APRIL 19, 2022


  • The Wellspring: Attack:
      • Fixed an issue that could cause teams to incorrectly wipe on PED difficulty during the ritual disruption phase of Attack if they completed the objective with only a few seconds left on the clock. 
      • Added failsafe to all carry objects in the ritual and boss phases so that they respawn in a reachable location if they are never picked up for 30 seconds. This should unblock the activity if they somehow spawn or fall out of bounds. 
  • Altar of Reflection
      • Fixed an issue where the Altar of Reflection was not appearing, blocking players from completing Evidence Board Quest: Report: ALTAR-REFLECT 
  • Lost Sectors
      • Fixed an issue where Rare (blue) engrams were dropping from PED Lost Sector chests 
  • Vow of the Disciple
      • Fixed an issue where players could bring relics out of the Exhibition area. 
      • Fixed multiple places where players could get out of environment. 
      • Fixed an issue where the Resonant Shard timer would not decrement. 
      • Fixed an issue where the Symmetrical Energy triumph would trigger inconsistently. 
      • Fixed an issue where Rhulk would sometimes not transition back to his initial phase properly. 
      • Fixed an issue where players could have one of Rhulk’s weakspots open prematurely by depositing Emanating Force late in the encounter loop. 
      • Fixed an issue where The Caretaker could be permanently stunned before being able to deal damage. 
      • Fixed an issue where players could spread Leeching Force and charge it at the same time. 
      • Fixed an issue where The Caretaker’s dynamic health threshold UI would not consistently display for all players. 
  • Throne World (Freeroam):
      • Fixed an issue where runes could appear before activating deepsight, and couldn’t be revealed again if player didn’t complete puzzle from the first try. 
      • Fixed an issue where a material node in Miasma bubble was not appearing. 
      • Fixed an issue where players could duplicate the Resonant Charge carry object. 
      • Fixed issue with available lucent executioner not rotating out of Flourescent Canal. 
      • Fixed issue with qualichor pursuit auto-completing reward step. 
  • Gambit:
      • Fixed an issue where stacking the Primeval Slayer buff also ramped up super recharge to larger than intended rates. 
      • Fixed an issue where players could spawn into maps early by defeating themselves in the ready room. 
      • Fixed an issue where players would see an empty box next to enemy player names when invading.
          • This should now consistently show the enemy players’ class icon 
      • Fixed an issue where placing Titan Barricade through the Allied Invasion Portal could disable said portal. 
  • PsiOps:
      • Fixed an issue where revives did not award points for scoring. 
      • Fixed an issue where enemies sometimes didn’t spawn after entering the Dark Forest area. 
  • Trials of Osiris:
      • Fixed an issue where Adept Trials weapons were dropping for wins past 7 on a Passage of Confidence without first requiring a Flawless ticket.
          • Dev note: Funny enough, this is the biproduct of something we’ve been working on over the last season to improve Adept drop rates post-flawless, as well as help the Flawless pool feel more rewarding… which leads us to the next patch note! 
      • Once players have gone flawless in a given week, they now have a chance of earning Adept Weapon drops on any Trials Ticket that has earned 7 or more wins while the Flawless Pool is active, regardless of loss counts.
          • This will reset weekly. 


  • Invites
      • Updated audio and visuals when receiving Fireteam Invites, Bungie Friend Requests, and Clan Invites 
      • Fixed an issue preventing Clan invites from consistently showing a tooltip within the Invite Management section of the Roster 
  • Roster
      • Updated visuals on Roster nameplates to improve legibility, particularly when a player is using a nameplate with a bright background color 
      • Added a new privacy setting provide more control over who may see your Cross Save-linked identities. 
      • The Share Platform Names setting may be found in the Social Preferences tab on the Roster screen. 
      • Fixed an issue where Player Search would not consistently refresh info for a searched player if they changed various social or investment states, mid-inspect. 
  • Dares of Eternity
      • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Dares of Eternity header UI from displaying game mode information during the activity intro cinematic. 
      • Fixed an issue that was causing icons in the reputation tooltip to appear squished. 
      • Seals and Triumphs 
        • Fixed an issue that prevented Seals from sheening when a triumph within them was available to claim. 
        • This could lead to situations where a pagination button would show something was ready to claim on another page but no seals would sheen when you changed pages. 
  • Text Chat
      • Virtual keyboard support is now available for console text chat 
      • Updated text chat messages sent by the Destiny services to be more easily distinguished from Local chat messages 
      • Fixed an issue that could soft lock console players who attempted to send text chat whispers to other players 
      • Whisper chat has been disabled for console players while the team investigated this issue but is now re-enabled and available to all platforms 
      • Inventory 
        • Updated the background color for the number indicator on inventory item stacks that are full 
  • Director
      • Increased the subtitle opacity on tooltips within the Director to improve legibility 
  • Seasonal Artifact
      • Increased the opacity of mods within the Artifact screen that are still locked to improve legibility 
  • Miscellaneous
      • Updated the Sort button UI to be consistent across all screens where it is present 
      • Shifted the Sort button upward to fill the space left by the removal of the Shaders tab alongside The Witch Queen 


  • Weapons
      • Fixed an issue where the “Eyes of Tomorrow” rocket launcher was not tracking as intended and would sometimes kill the wielder. 
      • Fixed an issue that was causing the “Empirical Evidence” sidearm to be less stable than intended. 
      • This has been updated to be closer in feel to the “Breachlight” sidearm. 
      • Fixed an issue where the “Explosive Personality” grenade launcher was displaying the wrong RPM stat in the crafting screen. 
      • Fixed an issue where the “Adaptive Munitions” perk would no longer increment when the target had a weaken debuff. 
      • The damage bonus from the “Bait and Switch” perk has been increased from 20% to 35% 
      • Fixed an issue where Drifter would always give the Stasis Containment Device from The Stasis Prototype Quest after the quest is complete. 
      • Fixed an issue where “Immovable Object” and “Tilting at Windmills” had unclear descriptions. 
      • Fixed an issue where grounded sword light attacks off an edge can be looped until the player runs out of ammo, letting the player move long distances through the air. 
      • Fixed an issue where the Divinity exotic weapon has two kill tracker columns. 
  • Weapon Crafting
      • Adjusted Enhanced Chain Reaction and Enhanced Field Prep to provide benefits to more archetypes.  
      • Added an additional Deepsight Resonance extraction option that focuses only on Neutral Element. 
      • Added a consumable item that allows viewing of Element counts. Acquired from the Relic Conduit. 
      • Fixed an issue where the Father’s Sins Wellspring Sniper rifle didn’t initialize the kill tracker as active on crafting the weapon 
  • Armor
      • Made adjustments to the physical melee scalar on Wormgod and One-Two Punch to prevent high damage output. 
      • Hopefully this completely removed the ability for Guardians to delete raid bosses in 4 shotgun blasts and two punches, but we’ll be watching for the next mega-melt strategy… 
      • Fixed an issue where elemental Siphon mods for helmet head armor cost glimmer to apply for each armor elemental affinity. 
      • Fixed an issue where Osmiomancy Gloves lost a grenade after dying. 
      • Fixed an issue where the activator for Exotic Hunter perk Voltaic Mirror could become perpetually enabled. 
      • Fixed an issue where players could continue to block a few seconds after the Arcstrider Super deactivated while wearing Raiju’s Harness. 
      • Fixed an issue where the countdown for the Resist buff perks were not synced with the duration of the Duskfield Grenade. 
      • Fixed an issue where the Shield Throw Void Melee was not giving the Fury Conductor buff for the ACD/0 Feedback Fence Exotic. 
      • Fixed an issue where sidearm mods were not dropping. 
  • Abilities
      • Fixed an issue where players could cancel Nova Warp’s cast sequence and spawn the initial detonation blast without costing Super energy. 
      •  Fixed an issue where Devour would sometimes grant less buff time if multiple targets were killed very rapidly. 
      • Added aim assist targeting to enemy Axion Bolt secondary projectiles to help players hit bolts that are chasing themselves or allies. 
      • Fixed an issue where the “Echo of Instability” fragment was not activated by initial explosions from Void Spike Grenades. 
      • Fixed an issue where players could remain Invisible by timing a Sword attacks with invisibility activations. 
      • Fixed an issue where the Hunter ornament, Nemean Strides, appears twice in the transmog menu when acquired and equipped. 


  • General
      • Fixed an issue where multiple vehicles had missing flavor texts when viewed from their details menu. 
      • Fixed an issue where Prime Gaming entitlements didn’t unlock the One of US emblem in Collections. 
      • Fixed an issue where the “Ruinous Clash” shader appeared twice in the appearance customization menu. 
      • Fixed an issue where the “Paragon” Vanguard shader appears twice in the shader customization screen. 
      • Fixed an issue where the seasonal shotgun Reckless Endangerment couldn’t be reacquired from Collections after being dismantled. 


  • General
      • Fixed issue where players have clan banners going into their postmaster every time the went to orbit 


  • PlayStation 4
      • Background compatibility files now download at full speed while Destiny 2 is running. 


  • General
      • Several stability and crash fixes. 
      • Fixed an issue where seasonal pursuit weapon ornaments were not available on the exotic archive vendor. 
      • Fixed an issue where Exotic armor purchased from Xur had slightly different stats than advertised. 
      • Fixed an issue where Rahool Destination Material purchase options were not rotating with daily reset. 
      • Updated Vanguard ritual bounties to gate status effect bounties on matching element burn weeks.
          • Ex: Void bounties should appear when Void is a featured element on the Vanguard Ops playlist. 
      • Fixed an issue where the Seasonal challenge for Scorn strike bosses could be incremented by completing any strike. 
      • Fixed an issue where Vostok and Eternity Crucible maps were not being weighted heavily enough for Season 16. 
      • There is now a tip leading to the help page. 
  • Localization
      • French: Fixed an issue where The Flow, The Metal emblems did not have text strings. 
      • Italian: Fixed an issue where Vanguard OPS weekly challenge objective tooltips would overlap. 


Download size can vary depending on the platform, including if it is a legacy system or next-gen.

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