beyond Light campaign. 

Variks Sabotage

  • When you complete the Beyond Light campaign, Variks will ask your for assistance in dismantling what remains of House Salvation. This upgrade tree can be unlocked in tiers by completing the associated quests. By doing so, you will unlock rewards and bonuses that will help with your efforts on Europa. 

Braytech Transponder

  • Variks also offers a unique consumable called the Braytech Transponder for 50 Herealways Pieces. When activated, this transponder will lead you to a House Salvation Techno Squad that had golden age tech. You can find them in the active Eclipsed Zone
  • Once you kill the House Salvation leader, you will be able to pick up the augmented buff with a specified title with a stack of 3. This title is a hint as to where you need to travel to. An example is “Riis-Reborn Sector x3,” which you would need to travel to that location on Europa. Do NOT Fast Travel, as you will lose the buff. 
  • Once you arrive, you should see small drones. Destroy each drone that is highlighted to receive a reward and gain triumph progression.

Penguin Souvenirs 

  • Similar to the Dreaming City and the Moon, Europa has small collectible objects scattered around for Guardians to track down and grab. Collect Penguin Souvenirs to earn loot and complete a secret triumph. 
  • To purchase Variks Sabotage quests, you must acquire Herealways Pieces, a new form of currency that can drop from doing activities on Europa such as Lost Sectors, Public Events, and Patrols.
  • Further upgrades from the Sabotage module will grant additional sources of Herealways Pieces, in addition to powerful reward and pinnacle challenges via new activities.
  • Sabotage quest progress is account-wide, meaning that your alternative characters will not need to unlock the quests again.

Click on the icons below for more information!

Braytech Transponder
Variks Sabotage
Penguin Souvenirs

The Stranger's Inventory

Aspects of Darkness

Once you complete the Beyond Light campaign, The Stranger will have additional quests for you to complete to enhance the capabilities of your new Stasis abilities. The main quest lines will earn you Aspects of Darkness, key items that provide passive or active effects with your Stasis Abilities.

To get started, visit The Stranger in Beyond.

In Season 15, Aspect Quest Steps were reduced, making it easier to obtain Aspects!


Like Aspects, The Stranger will offer another item called Fragments that further enhance your Statis capabilities, often giving unique traits and stat bonus/penalties. Once an Aspect is obtained, Elsie will provide Fragment Quests. 

Guardians can complete two Fragment Quests per week and can choose between three pursuit paths:

  • Vanguard: Random quest objectives that can be completed in the Vanguard Strike Playlist and/or Nightfalls
  • Crucible: Random quest objectives that can be completed in any Crucible game mode
  • Gambit: Random quest objectives that can be completed in Gambit. 

Once you complete and turn in the quest, you can exchange the quest item for a new Fragment whenever you so choose to do so. 


Completing certain Triumphs in the Europa section will earn you trophies that can be placed in the campsite in Beyond near The Stranger. Applicable Triumphs will display the Trophy as a guaranteed reward from completing that triumph.

The Secrets and Treasures of Europa

Entropic Shards

Hidden throughout the lost wonders of Europa are 9 small obelisks of dark energy called Entropic Shards. Locating these shards is required on your journey to enhance your Stasis powers. 

When you see them, use the Salvation’s Grip to destroy them.

Dead Exo's

During your exploration of Europa, you may come across Dead Exo’s that you can scan for dialogue. Locating all dead Exo bodies will complete the That Actually Works and Salvage The Past Triumphs.

Stasis-Sealed Chests

As you progressed through the Beyond Light campaign, you might have come across sealed chests that you could not open. Once you have fully unlocked your Stasis abilities, you will be able to unseal them, which will reward loot.

Variks will also have associated quests tasking you to locate and unlock these chests. Be sure to acquire those quests for additional rewards. 

Here are video guides from Esoterrick to help you locate these chests with the associated quests from Variks:

Story-Related Exotic Quests

Salvation's Grip

Salvation's Grip | Stasis Grenade Launcher

Salvation’s Grip is one of the only few weapons that harness Stasis and can destroy Entropic Shards.

The Lament

Anti-Barrier - The Lament

The Lament has an intrinsic anti-barrier mod, which is great for Champion-related activities!

Video Guides

Weekly Activities

Exo Challenges

An Exo Challenge is a weekly-rotating activity tasked by the Clovis Bray AI that can be unlocked after completing the Beyond Light Campaign. These small range activities put Guardians through combat and strategic simulations that, when completed, grant Powerful rewards each week.

Pinnacle Upgrade

You can upgrade the Exo Challenge to have it reward Pinnacle Loot by completing the European Explorer III Sabotage Perk, which is available at Variks in Charon’s Crossing.

Heroic Variants

Completing future Aspect Quests will require you to complete a Heroic Variant of the Exo Challenge, which is a higher light, features Champions and has additional modifiers. The concept and objective are both the same, so don’t let the higher difficulty discourage you!


Clovis requires you to defend territory against an invading Vex force. Defend the structure and draw out the Vex boss from the Simulated Portal. Destroy Vex Cubes to temporarily stun the invading force.


Clovis challenges you to battle the harsh weather of Europa while facing Vex on this jumping puzzle-like simulation. Use the heating areas to warm up before getting damaged by the cold. Venture to the top and face the Vex boss. Stay warm!


Clovis tests your skill at maneuvering against shifting platforms while facing Vex forces. Watch your step and keep an eye out for mobile Vex forces that are out to get you!

Empire Hunts

Empire Hunts are a brand new cooperative activity that can be unlocked by completing campaign content in Beyond Light. Variks will offer quests that will task you to hunt down these targets. Once you complete all of the Hunts, Variks will offer replayable variants of these Hunts that will reward targeted loot for you to earn. These quests cost 40 Herealways Pieces.

There is a Playlist format that rotates a featured Empire Hunt each week.  Like Nightfall, Adept and Hero are matchmaking-enabled while Legend and Master are not. 

Completing the Empire Hunts will provide Powerful and Pinnacle Rewards, depending on how much you have upgraded in the Sabotage Quest tab offered by Variks. Play in the Playlist version for a chance to earn Cloudstrike. The Empire Hunts also have specific triumphs! 

The Technocrat

The Technocrat uses traps and advanced technology to counter your assault. Venture through Bray Exoscience and face this Fallen Tech Wizard in Eternity!

The Dark Priestess

The Dark Priestess attempts to resurrect her leader and it is your mission to stop that from happening. Head to where you last faced off against Eramis to take out this Fallen Officer.

The Warrior

The Warrior challenges you and your fireteam to combat in the Vex Nexus point. Head through the Nexus and take down this Fallen Officer.

How to Acquire Cloudstrike


Raid: The Deep Stone Crypt

The Deep Stone Crypt is the orginal source of all Exos and was a mystery to many until the rediscovery of the legendary location during the conflict against House Salvation. 

Guardians had to take back control of the Deep Stone Crypt, prevent the Fallen from learning the secrets of the Crypt and prevent the total destruction of Europa.

The raid tasks a team of 6 to venture into the Crypt, make their way through a series of Security Levels, venture into Space and defeat an old foe that just doesn’t seem to ever die.

Note: Raids are endgame activities. Use communication and of course – be patient! 

Solo & Helpful Guides

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