A new update has arrived for Destiny 2. To learn more, visit the Destiny 2 Dashboard or visit Bungie.net.
Throughout the week, Crucible reputation gains are doubled! Make Shaxx and Saladin proud!
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Gambit Reputation gains are doubled for the entire week! Grab those motes!
Throughout the week, Crucible reputation gains are doubled! Make Shaxx and Saladin proud!
Trials Reputation gains are doubled all weekend! Visit Saint-XIV this weekend to grab a passage and earn some new loot!
Destiny 2 has been taken offline in preparation for the seasonal update.
A new update has arrived for Destiny 2. To learn more, visit the Destiny 2 Dashboard or visit Bungie.net.
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Vanguard Reputation gains are doubled for the entire week for the Vanguard Ops Playlist and Nightfalls!
Rewards from Nightfalls are doubled for the entire week! ​
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Iron Banner is live! Complete event challenges to earn Pinnacle Rewards and Iron Banner loot!




January 24, 2023 - January 31, 2023

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Active Event: Iron Banner

This event is not active.
Seasonal Information

Featured Game Mode: Fortress

Schedule: January 3 & January 31

Game Mode Rules & Tips

  • Game Objective: In Iron Banner: Fortress, the core gameplay is to score more points than your opponent by capturing and defending zones; the hunt will activate twice per match.
  • General Game Mechanics:
    • Capture zones like you would in regular Control. Gain 2 points for each zone your team controls at each time interval.
    • When your team controls 2 zones, your team will have zone advantage which will grant you 4 points at each time interval.
    • When your team controls all 3 zones, your team will have a power play. Your team will gain 6 points at each time interval.
    • When the hunt is active, Empress Caiatl will send a high-value zone via Drop pod.
      • This zone is quick to capture and awards a large number of points over a shorter period of time.

What's New

  • Two Reprised Weapons are coming back in Season 19!
  • The Iron Companion Armour Set from The Taken King has returned! 


Gunnora's Axe (Suros Arc Slug Shotgun)
Dark Decider (Veist Arc Rapid-Fire Auto Rifle)






A Destiny Update has arrived!

Update & Update

An update has been deployed for Destiny 2 on all platforms!
  • The approximate size of the download for Update is 104 MB (Steam) and 294 MB (PS5). This however can vary from platform to platform. 
  • A subsequent update was released to resolve issues that occurred after deploying This update is less than 10MB.
  • For PlayStation users, copying is required for any updates that are over 80MB. While you wait, take a peek at the patch notes!
  • If you do not see the update, try rebooting your system or try again in a little bit for it to arrive on your platform.
  • If available, click on the Patch Notes button to view the latest patch notes released by Bungie!
Players are encouraged to report any issues found to the Bungie Help Forums.

Bungie Help

Update Patch Notes

Solidarity with the People of Ukraine

Solidarity with the People of Ukraine

Cоняшник (Sunflower)

A new emblem has been created for players to show their support for the people of Ukraine and all of those impacted during this ongoing crisis, and beyond. This emblem is free for all players using the universal code below.


Like Bungie, we stand with the people of Ukraine and everyone impacted by the ongoing war. The Bungie Foundation committed to donating 100 percent of the proceeds from the first 48 hours of their Game2Give charity initiative directly to humanitarian aid organizations in an effort to help the people impacted by this war, raising $120,000. There’s more that can be done!
If you are looking to support the current conflict, there are some organizations vetted by Bungie that you can donate to.
As of March 9, Bungie will be working with their partners to suspend all Destiny 2 sales and commerce in Russia and Belarus. Players in these regions will still be able to play any Destiny 2 content they have already purchased and download the free game but will no longer be able to purchase new content or Silver.

Pre-Order the Lightfall Expansion!

Destiny 2's next expansion is launching on FEBRUARY 28, 2023! To learn more about the new expansion, and how to pre-order, hover over/click on this panel to access a link to Bungie.net!

Season 19: Season of the Seraph

Story Synopsis
  • The Hive God of War moves to seize control of Rasputin’s network of weaponized satellites.
  • In her hands, she would turn its devastating power on the Last City.
  • To stop her, the Vanguard has authorized special covert operations armed with the Warmind’s most advanced weaponry.
    • Agents conducting these operations are known as Seraphs.


Activities this Season

There are new activities to play!

New Seasonal Activity – Heist Battlegrounds

  • Seraphs have deployed to multiple destinations to infiltrate Braytech facilities, bypass advanced defence systems, and neutralize hordes of Wrathborn.
  • Your security clearance has been granted and your Seraph fireteam awaits, Guardian.

New Exotic Mission − Operation Seraph’s Shield

  • For this mission to succeed, Guardians must gain access to the most impenetrable facility in the solar system: a Braytech orbital platform above the Last City.
  • Break through layers of security each week and awaken Rasputin before it’s too late.

New Weapon to Pursue − Revision Zero

  • Once deep enough within the facility, Guardians will reach the weapon Revision Zero. 
  • In the weeks following its discovery, multiple catalysts can be acquired, each adding to the mysterious Exotic’s power.

New Dungeon – Spire of the Watcher

  • Venture into an old facility on Mars, take out some Vex and earn some wild western loot!
  • Requires Dungeon Key or Deluxe Edition for Witch Queen
What's New this Season?
  • Many weapons and armour updates with the launch of the season.
  • Winter Event − The Dawning: Eva Levante brings The Dawning back to the Tower. Join fellow Guardians, work on your Event Card and celebrate the holidays!
    • The Dawning starts December 13.
  • Moments of Triumph:
    • As the final Season of the year begins, reflect on all you have accomplished and seize the moment to add to your impressive collection of victories.
      • For although the journey begins anew, our triumphs are with us forever.
    • MMXXII: Celebrate the year by visiting your favourite destinations and conquering new and long-postponed challenges with a fervour that inspires future Guardians to greatness.
    • As always, Bungie Rewards will be available to earn!
  • Iron Banner x New PvP Mode: For Season 19, Iron Banner brings Iron Banner: Fortress to the table. This brand-new mode has elements of Zone Control and Capture the Flag.
  • Destiny 2 x Ubisoft: Bungie and Ubisoft have partnered up to bring cosmetics to both universes! Purchase new cosmetics from the Eververse Store and also by visiting the respective store in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.
Seasonal Challenges

Complete weekly objectives to earn additional XP that will contribute to your Season Rank as well as your artifact power boost. Objectives unlocked each week remain unlocked for the duration of the season, allowing players to complete the objectives whenever they so choose. Complete the Season Triumph associated with the Seasonal Challenges before the end of the season to unlock the associated Triumph which rewards a large pile of bright dust.

  • For your convenience, here is a breakdown of the objectives available for each week, courtesy of Braytech.
  • For technical reasons, this frame defaults to a specific profile, but you can view your profile at any time. Spoiler – this table contains all challenges for the entire season!

Video Guides

Fellow Guardians have created guides to help you better understand the Seasonal Content, ranging from activities to the secrets within. We do encourage all Guardians to try to self-discover the content, but if you’re stuck and need some assistance, use the video guides below!

Be sure to support the content creators featured in this section if you enjoy their content!

Video Guides for Current Year Content

Operation: Seraph's Shield

Spire of the Watcher Dungeon

Season 19: Season of the Seraph

Season 18: Season of Plunder

Season 17: Season of the Haunted

Season 16: Season of the Risen

Exotic Quests



Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Take Back the Light!

After her escape from the Dreaming City, Savathûn was able to do the unthinkable − wield the Light. Savathûn has gifted her soldiers with the powers of the light.

It is up to the Guardians to solve the grand mystery of how she was able to steal our light, confront the Lucent Brood in Savathûn’s Throne World, and destroy the Hive Goddess of Trickery before all hell breaks loose.

New Campaign Missions & Seasonal Activities

Regular & Legendary Campaign

Taking inspiration from endgame content, the new campaign for The Witch Queen offers a variety of mystery, challenges and loot similar to what you would find in dungeon-styled encounters. Guardians wanting a greater challenge can attempt Legendary Mode, a much more difficult variation of the campaign. With great challenge comes great rewards − more loot, more power, and triumphs await any Guardian brave enough to tackle this new game mode.

Wellspring: 6-Player Matchmade Activity

Taking place in Savathûn’s Throne World, tackle a brand new 6-player activity and storm the heart of the Throne World to gain a foothold in this ascendant realm. 

Unravel the Mystery

With the help of Ikora Rey and Eris Morn, Guardians will find clues and complete various missions in pursuit of answers. Guardians will use a Mystery Board that will aid them throughout their cosmic investigation surrounding Savathûn’s acquisition of the Traveler’s Light.

New & Returning Worlds

Guardians will venture through various locations in pursuit of the Witch Queen. One new location is that of Savathun’s very own Throne World, a mix of swamp and elegance within the ascendant plane. Seek the truth and uncover the dark mysteries within but remember: this is Savathûn’s world − it’s her playing field. 

In the escalating conflict, Mars − lost to humanity during the arrival of the Black Fleet − has returned. Uncover an ancient forging location and discover the secrets within!

New Raid: Vow of the Disciple

Among the swamps of Savathûn’s Throne World lies a sunken Pyramid. Alongside your fireteam, venture inward and confront the ancient danger imprisoned within… Rhulk beckons you.


The Hub for Emergency Logistics and Maneuvers, or H.E.L.M., is the new base for all current Vanguard operations within the system. From the H.E.L.M. Guardians can interact with the War Table, which is our central communication with the Cabal Fleet surrounding the Lucent Hive Conflict.

With the Leviathan's return near the Moon, The H.E.L.M. has been deployed within the Moon's orbit to investigate further.

Past Seasons and the DCV

The Destiny Content Vault

With the launch of Year 8 (The Witch Queen), Bungie has retired The Tangled Shore and all Year 7 Seasonal Content (excluding Battlegrounds) from the live game to free up space for new content. Triumphs and activities that have been impacted are no longer available in the live game. 

For more information regarding the upcoming content vaulting, please visit Bungie.net.

Going forward, as of Destiny 2: Lightfall, Bungie should not have to retire any further expansions or content, though this can be subject to change.

Visit Bungie.net

More information is available on Bungie.net, including how to purchase the regular and deluxe version of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen!