SEPTEMBER 4, 2018 - NOVEMBER 27, 2018

“During a containment breach, Uldren Sov and his following escape the infamous Prison of Elders in the Reef. During the escape, Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6 was killed by Uldren and his Barons. Despite Ikora’s push to action, the Vanguard remained neutral in the Awoken conflict. However, Guardians took to the Reef to avenge their fallen friend. With the assistance of Queen’s Guard officer Petra Venj, the Guardians were able to pursue and eliminate Uldren and his eight Barons. The pursuit itself led the Guardians to the Tangled Shore and later the Awoken Dreaming City, one of their most sacred places. Petra and the Guardians discover that Mara Sov, Queen of the Awoken, did not perish at the hands of Oryx, The Taken King during the Dreadnaught assault at Saturn and has been slowly preparing for a much greater war. She opened the gates to their sacred land. Petra ordered a team of six to enter the heart of the city to slay Riven of a Thousand Hearts, the last known Ahamkara and now taken by Hive God Savathûn. Unfortunately, when the Guardians destroyed Riven and her heart, she cursed the city on a time-warped cycle that has yet to be vanquished. To this day, the Awoken are on a time cycle of three weeks and are doomed to repeat whatever events occurred within that cycle. Guardians attempted to destroy Savathûn’s daughter, Dul Incaru in the hopes to break the cycle but it only added to the effect. 

Throughout the season, Guardians partook in a new challenge called Gambit, an activity created by a new member of the Tower, The Drifter, with the goal to prepare Guardians for future conflict with dark forces. As the Dreaming City evolved due to the curse cycle, Guardians sought assistance with Mara Sov via an Oracle communication device. When the curse was at its strongest, Mara would grant Guardians access to the Queen’s Court to provide information on the current conflict and what she has been preparing for. 

Eva Levante also returned to the Tower to celebrate the annual Festival of the Lost event to honour and celebrate the lives of our fallen allies. Amanda Holliday later discovered that Reef Cryptarch Master Ives was murdered by a band of Fallen enemies. Guardian’s investigated the murder and eventually caught up with the Fallen in the quarantined Cosmodrome and got vengeance for Master Ives.”

Internal Screaming


"Ascendant Plane"

"Explosive Headshot"


"Quick Bow"

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