AUGUST 24, 2021 - FEBRUARY 22, 2022
A Tale of Two Queens − August 24 – December 8, 2021

“Following the events of the Endless Night and the Battle at Botza Ruins, the Guardian, Saint-XIV and Crow were sent to the Dreaming City to locate and bring back Osiris who went missing during the conflict. The three Guardians eventually located Osiris, who was meeting with the Queen of the Awoken, Mara Sov. Crow made his attempt to convince Osiris that it isn’t too late to come back to the city to make things right. It was then revealed that it was actually Savathûn who was imitating Osiris, but before she could make her escape, Mara Sov bound her in a crystallized form. As a bargaining tactic, Savathûn made an offer: help her be free of her Worm and she will release Osiris. 

In an uneasy alliance, both the Vanguard and the Awoken began working on a plan to set this in motion and created a gateway accessible via the H.E.L.M to access Mara Sov’s Chambers, an undisclosed location that was keeping Savathûn for the time being. The first step was to rescue Mara’s lost Techeun Witches by aligning the Lay Lines deep within the Dreaming City and then cleanse the Techeuns of their Taken Essence that had been corrupting them. By venturing into the Shattered Realm and uncovering the lost secrets within, Guardians were able to rescue all Techeuns over the course of several weeks.

Crow was originally quite involved with the operation, despite some, such as Petra Venj, who did not appreciate his involvement. It was up until Crow confronted Savathûn that he realized that he needed to be reassigned knowing full well that he could be lured into Savathûn’s trickery and temptations. Savathûn also spoke with the Guardian regarding the events that have transpired over the last year, including her Interference back during the conflict with the Black Fleet’s arrival in the System. Eventually, Mara restricted access to Savathun until they were ready to exorcise her Worm. 

Into the Paraverse − December 8, 2021 – February 15, 2022

After a short quiet period, Xur summoned Guardians into Eternity to test their mantle against the Great Dares of Eternity, a gameshow event created by an all-powerful Starhorse. Tasked with completing activities and impressing the eternal equine, Guardians were rewarded with endless loot from the Paraverse, including weapons from other realities, accessible from Xur’s Treasure Hoard. Guardians were also able to locate a powerful weapon that was kept in an out-of-this-world cryopod near Eternity.

Once hidden beneath the famed Loot Cave in the Cosmodrome, a new dungeon was discovered where Guardians ventured through to uncover secrets and old weaponry, following the footsteps of a lost Guardian who went mad over his obsession with loot. Guardians were also able to once again craft and wield the infamous Gjallarhorn

Throughout the Season, Guardians completed their regular Tower activities such as Iron Banner. Mara Sov provided clues for the Guardian to find and locate the Ager’s Sceptor, a powerful darkness-infused Trace Rifle that was originally meant for her brother, Uldren Sov. Eva Levante also returned to celebrate the Dawning encouraging Guardians to bake goods and deliver them throughout the solar system − even to Mara Sov and the Stranger! Shortly after Xur arrived with his Paraversal offerings, Guardians also worked on the yearly Moments of Triumph, celebrating their victories and accomplishments over the last year. 

Savathûn’s Plan − February 15 – February 22, 2022

After many weeks of preparation, the ley lines were aligned and the exorcism site was ready to extract Savathûn’s Worm God. Guardians made final alignment and made their way through Xivu Arath’s forces that were desperately trying to prevent the exorcism from happening. At the exorcism site, Queen Mara and her Techeuns began the ritual as the Guardians and Saint-XIV protected the Queens from Xivu Arath’s Champions.  Successfully repelling the Hive, Mara and the Techeuns were able to free Savathun from her Worm God. Before Mara could execute the Goddess of Trickery, Savathûn evoked a Hive Rune allowing her to escape the moment she was freed, swapping places with Osiris

After bringing Osiris back to the Tower, Mara’s Techeuns confirmed his identity, Saint-XIV and the Vanguard thankful he is alive. With the inevitability of a looming conflict, Mara warns the Guardians to prepare. This fight is just beginning…



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