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Last Updated: 03/12/2023

Savathûn's Throne World

  • Shortly after the return of Mars, Savathûn revealed herself and we ended up chasing her into her Throne World.
  • Now, the Throne World can be explored at free will, and all of its secrets are for us to discover.
  • Fynch, the Lucent Ghost that helped us throughout the Witch Queen campaign, is our vendor for this world.
Quick Lore − Throne World

Savathûn's Throne World, Pocket Dimension

The Witch Queen Campaign

Normal vs Legendary Mode

  • The Witch Queen has introduced a brand-new player experience by offering two versions of the campaign:
    • Normal Mode: Your traditional campaign mode. Expect your usual mission combat.
    • Legendary Mode: The Power Level between you and your enemies are scaled, and there are limited revives and modifiers to make this a challenging experience. Earn additional rewards, XP and bonus rewards after completing the campaign. Difficulty is also adjusted based on fireteam size.

Vendor: Fynch

  • As you progress through the Witch Queen campaign, you will be introduced to a new vendor − Fynch
  • Earn reputation by looting chests and materials, completing bounties and completing various activities in the Throne World, such as patrols, missions, public events and Lost Sectors!
  • As you level up with Fynch, you will be able to also unlock a variety of rewards from Fynch, ranging from armour, weapons, shaders and more! 
    • NOTE: Some rewards require campaign progress!

When exploring the Throne World, pick up bounties. Regular bounties reward 50 reputation!

Throne World: Daily Bounty
Throne World: Additional Bounty
Memory Alembic Quest | Required quest to charge the Qualichor Consumable found from a Lucent Executioner chest,
Qualichor | Obtained from a Lucent Executioner Chest.
Of Queens and Worms Quest | Acquired after completing the Witch Queen campaign and speaking with Queen Mara Sov.
Confidential | This means you haven't completed enough or met the requirements of this item.

Missions & Exotic Quests

Evidence Board

  • The Evidence Board is a quest vendor located at The Enclave on Mars that provides a series of quests revolving around the Hidden’s investigations throughout the Throne World.
  • Legendary Quests from the Evidence Board will unlock new activities and rewards Throne World Weapons.
  • There are a total of seven quests to complete and will only become visible once certain conditions have been met.
    • REPORT: RESONANCE-COMP − Collect Osmic Fragments in three locations. 
    • REPORT: ALTAR-REFLECT − Visit a new access point to the Altar of Reflection in the Temple of the Wrathful while you have your Enigma Glaive equipped. 
    • REPORT: SCORN-ORDER −Defeat Scorn and complete The Wellspring: Defend
    • REPORT: RELIC-DATA − Shape Empirical EvidenceLikely Suspect, Red Herring, Come to Pass and Tarnation. Rewards 
    • REPORT: STEPS-RETRACED − Defeat Champions in the Weekly Story Mission to earn New Insights (item). 
    • REPORT: PYRAMID-INSPECT − Complete the Preservation Mission and defeat scorn.
    • REPORT: REVERSE-LURE − Lure the Lucent Brood out using the Osmic Fragment and defeat them. Rewards an Exotic Glaive.
  • To learn more, view our Video Guides!

When working on the Evidence Board, be sure to pick up bounties for XP and reputation!

Secrets of the Throne World

  • Savathûn’s Throne World has many secrets and it’s up to the Guardians to discover and unravel them all!
  • As you may soon notice, there are Deepsight instances scattered throughout the Throne World that, when connected to, reveal hidden secrets such as chests and runes, that provide loot and XP.
    • There are also hidden encounters spread throughout the location as well!
  • Guardians can earn triumphs by unlocking these secrets, some of which are necessary for the Gumshoe Seal.
  • Hover or click on the panels below to learn more about each secret triumph.

Elementary, My Dear

Complete a timed Deepsight Puzzle.
Complete a timed activity. Eligible activities include when you are tasked to shoot the Green Sigils (with the With Queen symbol) and where you have to Light the Torches within a short period of time.
View Video Guide

Ascended Bounty Hunter

Open a chest upon defeating all three Lucent Executioners.
This is where you use a Deepsight and investigate a Scorn Corpse. Follow the green misty trails (green goop) until you locate the Lucent Executioner. Do this for all three locations (Alluring Curtain, Queen's Baily, and Witch's Echo)
View Video Guide


Open chests revealed by timed Deepsight Puzzles.
Like the 'Elementary, My Dear' triumph, you'll want to complete timed Deepsight activities. You'll need to open 50 in total. Eligible activities include when you are tasked to shoot the Green Sigils and where you have to Light the Torches within a short period of time.
View Video Guide

Predator of Predators

Open a chest upon defeating Savathûn's Executioners.
This is where you use a Deepsight and investigate a Scorn Corpse. Follow the green misty trails until you locate the Lucent Executioner. Loot the chest. You'll need to do this 25 times. You can do this once per day. Watch the video guide for a cheese.
View Video Guide

Executioner's Hoard

Loot the Executioner's Hoard Chest.
Acquire the 'Qualichor' item obtained from a Lucent Executioner chest. Charge it by defeating Executioner Hordes in patrol areas, which are Lucent Hive with white aura surrounding them. Defeat each wave and take out the leaders. Once charged, defeat the Executioner Horde again to spawn a chest that you can access via Deepsight. This chest requires the charged Qualichor.
View Video Guide

Two Lies, Two Truth

Complete all four Altar of Reflection activities.
Complete all four Altar of Reflection missions (Pact, Insight, Choice and Catalyst). These rotate daily and can be launched from the map director.
Learn More

No Peeking

Close all Darkness Rifts in the Throne World.
Requires the Exotic Weapon, Parasite. Shoot Parasite in close proximity of yourself to gain a buff, then shoot the Darkness Rift. There are 10 in total spread throughout the Throne World.
View Video Guide


Collect and mount all Lucent Moths in the Throne World.
Locate Lucent Moth statues spread throughout the Throne World. They will be glowing somewhat white. Once obtained, mount them in the cave near Fynch. You'll gain progress toward the triumph once you mount them. There are 10 in total.
View Video Guide

Chief Investigator

Complete Secret Triumphs in the Throne World.
Complete the other Secret Triumphs to earn points. You'll need to earn a total of 350 points. Refer to the other triumph tiles in this section for video guides, or review the video guide in this tile.
View Video Guide

The Wellspring

  • The Wellspring is a 6-player matchmade activity accessible once you’ve completed the Witch Queen Campaign and subsequent quest, ‘The Spring of Power.’
  • This activity rotates daily and has an attack and defend variation:
    • Attack: The goal is to retake control of the Wellspring. You’ll face an army of Lucent Hive.
    • Defend: The goal is to defend the Wellspring from an invading force of Scorn. 
  • There is a normal mode, which has matchmaking, and a Master difficulty, which doesn’t have matchmaking.
    • Completing the Master Difficulty rewards a weekly Pinnacle Reward.


  • Each day, there will be a Throne World weapon that can drop by completing the activity.
  • This changes daily with the daily reset (12pm or 1pm EST, depending on Daylight Savings Time)
  • There are four potential weapons that can drop from Wellspring, and all four are craftable once the patterns are unlocked.
    • Click on the weapon icons to view weapon rolls; this will open a new tab to Braytech.
Come to Pass (Arc 360 RPM Auto Rifle)
Tarnation (Arc Rapid-Fire Grenade Launcher)
Father's Sins (Void Rapid-Fire Sniper Rifle)
Fel Teradiddle (Kinetic Lightweight Bow)

Video Guides

Raid: Vow of the Disciple

The Disciple Beckons...

  • The Vow of the Disciple is set in Savathûn’s Throne World within the downed Pyramid. 
  • Guardians are tasked with infiltrating this Pyramid Ship and eliminating the all-powerful Disciple of the Witness.
  • As with all raids, Guardians must create their own fireteam − there is no matchmaking.
  • Watch the community videos in this section to learn the mechanics of each encounter!

Note: Raids are endgame activities. Use communication and of course – be patient! 

Glyph Symbols

  • The primary mechanic of this raid is a set of 27 symbols that are featured throughout a variety of raid encounters. 
  • Each symbol features a different piece of artwork that makes them stand out from one another.
  • Familiarizing yourself with these symbols will prove useful for the encounters in this raid.
Symbol Chart by IGN

Seal: Disciple Slayer

  • Players can earn the Disciple-Slayer Seal by completing various triumphs from the raid.
  • Earning these triumphs will require a fireteam, and many triumphs require team coordination.
  • Some of the triumphs offer additional rewards:

Click the icon to view triumphs.

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