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Vanguard Reputation gains are doubled for the entire week for the Vanguard Ops Playlist and Nightfalls!
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Last Updated: 03/20/2023


  • After Osiris was impersonated by Savathûn during the Witch Queen, he began to see visions of an apparent ancient city hidden on Neptune.
  • As the Witness approaches, the once-hidden city Neomuna was revealed.
    • The Cloud Striders, the defenders of this city, worked with the Guardians as Calus’s Shadow Legion attempted to overtake this advanced city.
  • This destination is available as of Destiny 2: Lightfall, which arrived on February 28, 2023!
Quick Lore − Neomuna

Neomuna City, Neptune

Lightfall Campaign

Normal vs Legendary Mode

  • Like The Witch Queen, Lightall features two different experiences for the campaign:
    • Normal Mode: Your traditional campaign mode. Expect your usual mission combat.
    • Legendary Mode: The Power Level between you and your enemies are scaled, and there are limited revives and modifiers to make this a challenging experience. Earn additional rewards, XP and bonus rewards after completing the campaign. Difficulty is also adjusted based on fireteam size.

Vendor: Nimbus

  • The Rookie Cloudstrider Nimbus is the planetary vendor for Neomuna
  • Earn reputation by looting chests and materials, completing bounties and completing various activities on Neomuna such as patrols, missions, public events and Lost Sectors!
  • As you level up with Nimbus, you will also unlock a variety of rewards, ranging from armour, weapons, shaders, and more!
    • NOTE: Some rewards require campaign progress!

When exploring Neomuna, pick up bounties! Regular bounties reward 25 reputation!

Neomuna: Weekly Vex Incursion Bounty
Neomuna: Daily Terminal Overload Bounty | Rewards one Terminal Overload Key used to unlock the chest in that activity.
Neomuna: Daily Bounty
Neomuna: Repeatable Bounty
Neomuna: Terminal Overload Key | Acquire by completing activities or completing the Terminal Overload Bounty.

Missions & Exotic Quests

How to Unlock

  • Finish the Lightfall Campaign
  • Acquire and progress the Unfinished Business Exotic Quest until you unlock the ‘Bluejay Quest
    • The Bluejay Quest will unlock the Partition Mission.
  • To access this Weekly Mission, you must complete the ‘Vex Incursion Countermeasures’ Weekly Bounty offered by Nimbus

How to Complete Partition: Hard Reset

  1. Complete the Timed-Sparrow Track while avoiding obstacles and enemy fire.
    • Progressing through track sections and defeating enemies will extend the timer!
    • Driving over the glowing arrows will provide speed boosts.
    • Use your brakes when needed when turning tight corners.
  2. At the end of each timed-sparrow track, there is a platform of enemies that you must push through and dismantle the explosive device.
    • Defeating enemies will give you more time to safely dismantle the explosive device.
  3. Once you’ve completed the Sparrow Track and Platform sections, you’ll fight the boss.
    • At certain health points, the boss will go immune and you will have to complete a smaller Timed-Sparrow track and dismantle the explosive device at the end. 
  4. Defeating the boss will reward a Pinnacle Reward.

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How to Unlock

  • Finish the Lightfall campaign
  • Quinn Laghari will be the vendor where you receive these quests

Quest: Welcome to the Hall of Heroes

  • This is the introductory quest for the Hall of Heroes, obtained after completing the Lightfall campaign.
  • The quest will task you with visiting 8 consoles with audio messages within the Hall of Heroes, and visiting/scanning damaged memorials.
  • Completing this quest will unlock the Quest, ‘Stargazer.’
    • Each quest will provide a Powerful Reward upon completion.

Quest: Stargazer

  1. Loot the Terminal Overload reward chest at the end of the activity.
  2. Defeat the Vex Hydra in Esi Terminal to obtain a high-security passcode.
  3. Obtain a Terminal Overload Key by completing public events, looting chests, or completing patrols.
  4. Use a key to open a Terminal Overload Key Chest.
  5. Return to the Hall of Heroes to repair Stargazer’s memorial.
  6. Return to Quinn to discuss the next steps.
    • This will unlock the next quest, Maelstrom.

Quest: Maelstrom

  1. Bond with Strand sources, and participate in public events, patrols, and loot resources, all within the Vex Incursion Zone.
    • Equip a Ghost mod that can detect chests, materials or both!
    • Completing Heroic Public Events will earn you the most progress.
    • Kill and Collect Patrols are the easiest patrols to complete.
  2. Complete the Lost Sector within the Vex Incursion Zone.
  3. Return to the Hall of Heroes to repair Maelstrom’s memorial.
  4. Return to Quinn to discuss the next steps.
    • This will unlock the next quest, Bluejay.

Quest: Bluejay

  1. Visit Nimbus.
  2. Defeat combatants in the current Vex Incursion Zone with a Strand subclass equipped to obtain Shellcode Fragments, and open a Terminal Overload Key Chest to obtain a Polymorphic Engine.
  3. Complete the Partition activity.
  4. Return to the Hall of Heroes to repair Bluejay’s memorial.
  5. Return to Quinn to discuss the next steps.
    • This will unlock the next Quest, Strider, which will reward the Exotic Glaive, Winterbite.

Quest: Strider

  • Unlocks ‘Winterbite‘ Exotic Heavy Glaive


  • Complete the legendary quests offered by Quinn Laghari at the Hall of Heroes


  1. Visit the archivist.
  2. Spend keys on a Terminal Overload Key Chest in three different areas of Neomuna.
  3. Defeat Shadow Legion forces in Neomuna to find location data, and dive into the Ahimsa Park Lost Sector for a data cipher to put the data together.
  4. The archivist wants to discuss your findings.
  5. Approach Strider’s memorial to repair it.
  6. Destroy the Hydras and shut down the confluxes at Maya’s Retreat.
  7. The archivist has a reward for you.

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  • Rewards ‘Final Warning‘ Exotic Strand Sidearm


  • Acquire all Strand Aspects, Fragments and Grenades on at least one character.


  1. Visit Nimbus in Striders’ Gate in Neomuna.
  2. Search for Strand-inoculated gadgets in Veil Containment in Neomuna.
  3. Defeat the Shadow Legion looters and read their orders to learn where they took the spoils.
  4. Retrieve the Veil spectrometer from the Typhon Imperator.
  5. Visit the Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes in Neomuna.
  6. Complete Osiris’s training program in Radiosonde in at least 5 minutes and 30 seconds to retune the Veil spectrometer.
  7. Visit the Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes to finish your Strand weapon.

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  • Rewards ‘Deterministic Chaos‘ Void Machine Gun


  1. Visit the Hall of Heros on Neomuna. This quest will open up that area at the top of the map.
  2. After watching the cutscene, visit Nimbus to find out why they left Rohan’s induction ceremony early.
  3. Collect cipher qubits from the Vex and use them to extract Rohan’s data from Cloud Accretions in Neomuna.
  4. Locate the final data packet in Maya’s Retreat.
  5. Survive the Vex attack in Maya’s Retreat and recover the data packet from their Conflux.
  6. Regroup with Nimbus and Osiris in Radiosonde to find out what was in Rohan’s notes.
  7. Retrieve a Vex compass from the Lost Sector in Liming Harbor.
  8. Create chaos in Ahimsa Park to draw Shadow Legion forces away from Calus’s ship. The more you use your abilities to defeat combatants, the more mayhem you create.
  9. The passkey’s other component is a Seed of Silver Wings. One can be found in Calus’s trove deep within the Typhon Imperator.
  10. Return to Nimbus in Striders’ Gate to build a passkey.
  11. Complete the mission “What Remains.”
  12. Bring the Conceptual Mind’s memory core to Nimbus in Striders’ Gate.
  13. Go to the Hall of Heroes to honour those who cut their years short for the sake of humanity.

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Hall of Heroes

  • Once you’ve completed the Lightfall campaign, you will gain access to the Hall of Heroes, a sanctuary of sorts that honours fallen Cloudstriders.
  • The Hall of Heroes is located north of Nimbus; a transmat landing zone will become available as you rank up with Nimbus!
  • The leading vendor for this area on Neomuna is the archivist, ‘Quinn Laghari,’ who will provide you with a tour, some lore, and quests for you to complete.
  • Refer to ‘Missions & Exotic Quests‘ for more details on each Exotic Quest!

Secrets of Neomuna

They're Not Dolls

Find and collect Neomuna Action Figures.
Spread throughout Neomuna, Guardians can find collectible action figure items. 2 of these items will become available each week throughout Lightfall.
View Video Guide

The City and the Mystery

Locate and complete secret events spread across Neomuna.
These secret events occur at random points and can appear at any of the main public Neomuna locations. View the video guide for more information.
View Video Guide

Terminal Overload

  • Terminal Overload is a brand-new public activity featured on Neomuna
  • This activity rotates between locations daily.
  • You can either travel to the area featuring the daily Terminal Overload or select the available node on the map to load you directly at that location.
    • Tip: If you don’t find anyone after travelling to the Terminal Overload location, you can re-select the node to launch you into a different server!


  • There are certain weapons that can only be obtained by completing the Terminal Overload activity and opening the additional chest by using the Terminal Overload key (or a random, rare Focused Kill Patrol).
    • Terminal Overload keys can be acquired by completing activities or the daily Terminal Overload bounty.
  • Each Terminal Overload will have its own featured weapon, rotating amongst 3 different weapons.
Synchronic Roulette (Strand 600 RPM Submachine Gun)

Video Guides

Raid: Root of Nightmares

The Traveler has awoken an ancient threat...

  • The Root of Nightmares is located within the Pyramid Ship that the Traveler attacked with a beam of powerful Light during the events of Lightfall.
  • What inadvertently happened was the Traveler awakening Nezarec, a powerful dark force of nature.
  • Nezarec’s influence was so great that it even impacted the citizens in Neomuna’s digital city, the Cloud Ark, causing nightmares and cursed visions.

Note: Raids are endgame activities. Use communication and of course – be patient! 

Encounters: General Information & Mechanics

  • There are 4 main encounters during this raid
  • Click on the collapsed sections below to learn more about each encounter!
    • For more details, please refer to the raid guide videos provided in this section.

General Information

  • The objective of this encounter is to introduce Guardians to the primary mechanic for the raid, which is to connect a series of nodes together.
    • 1 − Two players collect the ‘Field of Light’ buff from the starting node and work together to complete the network.
    • 2 − The remaining players focus on add-clear, focusing on Psions and Tormentors.

Key Mechanics

  1. Sweeping Terror: A 33-second debuff that wipes the team when it hits zero.
    • This can be extended by defeating Tormentors, which will appear after defeating two Psions encased in a bubble-like aura.
  2. Nodes: A series of nodes that must be connected by shooting a node while holding the Field of Light buff. An activated node points to the next one in sequence. A complete set temporarily halts the Sweeping Terror debuff.
  3. Field of Light: A 15-second buff acquired by shooting the glowing node/one with the aura.
    • Hitting the next node in sequence while holding the buff activates the node while also consuming the buff.
  4. Disruption: Players lose the Field of Light buff and must recollect it.
    • This occurs when the aura node is activated if the next node has not been activated and someone has the buff outside of the aura.

General Information

  • Similar to Cataclysm, the goal is to connect nodes, except this time doing so on multiple levels.
    • 1 − Collect the Field of Light or Flux of Darkness and cross to the other side and activate the node.
    • 2 − Cross back to the starting side and activate the next node, repeat until all nodes on a level are connected.
    • 3 − Use the piston at the end to reach the next floor and repeat the process.

Key Mechanics

  1. Field of Light / Flux of Darkness: A 15 seconds buff that allows a player to activate the next node.
    • Buff is acquired by standing within the glowing aura and shooting the node.
    • Shooting the next node in the sequence consumes this buff.
    • The buff also allows players to damage the Redolence of Splendor enemies.
    • Buffs cannot activate a node of the opposite colour.
  2. Node: A series of nodes that are activated by shooting it while standing on its plate while also having a Field of Light or Flux of Darkness buff.
    • Activating a node consumes the Field of Light / Flux of Darkness buff.
  3. Imminent Expulsion: A timer that will wipe the team.
    • NOTE: The Timer disappears when both networks are completed.
  4. Redolence of Splendor: Unique enemies that can only be damaged when a player has the Field of Light / Flux of Darkness buff.
  5. Pistons: Used to cross the gap by shooting the shard to activate the piston.
    • The piston at the end of a level activates once its network is built.
    • Caution to Warlocks: This mechanic may not fully lift you; ensure you boost yourself as you are being moved to the other section; alternatively, have a sword with eager edge!
  6. Disruption: Removes the Field of Light / Flux of Darkness buffs.
    • Occurs when an aura node is shot when a player with the buff is moving to activate the next node in the network.

General Information

  • A completely different mechanic than the other two encounters.
  • The goal of this encounter is to move the light and dark planets so that one side is all light and one side is all dark. Then, grabbing three planets and taking them to the middle for a damage phase.
    • 1 − Defeat Honored Centurions to spawn Terrestrial Lieutenants, and defeating them grants Planetary Insight.
    • 2 − Guardians must call out the odd one-out planets and take them to the opposite side of the room. (left all Light, right all Darkness)
    • 3− Defeat enemies, defeat Lieutenants, and call out three planet colours in the middle.
    • 4 − Collect planets and deposit them into the correct positions.
    • 5 − Deal damage to the boss while standing below planets that correspond to its shield.

Key Mechanics

  1. Planetary Insight: Ability to see the planet’s colour, either Light or Darkness.
    • Acquired by defeating Terrestrial Lieutenants.
  2. Planetary Attunement/Alignment: On-screen text when standing below a planet.
    • Attunement is when grabbing a planet.
    • Alignment is when you’re delivering a planet.
  3. Planetary Affinity: Holding a planet as you take it to another location.
  4. Planetary Shift: The time you have to place a planet in another location.
  5. Field of Light / Flux of Darkness: A 7-second buff that grants bonus damage to the boss.
    • Acquired by standing below the planets.
  6. Shard: Shoot to speed up the processes of the encounter.
    • If all planets are inserted, shoot it to move to the indexing phase.
    • If you miss a planet, shoot it to move to the Centurion/Lieutenant phase.

General Information

  • The objective of the final encounter is to create two connections of nodes, one full connection on the left and one on the right.
    • This is the Field of Light and Flux of Darkness nodes as seen in the first two encounters.
    • Once both are made, a damage phase will begin!
    • Note that when players are attempting to establish the connection of nodes, Nezarec must be stunned by shooting his chest; if players fail to stun him, he will perform a team wipe.
  • For this encounter, it is recommended to have the following tasks sorted by the team:
    • One player establishing the Field of Light connection
    • One player establishing the Flux of Darkness connection
    • Two or Three players on add-clearing duty
    • One or Two players focusing on Nezarec’s weak points (shooting his chest) and also clear any adds when possible.

Key Mechanics

  1. Field of Light / Flux of Darkness: A 15 seconds buff that allows a player to activate the next node.
    • Buff is acquired by standing within the glowing aura and shooting the node.
    • Shooting the next node in the sequence consumes this buff.
  2. Disruption: Players lose the Field of Light buff and must recollect it.
    • This occurs when the aura node is activated if the next node has not been activated and someone has the buff outside of the aura.
  3. Refuge: As you continue to do damage phases, the window of opportunity to stun Nezarec becomes shorter and shorter.
    • At this point, players will establish a Refuge, which can be done by keeping an eye on the colour of Nezarec’s shoulder when stunned:
      • If dark, you need a Darkness’s Refuge; take a Field of Light buff to a Flux of Darkness node.
      • If light, you need a Light’s Refuge; take a Flux of Darkness buff to a Field of Light node.
    • Doing so will create a safety zone that emits an aura that lasts for 15 seconds which will protect you from Nezarec’s wipe mechanic.
      • Note that this aura doesn’t protect you from attacks!
  4. Final Stand: Once you get Nezarec’s health down to near diminished, Nezarec will go into the Final Stand.
    • At this point, the only objective is to unleash everything you have on Nezarec until he’s destroyed.

Raid Loot

Rufus's Fury (Strand 720 RPM Auto Rifle)
Mykel's Reverence (Strand 450 RPM Sidearm)
Nessa's Oblation (Void Slug Shotgun)
Acasia's Dejection (Solar Trace Rifle)
Koraxis's Distress (Strand Rapid-Fire Heavy Grenade Launcher)
Briar's Contempt (Solar Aggressive Linear Fusion Rifle)

Seal: Dream Warrior

  • Players can earn the Dream Warrior Seal by completing various triumphs from the raid.
  • Earning these triumphs will require a fireteam, and many triumphs require team coordination.
  • Some of the triumphs offer additional rewards.
Emblem: Terrors Uprooted
Complete the raid on any difficulty.
Click to view item on Braytech!
Shader: Oxidized Lead
Loot all hidden chests in the raid.
Click to view item on Braytech!
Exotic Ship: Gift of Cruelty
Complete the raid on Master Difficulty.
Click to view item on Braytech!
Exotic Sparrow: Dream Demon
Complete all encounter challenges on Master Difficulty.
Click to view item on Braytech!

Click the icon to view triumphs.

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