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Introduced in the Season of the Splicer (Season 14), Transmogrification is now available for all Guardians, a process that enables Guardians to wear any armour appearance on their currently equipped legendary armour set! Ada-1 has returned to the Tower and, with the help of Guardians, has secured unique Braytech secrets allowing her to create a device she refers to as The Loom

The Loom creates a material known as Synthweave, which when used on armour, converts it to a Universal Ornament, allowing Guardians to use their armour appearance whenever they wish!

To get started, visit Ada-1 in the Tower Annex.

How To Create Synthweave

Ada-1 will initially provide Guardians with a quest to create their first set of Synthweave. Going forward, however, there is a process required by Ada-1 in order to create the material necessary for your Universal Ornaments. Most common, rare, and legendary armour pieces can be converted to a Universal Ornament! 

  • Step 1: Visit Ada-1 in the Tower Annex.
  • Step 2: Purchase Bounties offered by Ada-1 to receive Synthcord.
    • A bounty costs 10,000 Glimmer. You can only choose one bounty at a time.
    • Ada-1 offers 5 different activity-based bounties with randomized objectives:
      • Vanguard Threader: Objectives related to Vanguard Strikes and Nightfalls.
      • Crucible Threader: Objectives related to Crucible game modes.
      • Gambit Threader: Objectives related to Gambit.
      • Destination Threader: Objectives related to free-roam activities, such as patrol or events (ex: Altar of Sorrow)
      • Raid/Dungeon Threader: Objectives related to raids or dungeons.
    • Note: Deleting a bounty will only return a small portion of your synthstrand back! 
  • Step 3: Return to the Loom in the Annex to convert your Synthcord into Synthweave

NEW: Ada-1 has removed the Synthcord requirement for bounties. Instead, the cost to acquire bounties is 10,000 Glimmer per bounty!

As an alternative route, Guardians may visit Tess Everis in the Tower to purchase Synthweave Templates for 300 Silver for one template or 1000  Silver for five templates.

Armour Synthesis Bungie Icon
Armour Synthesis - Sleek Synthcord (Hunter)
Armour Synthesis - Synthweave Template (Any Class)

Ada-1's Inventory

Threader Bounties

Threader bounties are offered to Guardians that reward Synthcord, the necessary material that can be converted to Synthweave. Each bounty costs 150 Synthstrand and Guardians can only hold one bounty at a time. Each bounty has a randomized objective. 

Note: Fellow Guardians recommend focusing on Vanguard or Crucible Threader Bounties, depending on your preference of gameplay, as the objectives are more straightforward compared to the other bounty choices.

Armour Sets

To assist Guardians with their armour collections, Ada-1 offers a full set of armour with fixed stats each week. The Stats are randomized and may be purchased with various materials.

Material Exchange

To stay ahead of the competition, Ada-1 now also offers daily exchanges of rare materials and mods for Guardians to purchase. Items available here rotate at each daily reset. 

Armour Synthesis - Vanguard Threader
Armour Synthesis - Crucible Threader
Armour Synthesis - Gambit Threader
Armour Synthesis - Destination Threader
Armour Synthesis - Raid Dungeon Threader

Armour Customization

How to Create a Universal Ornament

Access the Armour Customization page via your Character Inventory Menu. From there, you have access to a page that enables armour customization. A video has been provided for your reference!

  • Step 1: Select the armour type you wish to customize. (Ex: Chest Armour)
  • Step 2: In the Default Ornament slot, access your available and pending armour pieces.
    • All armour pieces with a 🔒 symbol have yet to be unlocked as an ornament. 
    • Hover over the armour piece you wish to convert.
  • Step 3: Use the designated command depending on your platform to unlock the piece, effectively converting it into a Universal Ornament! 
    • You can select Apply to make that armour piece appear on your character!
    • Your ornaments will also appear on the individual armour pieces in the character menu as well, once unlocked. 

The New Shader System

As of Season 14, all acquired shaders are automatically unlocked – there is no cost to apply shaders on your gear! You can apply your shaders to each individual armour piece, or alternatively – in the armour customization page, you can use the Apply to All button to instantly apply the specified shader to all of your armour pieces!

Current Limitations

Several Year 1 armour ornaments are currently unavailable due to “technical constraints,” but Bungie is working hard to provide a solution to this in a future Season. You can find the full list of what’s missing below:

    • Year 1 Vanguard sets
    • Year 1 Crucible sets
    • Year 1 Iron Banner sets
    • Year 1 Faction Rally sets
    • Year 1 Prestige Raid sets
    • Year 1 Trials of the Nine sets

Most common, rare, and legendary armour pieces can be converted to Universal Ornaments. Due to the capabilities of exotic armour, they cannot be converted.


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