Watch Nezarec's Whisper, a fan-made cinematic by Carson Reed featuring MyNameIsByf and music by Breshi.
Gambit Reputation gains are doubled for the entire week! Grab those motes!
Throughout the week, Crucible reputation gains are doubled! Make Shaxx and Saladin proud!
Trials Reputation gains are doubled all weekend! Visit Saint-XIV this weekend to grab a passage and earn some new loot!
Destiny 2 has been taken offline in preparation for the seasonal update.
A new update for Destiny 2 (v7.2.0.3) has arrived! Click here to view the patch notes or visit
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Vanguard Reputation gains are doubled for the entire week for the Vanguard Ops Playlist and Nightfalls!
Rewards from Nightfalls are doubled for the entire week! ​
Reputation gains for Vanguard Ops, Nightfalls, Gambit & Crucible are doubled for the entire week!
Due to an issue, the Destiny 2 & the Destiny API has been taken offline.
Due to an issue, Destiny 2 & the Destiny API have been taken offline. Visit @BungieHelp for the latest updates.
Prepare for the upcoming season by reviewing our Pre-Season Checklist.
Iron Banner is live! Complete event challenges to earn Pinnacle Rewards and Iron Banner loot!


Last Updated: 08/22/2023

Getting Started

  • Welcome to Destiny! If you are a new Guardian who just escaped the Cosmodrome or a returning veteran player who has been away for some time, there are guides here to help you get started in the brave new world of Destiny.
    • Here are three guides provided by Bungie, Ric Molina,  and Alex (‘Haruspis’) to help get you started! 
    • Clicking on the buttons below will direct you to their respective sites.
      • Shattered Vault is not affiliated with these external sites! If you like the content that they provide, be sure to support the creators! 
  • For Seasonal and Weekly Information, refer to our Destiny 2 Dashboard!

Learn more about what's happening this week and this season in Destiny!

Destiny 2 Dashboard

Vanguard Operations

  • By now, you have ventured throughout the solar system driving back our enemies and have a general understanding of how the mechanics of this massive world work.
  • Here are some guides provided by Shattered Vault that go into more detail on some of the more general mechanics, such as Heroic Public Events, Randomly Rolled Weapons, and Season Preparations.  

Vanguard Database: Destinations

  • Throughout your journey in Destiny 2, you will venture to multiple locations all across the solar system.
  • Some locations specifically are more dynamic in nature, with their own special activities to partake in, specific loot to hunt, and secrets to uncover. 

Vanguard Tower Special Events

  • Throughout the year, Destiny 2 features limited-time events for all players to partake in! When active, Eva Levante, everyone’s favourite Space Grandma, makes an appearance in the Tower to get Guardians started with the event. 
  • Seasonal Events typically offer a unique activity or objective, with new loot and triumphs to earn.

Competitive Activities

  • If you’ve stepped into the Crucible, you probably realize that it’s a completely different environment than what you are used to in the PvE side of things. Most often, you will find yourself in a fast-paced environment against fellow Guardians. 
  • Destiny’s PvP game modes offer a variety of team-related objectives, with the main game mode being Quickplay Control.


  • The Drifter invites two teams of four to partake in his Gambit arena, a PvEvP activity that requires Guardians to eliminate enemies, collect and bank motes, summon a boss and defeat it before the opposing team does!
  • While banking motes, each team has an opportunity to send blockers to the opposing team to prevent them from banking.
  • Furthermore, one Guardian from each team can also invade the other side to eliminate as many opponents as they can for a short time. 

The Destiny Community

One of, if not the most amazing part of the Destiny experience, is the people that you meet and interact with over the years of playing and evolving with the game. As years go on, more and more community members have begun their journey with streamingcontent creation, and artwork! Visit the Community Focus and Artist Alley pages to view just a small portion of our community. Wanting more variety? Visit the Twitch or YouTube Directories to view more! (doing so will redirect you to the respective sites)

Visit the Third-Party Apps page to familiarize yourself with some of the major apps and websites that fellow Guardians have created to enhance your Destiny experience. 

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